104+ Best Rebuilding Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Rebuild is to build something again that has been damaged or destroyed. Profoundly inspirational rebuilding quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Rebuilding Quotes

In a world where people are hungry for quick fixes and sound bites, for instant gratification, there’s no patience for the long, slow rebuilding process: implementing after-school programs, hiring more community workers to act as mentors, adding more job training programs in marginalized areas. — Dan Hill

New Orleans has to learn to live with water rather than in fear of water, and we need a master plan that shows us how to do this. It’s so critical that we send a signal to everyone in the country that we’re serious about rebuilding New Orleans. — Billy Tauzin

We must invest in infrastructure development and rebuilding communities to create jobs. — Carol Moseley Braun

I never thought I’d live to see the day that an American administration would denounce the state of Israel for rebuilding Jerusalem. — Mike Pence

All of the muscles were gone, so that was a real tough time of rebuilding all of that. But you have a deadline, you have an obligation. You’ve said that you will commit to this part, and I just can’t live with myself for not really giving it as much as I can. — Christian Bale

America’s seen me go from Olympic glory to ‘Biggest Loser’. I want to go back to Olympic glory again. It’s kind of the American way, rebuilding yourself and remodeling yourself and making yourself more of who you are. — Rulon Gardner

I believe that our message of rebuilding America is one that will resonate with the American people. — Carol Moseley Braun

When you’re coming up with new material, it’s not always gonna be good. The only way to learn is for it not to get a laugh, so you can adjust it and come back the next day to see if it’s working right. Next time, you might get a different laugh. You’re constantly rebuilding. — Kevin Hart

I can’t think of a better model for Haiti rebuilding than Rwanda. — Paul Farmer

The contracts for Iraqi rebuilding are commercial contracts. I think being in the coalition of the willing puts us in the radar screen, but we also have to compete with other countries that are in the coalition of the willing, but the Philippines is a country that has produced world-class skilled workers that we have seen all over the world. — Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

All wars signify the failure of conflict resolution mechanisms, and they need post-war rebuilding of faith, trust and confidence. — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Three big assumptions proved wrong: one, that the Iraqi people would welcome us as liberators; two, that oil would soon pay for Iraqi’s rebuilding; and, three, that we have plenty of troops, weapons, and equipment for the postwar situation. — John Spratt

I work with a couple charities called Serving Those Who Serve and Rebuilding Together. Both are supportive of veterans when they come home. — Jessica Biel

The rebuilding of New Orleans is an important point in the history of the United States. — Wynton Marsalis

My dad always took over teams, except for Washington, that were rebuilding, and you hear the taunting, the jokes, negative, awful things about the person you love. That hardens you at a young age. — J. B. Bickerstaff

When I came to the CIA in the mid-’90s, our graduating class of case officers was unbelievably low. Now, after years of rebuilding, our training programs and putting our best efforts to recruit the most talented men and women, we are graduating more clandestine officers than at any time in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency. — George Tenet

Secured cards can be helpful credit rebuilding tools for two reasons. First, because of the collateral, you can get them at a time when you’re not likely to be approved for nonsecured cards. And as long as you maintain an on-time payment history, they can help you start to build a recent credit history that’s fairly pristine. — Jean Chatzky

When every new football season starts, we get all excited about the Browns. But no matter how bad they do, no matter how much they say they’re rebuilding, they always have the support of that town behind them. No matter what, Cleveland is always behind the Browns, and we always root for them. One of these days, it’s going to pay off! — Dolph Ziggler

This – the leadership of the mayor is crucial, because it is to the mayor that people will look to provide the vision, the energy, and the sense of confidence in the rebuilding and the recovery. — Marc Morial

The 76ers hold a special place in my heart and I am intrigued by the opportunity to return to Philadelphia, where I was part of a rebuilding program, joining the team the year after it went 9-73 and going to the NBA Finals just four years later. — Doug Collins

It’s important to address young people in the reopening of New Orleans. In rebuilding, let’s revisit the potential of American democracy and American glory. — Wynton Marsalis

My mum has lived in Australia for 22 years now, and we have a rocky relationship. But at the same time it’s one I want to maintain. I need her to be my mum. The relationship took a lot of rebuilding. — Sam Taylor-Johnson

As I think through the issue of funding the rebuilding of Iraq, I think about the analogy of a bankruptcy proceeding. There is no doubt that Iraq as a country is bankrupt. — Arlen Specter

While natural disasters capture headlines and national attention short-term, the work of recovery and rebuilding is long-term. — Sylvia Mathews Burwell

If for no other reason than the energy crisis now facing this country, the federal government should be eager to become partners with us in rebuilding our city. — Jane Byrne

And one of the things we did here was we put the maximum amount of money up front in those cities that were at the greater risk, but that doesn’t mean that we keep rebuilding the same security over and over again. — Michael Chertoff

In 2004, we were in a rebuilding phase after the disastrous 2003 World Cup campaign, and the batsmen, in particular, did not know where they would bat or what was their role. For example, in the one-dayers, we were playing Shahid Afridi on top of the order, but we didn’t consider him for the Tests. — Inzamam-ul-Haq

Rebuilding Afghanistan is not going to be solved by pouring billions in. Getting rid of the Taliban does not rid us of the problems of fundamentalism and instability. — James Wolfensohn

Trust me, I’m going to find out where the money has gone and how it has been spent, and see if we can’t get it down there quicker to let that rebuilding start. — Lynn Westmoreland

Whether it’s mending a failing company, fighting corruption, tackling disease, or rebuilding a marriage, the hardest problems defy just-add-water remedies. Indeed, slapping on a Band-Aid when surgery is needed usually just makes things worse. — Carl Honore

I think what Punjab needs today is vigorous economic development and rebuilding of trust and social cohesion. — Rajiv Gandhi

My whole ‘WWE’ career has been rebuilding myself and finding the confidence that I once had. It’s been one hell of a journey. There have been times I felt like the prodigal son because I left wrestling and abandoned this thing that I loved. — Becky Lynch

The refurbishing and rebuilding of Fenway Park since 2001 has created a new urban neighborhood in Boston. — Mike Barnicle

You want to win in the NBA you want to build a culture and teams will always do that and try to win. It’s cutthroat. All 30 teams want to be that way whether they are rebuilding, have young players, have a style of play. It doesn’t matter, everybody wants to win. — Masai Ujiri

Let’s fix our roads, and be the state that’s not paralyzed by partisanship, but works together. And create the blueprint for rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. — Gretchen Whitmer

You don’t quit after you get beat. You pick yourself up, and you start rebuilding to accomplish your goals. — Daniel Cormier

In Barack Obama, we have a great education president who is rebuilding America. His Race to the Top program is doing more to ‘spur us’ to improve our public schools than anything we’ve ever done as a nation. — Jim Hunt

If Washington continues to fumble issues like taking care of the debt, getting the troops home, and rebuilding our economy, my wife and I may sit down and say, ‘These are critical things and maybe we need to get back in the ball.’ — Joe Scarborough

I will spend the next four years rebuilding the foundation of a opportunity society led by free people and free enterprises. — Mitt Romney

In Minnesota, we were caught between rebuilding or trying to continue to build around Kevin Garnett. I got caught right in the middle of that. KG was at an age where he was a good player, but he couldn’t carry a team anymore. I think my inexperience as far as being a head coach hurt me there. — Dwane Casey

We must remain committed to rebuilding communities ravaged by genocide. Survivors deserve a safe and secure pathway home or safe passage elsewhere. — Nadia Murad

President Trump has made rebuilding our military strength one of his top priorities. More money is certainly required, but so is reform of the Pentagon and how it does business. — Mac Thornberry

As a nation we have, over the past seven years, been rebuilding our intelligence with powerful capabilities that many thought we would no longer need after the Cold War. We have been rebuilding our clandestine service, our satellite and other technical collection, our analytical depth and expertise. — George Tenet

I had been on a lot of losing teams. Always rebuilding. — Nick Young

You could establish along the zones of the coast of the Caribbean in Honduras gorgeous resorts zones. If we could help them do that, they could start rebuilding their economy. — Ron Johnson

As we enter 2015, we are faced with overwhelming challenges. However, the dawn of 2015 also promises unlimited potential and the opportunity to begin rebuilding America. — Ted Yoho

The strategic plan to transform Valeant smartly focuses on rebuilding the company’s core franchises in ophthalmology, dermatology, and gastroenterology while simultaneously using the proceeds from the sale of non-core assets and operating cash flow to de-lever the company. — John Paulson

It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary. — Richard Whately

I think the hardest thing I went through in the UFC was my first loss. It was terrible. It was traumatizing. But it’s just going back and rebuilding and getting better. — Paige VanZant

The rebuilding of Iraq has been terrible. — Pat Robertson

At first when I first went to the Chiefs, there was a huge transition from what we had done in New England to a team that was rebuilding. — Matt Cassel

The biggest public health challenge is rebuilding health systems. In other words, if you look at cholera or maternal mortality or tuberculosis in Haiti, they’re major problems in Haiti, but the biggest problem is rebuilding systems. — Paul Farmer

The process of rebuilding state operations – including the important work of fueling job growth – began the day I took office. — Laura Kelly

All of the Antilles, every island, is an effort of memory: every mind, every racial biography culminating in amnesia and fog. Pieces of sunlight through the fog and sudden rainbows, arcs-en-ciel. That is the effort, the labour of the Antillean imagination, rebuilding its gods from bamboo frames, phrase by phrase. — Derek Walcott

Rebuilding our relationship with Cuba would be a win for American business and a win for the Cuban people. — Amy Klobuchar

This rebuilding of New Orleans gives us the perfect opportunity to see if we’re ready to extend the legacy of Dr. King. — Wynton Marsalis

Deeper investment in green energy technology will create millions of high-paying American jobs that cannot be outsourced, rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing economy, starting with wind turbines and solar panels stamped ‘Made in America.’ — Ted Lieu

We hear a lot about rebuilding Detroit, and we just spent $70 billion to bail out the auto industry – well, they need to be cost competitive, too. If they have high-cost energy, those suppliers are going to move to Japan or Mexico instead of Michigan and Tennessee. — Lamar Alexander

I believe that of all the things I have done, exciting though many of them have been, there’s no doubt in my mind that the most worthwhile have been the establishing of schools and hospitals, and the rebuilding of monasteries in the mountains. — Edmund Hillary

Two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO has informed my view that our priorities must stress improving educational outcomes, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, lowering health care costs, addressing climate change, reforming immigration, and ushering in an advanced energy economy. — John Delaney

America must continue diplomacy, even as we continue the war, to expand the coalition of the willing to share the burden of war and to share the responsibility and the economic cost of rebuilding Iraq. — Barbara Mikulski

It’s definitely tough seeing your city be devastated. People always give it the most attention when it’s actually happening, but then they’re not around for all of the relief and all of the rebuilding. — Anthony Rendon

As president, I’m committed to making Washington work better and rebuilding the trust of the people who sent us here. — Barack Obama

We must continue to have voting rights in the state, not to politicize this, but they must have a voice in the rebuilding effort in the community from which they have been displaced. — Marc Morial

Rebuilding has always been one of my specialities from the time I started with young players at Cagliari. — Claudio Ranieri

As for Seattle, we are rebuilding – no doubt about it. And in the WNBA, it’s not easy to rebuild. You can’t dangle millions in front of quality free agents. — Sue Bird

When we rebuild a house, we are rebuilding a home. When we recover from disaster, we are rebuilding lives and livelihoods. — Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Our parents and grandparents understood this truth deeply. They believed – as we do – that to create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments: educating, innovating and rebuilding for our children’s future. Building an economy to last, from the middle class up, not from the billionaires down. — Martin O’Malley

We didn’t start this war – the right wing did. We’re tired of seeing good-paying jobs shipped overseas. This fight is about the economy, it’s about jobs and it’s about rebuilding America. — James P. Hoffa

Destroy and damage infrastructure, public buildings and government buildings. Do not leave them any place from which they can operate to damage Israel. We must be sure that Hamas will be spending many years in rebuilding Gaza and not in attacking Israel. — Eli Yishai

Effectively, what we are saying to the governments of Europe is, ‘OK, after 300 years, you have left these islands in a pretty bad state. You’ve left them with terrible developmental challenges, and we believe you have a responsibility to return to the Caribbean and participate in the rebuilding of the Caribbean.’ — Hilary Beckles

Despite the negativity coming from the President’s opponents, the United States remains fully committed to assisting the Iraqis in restoring security and rebuilding their nation. — Craig L. Thomas

In any rebuilding process, I feel like there’s probably going to be two or three coaches. — Chauncey Billups

Women are hit especially hard in regions of ongoing conflict. Before, during, and after conflict, women bear the brunt of the consequences of war. They are left as the providers and guardians, responsible for rebuilding their country one family at a time. — Philomena Kwao

The ‘Chicago Sun-Times,’ I remember, ran a full-page, front-page photo-shop of me walking on water across Lake Michigan, as if by showing up I was going to miraculously fix the team’s fortunes. Imagine their disappointment, then, when I announced a long-term rebuilding plan focused on acquiring young players and winning in five years. — Theo Epstein

Rebuilding a network is a slow, brick-by-brick process. It’s not just creating a hit show – it’s building shows to back up that hit show; it’s creating an identity of success so that people want their shows on your network. — Leslie Moonves

While everyone of all political stripes are admitting that the surge is working and dramatically reducing the level of bloodshed in Iraq, Obama managed to complain that the Iraqis aren’t spending as much in rebuilding their own country as a result of the surge. — Mike Gallagher

Rebuilding the military is something Putin will pay attention to. — Jack Keane

From the day he first walked through the door of the Oval Office, President Obama’s top priority has been growing our economy, creating good jobs, and rebuilding middle class security. — Denis McDonough

Rebuilding the civic fabric of Central American countries is the only long-term solution to stemming the flow of illegal migration, and without Mexico as a willing partner, the U.S. will continue to fight an impossibly uphill battle. — Dan Crenshaw

There are a lot of different ways of building a prosperous society, and some of them use much less energy than others. And it is possible and more practical to talk about rebuilding systems to use much less energy than it is to think about trying to meet greater demands of energy through clean energy alone. — Alex Steffen

I call on all the countries of the world, especially the donor countries, to speed up their contributions so that the Palestinian people may overcome their economic and social problems and proceed with reconstruction and the rebuilding of infrastructures. — Yasser Arafat

Without rebuilding the confidence between parties, you will never succeed. — Harri Holkeri

I feel good because I believe I have made progress in rebuilding the people’s trust in their government. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

We are looking for rebuilding Hungarian defence Industry with India’s participation. — Viktor Orban

We will get our people off of welfare and back to work – rebuilding our country with American hands and American labor. — Donald Trump

From the early 1960s to the mid-1980s – the era of military dictatorship when South Korea was rebuilding itself from a postwar economic basket case to a humming, modern nation – military schools were the track of choice for ambitious young men. — Kim Young-ha

I came back to Haiti after the earthquake not to shoot a film, but to help and be a part of the rebuilding process, like all my fellow compatriots. I didn’t come to shoot a film, but I became frustrated when I realized that my help was kind of useless. We all felt lost and helpless. And it’s out of that frustration that I decided to shoot a film. — Raoul Peck

And if citizens of New Orleans who are really contemplating coming back heard that we’re really intent upon making the place secure again – regardless of whether the levees held or not – then I think a rebuilding process would really take shape. — Billy Tauzin

I believe I’ll see the reunification of North and South Korea in my lifetime and that defectors should play a role in rebuilding the country. In the long run, I want to return to North Korea, because that’s where I belong. — Lee Hyeon-seo

Everybody’s constantly being destroyed and rebuilding themselves, some more drastically than others. — Michael Shannon

Our argument is everybody ought to be paying lower rates, and we ought to be focused on growing the economy and rebuilding the middle class. — Steve Scalise

The key to truly rebuilding our central city on a vital and sustainable foundation is people. — Alan Autry

To those who call me a mercenary I say that I also had interest from abroad, where I would have earned more. I have chosen Milan because, in my head, there is the idea of repeating the course I had at Juventus, where we had started rebuilding, as in this case, and we came to the top. — Leonardo Bonucci

If you help disabled children, it’s very appealing. If you help kids with cancer, those are the things you get credit for and those things are beautiful. But when it comes to stopping violence or really putting the time into rebuilding schools, that’s just a different kind of project. It takes more than just money to do that. — Jim Brown

I have been reorganizing and restructuring AOL: changing the strategy and rebuilding it from scratch in the worst economy in a generation. — Randy Falco

I do a number of things working on human rights issues, prison recidivism rates, and then I also push and have worked a lot on the social issues of rebuilding the family. — Sam Brownback

We need to end our country’s counterproductive regime change war policies that have undermined our national security, destroyed so many countries, and taken so many lives. We must instead focus on investing in and rebuilding our communities right here at home. — Tulsi Gabbard

I think the rebuilding of the city has to start with the spirit first. So the music, the vibe, the connection spiritually with the artists. Everybody out here is the main key. A lot of people are still in a lot of tough situations. My heart still goes out to the people of New Orleans. — Doug E. Fresh

Not only were the Jewish people beloved, but God himself had taken pains to let them know it. Could there be any clearer sign that he continued to believe in their potential, even without the Temple, to achieve forgiveness and ultimately merit the Temple’s rebuilding? — Meir Soloveichik

The issue for us is rebuilding a governing majority that is comfortable with differences that can transcend the divisiveness and unify behind the principles that we know our party has succeeded on. — Eric Cantor

We invite all those who have been outside Kenya to come back and join in the rebuilding of our new nation. — Mwai Kibaki

With so many amazing artists on one bill, we expect this concert to be incredibly powerful in its ability to raise both money and awareness for the long-term rebuilding effort we must all support. — Brad Delson

The fact is we can only love what we know personally. And we cannot know much. In public affairs, in the rebuilding of civilization, something less dramatic and emotional is needed, namely tolerance. — E. M. Forster

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