Recovering from the Blips

It’s hard to describe the predicaments that my youthful days have brought up. Being born and raised in Africa gives you a front row seat of the good, the bad and the truly insane. Despite everything, I sit here and look back with a whimper; telling my conscious that we survived yet another blip.

I don’t know how you live your life. Whether you from New York, New York or Istanbul or Hong Kong or Johannesburg, we all live our lives differently; we all go through different life challenges. One things for sure is that life will continue to throw us curve-balls square in the face and usually it’s how we deal with these curve-balls that defines who we are and where we want to be in life. Well, this is how I deal with my curve-balls:


  • Keep calm and never give up. We have a tendency to shrivel up at the first sight of a challenge. Sometimes making an attempt is better than not even trying. You never know, if you try, you might just realize its easier to go head on into the problem rather than run away from it.
  • Do not underestimate the schedule. This is a biggie! We tend to think that, well I don’t want to live a structured life; I want to be free to roam. You got that one terribly wrong because even the best free roamers have a schedule. Believe it or not but, making goals and tasks for the day will help you in the long run. The easiest way to do it is by writing down a few lines before bed time, underlining what you need to do better for tomorrow. Let me give you an example: drink more water during the day and make sure I carry a water-bottle. A healthy body is a healthy life.
  • Don’t stress; this ain’t a test. In my opinion, life isn’t really a test. It’s your life and it’s better you test life. Challenge it more aggressively and you will find comfort in your success. The easiest way to deal with stress at work or at home is through prayer and meditation. And guess what; those ways are absolutely free. Don’t tie yourself down to stress and this is why you shouldn’t underestimate your schedule; the better and more refined your schedule is, the quicker you will meet your deadlines. Thus, eliminating any last minute rush jobs that usually amplify your stress levels.
  • Have a work or, a jog or two. I’m not gonna tell you the importance of exercise because I truly hate it with a passion but, I recently found a way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It’s called sport. Love sport people! Any type of sport for that matter; find one and love it with a passion then after you do that, take that sport and pretend you’re a world class footballer for example. I love basketball and everyday after work I hit the courts with my friends for about two to three hours. It always starts of fun, then it gets competitive and then before you know it, its exercise.
  • Repeat the process. Consistency is important. When you see the curve-ball coming for you, make sure it gets to you working even harder. Sometimes its the way you live on a daily basis that determines how you deal with problems. Put crap and negativity in your life, then you will deal with your problems in the same manner; with crap and negativity.



And that’s five easy pointers. And yes, I say easy cause if you put in the effort you will surely get the desired result. You want to recover from the blips and survive the curve-balls; just live your life a little bit better, just one day at a time.



Photo Credit: Jake Hills

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