Well…rejected again!
So, What are you gonna do about it this time? Are you just gonna sit there and stare at that rejection letter? Or are you gonna do something about it? Are you gonna keep feeling sorry for yourself? Or are you gonna get up and take charge of your life?

. . .

Everyone has been rejected at least once in their life; whether it’s a college/university rejection letter, a job rejection, a love rejection, etc…

Being rejected is never a good feeling because you feel worthless
People tell you that you got rejected because you ‘messed up’ early and now it’s ‘catching up’ to you..
But that’s Not true…
whatever you did earlier was helping you in that moment… or… it will somehow help you in the future (nothing you do, can really mess you up because no matter what it is, you are learning from that situation).

. . .

Don’t let rejection & the opinions of others dictate your future; your future is yours and you’re the one that will be living it, so do whatever makes you happy!

Don’t give rejection the power to ruin you; make it help you become better and stronger!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


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