30+ Best Relationship Advice Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational relationship advice quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Relationship Quotes

If you’re open and honest, you find that people genuinely want to help you out. Taking advice from others can enhance your relationship, especially if you can laugh about things. — Lynne Doughtie

I have advice for people – period – who are in unhealthy relationships: Follow your heart. It will get you to where you need to be. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy, the places that your heart takes you. But continue to follow it. Where the train leads you – you’ll get there. — Erykah Badu

I get so many messages from people seeking advice to mend their relationship. — Kartik Aaryan

The tour life is real tough on a marriage. To the young guy who is just getting his PGA Tour card and is in a serious relationship, my advice is to wait three years before getting married. — Boo Weekley

The public relies on the advice of doctors and leading researchers. The public has a right to know about financial relationships between those doctors and the drug companies who make the pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors. — Chuck Grassley

My biological father and I had a really good relationship at one point. He was one of my close friends and gave me wonderful advice. — Katie Cassidy

I have a good shopping relationship with my mum. She lets me buy, and she spectates. I take advice from her, and I give it, too. — Louise Nurding

I could never give relationship advice to anybody! — Rihanna

I don’t think I should be giving out relationship advice! You have to accept each other for who they are and what they will be able to modify in their behavior and what you can modify in your behavior to create a better relationship. — Melissa Rivers

I don’t know why anyone would want to ask an actor for dating advice. We are not the poster children for healthy relationships. — Ginnifer Goodwin

Since women ask me about male motives all the time, I can offer a bit of advice. If you feel like you’re going to get hurt then you shouldn’t be there in the first place. That’s the way I look at relationships. — Chris Noth

I have a wonderful, supportive relationship with my family. I get lots of advice from them about all kinds of things. — Maya Hawke

Having girlfriends is… I can’t do it. It doesn’t mean I don’t hang out with girls. It just means that I don’t like being in a relationship, because it makes things very complicated. The one piece of advice that I listen to adults on – because I don’t listen to adults when it comes to most things – is that I’m too young to have a girlfriend. — Jaden Smith

I’m typically single. I’m the girl who – I call it girl-next-door-itis – the hot guy is friends with and gets all his relationship advice from but never considers dating. — Taylor Swift

Having sisters is the best. I have a different relationship with each of them. I go to Kim for fashion advice, Khloe is always boy and family advice, and Kourtney is like another mother to me. — Kylie Jenner

My stepdad didn’t have a father growing up, so he didn’t know how to have a father-son style conversation. Plus, we had a tense relationship in which he never really offered me advice. — Lecrae

A pick-up artist gave me a good piece of advice: the three most important things in a relationship are honesty, trust and respect, and if you don’t have those, you don’t have love. — Neil Strauss

Maybe girls think that I can never be in a relationship and I can only give advice to other men to not fall in love or get committed to a girl. But that’s not true. — Kartik Aaryan

I have learned a great deal in my life, and DeMolay helped me to learn that character and integrity should be cornerstones in your life. As a Senior DeMolay, as a father, the best advice I could ever give would be to take the high road in life, and you will be able to build trusting relationships. — Larry Wilcox

Individual psychotherapy – that is, engaging a distressed fellow human in a disciplined conversation and human relationship – requires that the therapist have the proper temperament and philosophy of life for such work. By that I mean that the therapist must be patient, modest, and a perceptive listener, rather than a talker and advice-giver. — Thomas Szasz

Nobody ever seems to want my advice about serious stuff. People will be like: ‘Who made that sweater?’ Or ‘How did you get your hair so straight?’ They don’t to come to me for the relationship advice or deep stuff. In fact, my little sister actually hides from me. — Lauren Graham

The thing that I think a lot of guys need to know how to do is not take your mother’s advice about honesty being the best policy. Listen to your cool, drunk uncle who tells you to lie. Those are the relationships that last. — Adam DeVine

You have to take time and make time for each other. My current single ‘Time Is Love’ gives a lot of advice in that area, just spending quantity time with the one you love and the one you care about because that’s when you really develop a relationship. — Josh Turner

When 60 – 70 percent of all interpersonal conversations and relationships exist through text messaging or social media, it’s hard to get advice from a parent who didn’t grow up in that world. — Sam Levinson

When you have an attorney giving you advice, it would be nice to know what their financial relationship is to the advice. — Lowell Bergman

I knew what the story behind ‘Dreams’ was. It was about Stevie Knicks’ relationship. But when I sing it, it’s about sharing some sage advice with somebody. — Dianne Reeves

Friends do give advice, but in the end, it’s up to you. Although I think it is nice to have a guy’s perspective on girls’ issues in relationships and vice versa. — Karishma Tanna

I’m the girl who – I call it girl-next-door-itis – the hot guy is friends with and gets all his relationship advice from but never considers dating. — Taylor Swift

Communication between band-mates is imperative. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. If I need to be checked, I expect to hear it put in plain words what my faults are, and give my band-mates the ultimate consideration by shutting up and listening, then acting on the advice given. Same goes for anyone else in any band. — Phil Anselmo

I give the worst possible relationship advice to people. I am not ashamed. — Anna Faris

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