Rejuvenation and Rehydration


Autumn and Spring are both times for rejuvenating and rehydrating thirsty skin. The first after a long, hot, dry summer. The second after a time of hibernation and coldness. Why not use this season just started as an opportunity to have some fun, experiment, test out some easy to make skin care treatments. And while you’re at it, include the mind and soul as well. They relish nurturing, rejuvenating and rehydrating just as much as the rest of you !


Here are some tips on how you might do this –

Mind Body Soul
Rest, relax, sleep, take nanna naps Look after it  – water, feed, pamper and rest it Get to know your soul and invite it to walk hand in hand with you each day
Learn and do something new and different – stretch and exercise the mind muscles Acknowledge that you are more than your physical outer shell – and look after all your cells Rediscover and delight in  that which you knew as a child before you unlearnt it
Delete old programs and reprogram with new software Listen to your Body – it has its own inner wisdom Be gentle and forgiving to yourself- and others
Live in the now

Have fun, be creative

Accept and love yourself unconditionally for the beautiful person that you are Take time to be still and listen to the whisperings of your Soul
Empathise with others from the heart but don’t own stuff that does not belong to you Be realistic about your capacity but do gently stretch your limits Do random acts of kindness – have fun and delight in them – it will nurture your Soul
Learn about the latest research into exploring the frontiers of the mind Try something new and different – food, exercise, body care products Seek familiar and new ways of expressing your spirituality
Meditate – research and try some new methods.

Join a meditation group

Use internet resources. You will ‘know’ which ones are for you

Acknowledge that each cell of your body is a perfect replica (fractal) of the whole and has its own innate wisdom and God Code within it Create your own sacred space / altar

Listen to uplifting music

Light a candle

Use an oil diffuser

(C) Raili Tanska at Soul Gifts

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