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Famous Revolution Quotes

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past. — Fidel Castro

It’s not the work which kills people, it’s the worry. It’s not the revolution that destroys machinery it’s the friction. — Henry Ward Beecher

The notion of the Internet as a force of political and social revolution is not a new one. As far back as the early 1990s, in the early days of the World Wide Web, there were technologists and writers arguing forcefully that the Internet was destined to become the most important tool for cultural change in human history. — Jamais Cascio

The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. — Marilyn Ferguson

Consider the Essay as a political pamphlet on the Revolution side, and the fact that it was the Whig gospel for a century, and you will see its working merit. — Frederick Pollock

Global political conditions make a direct American intervention difficult, but President Reagan’s messianic and visceral attitude toward the Nicaraguan revolution could mean it will happen as an act of desperation. — Tomas Borge

What comes after the revolution is inevitably bureaucracy. Whoever wins the revolution builds a bureaucracy — Sean Parker

Music is the biggest tool of revolution – the best way to reach out to the youth and involve them. If you can’t contribute to the world with your art, I don’t see the meaning of life. — Kailash Kher

It is possible to think that the Internet will be a net positive for society while admitting that there are significant downsides – after all, it’s not a revolution if nobody loses. — Clay Shirky

A revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation; furthermore, not every revolutionary situation leads to revolution. — Vladimir Lenin

If the experience of science teaches anything, it’s that the world is very strange and surprising. The many revolutions in science have certainly shown that. — John Polkinghorne

Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave. — Georg Buchner

Economically considered, war and revolution are always bad business. — Ludwig von Mises

There is no chance of a revolution in Georgia. — Vano Merabishvili

There’s a digital revolution taking place both in and out of government in favor of open-sourced data, innovation, and collaboration. — Kathleen Sebelius

I am always struck by the fact that human awareness of our place in nature, like so much of modern science, began with the Industrial Revolution. — Kenneth R. Miller

The international proletariat first appeared on the scene in the early Thirties of the nineteenth century, and its first great action was the French Revolution of 1848. — C. L. R. James

China will soon emit more greenhouse gases than America, but its regime knows if it caps aspirations there will be a revolution. — James Lovelock

All graffiti is low-level dissent, but stencils have an extra history. They’ve been used to start revolutions and to stop wars — Banksy

Revolution begins with the self, in the self. — Toni Cade Bambara

And you cannot have a socialist revolution commandeered from the top, ordered around by some omniscient leader or group of leaders — Ernest Mandel

America, when it became known to Europeans, was, as it had long been, a scene of wide-spread revolution. — Francis Parkman

When the Islamic revolution began in 1979 under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, it aroused considerable admiration in the Arab street. It presented a model of organised popular action that deposed one of the region’s most tyrannical regimes. The people of the region discerned in this revolution new hope for freedom and change. — Wadah Khanfar

Hitler’s economic revolution in Germany had reduced financial considerations to a point where they played no role in economic or political decisions — Carroll Quigley

When the fabric of society is so rigid that it cannot change quickly enough, adjustments are achieved by social unrest and revolutions. — John Boyd Orr

It’s the Industrial Revolution and the growth of urban concentrations that led to a sense of anonymity. — Vint Cerf

Studying consciousness tells us more about how the world is fundamentally strange. I think we have a few revolutions to go yet before we get to the bottom of it. — David Chalmers

The digital revolution has deepened the crisis within representative democracy. But as it forces its demise, it might also dictate its future. Traditional representative democracy within nations is no longer enough. People want more participation and collaboration with their government. — Eduardo Paes

Every revolution seems impossible at the beginning, and after it happens, it was inevitable. — Bill Ayers

The technological revolution at home makes it much easier for computers to do our work. — Fareed Zakaria

To a considerable extent we are faced by a technology arms race with terrorists. The communications revolution has made it easier for terrorist groups to reach out to vulnerable individuals with their violent extremist ideology and propaganda. It has also facilitated fundraising, recruitment and training. — Pauline Neville-Jones

You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution. — Huey Newton

This is a revolution, damnit! We’re going to have to offend somebody! — Peter Stone

At last I perceive that in revolutions the supreme power rests with the most abandoned. — Georges Danton

The Russian revolution was to an unprecedented degree the cause of the proletariat of the whole world becoming more revolutionary. — Karl Liebknecht

What we call a democratic society might be defined for certain purposes as one in which the majority is always prepared to put down a revolutionary minority. — Walter Lippmann

I think the difference between El Salvador and Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua you had a popular insurrection, and in El Salvador you had a revolution. — Bianca Jagger

The Syrians lost out because they happened to have their revolution during an election cycle in America, France, and bizarrely, some kind of election cycle in Russia. Obama wasn’t going to be seen to commit anything to Syria, that would be political suicide, but he’s also got a Nobel Peace Prize sitting on his mantelpiece. — Paul Conroy

In the early days of the Russian Revolution in 1917, I was completely in sympathy with it. I felt that it established a new era in the history of the modern world. I was so overwhelmed by it that, if people made any unfriendly comment, I would vigorously defend it. If people condemned the Communist party, I would speak in its defense. — Chiang Kai-shek

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth. — Lloyd Banks

What we are witnessing is the birth of something I call ‘Polisdigitocracy.’ This is a form of government that counts participation and transparency as its cornerstones and uses technology as its guide. The digital revolution is allowing democracy to recall its foundations and evolution is modernizing and reinforcing our fundamental values. — Eduardo Paes

Civilization is the lamb’s skin in which barbarism masquerades. — Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The British are supposed to be particularly averse to intellectuals, a prejudice closely bound up with their dislike of foreigners. Indeed, one important source of this Anglo-Saxon distaste for highbrows and eggheads was the French revolution, which was seen as an attempt to reconstruct society on the basis of abstract rational principles. — Terry Eagleton

The main object of a revolution is the liberation of man… not the interpretation and application of some transcendental ideology. — Jean Genet

Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought. — Kwame Nkrumah

We revolutionaries acknowledge the right to revolution when we see that the situation is no longer tolerable, that it has become a frozen. Then we have the right to overthrow it. — Ernst Toller

There are those special projects that don’t ever feel like work but just a blessing to be a part of, and ‘Revolution’ is one of those projects. — Daniella Alonso

I just think we’re living in a time of massive, amazing change, like the Industrial Revolution on acid. — Kelly Lynch

My sister married an American and took his name, and my brother has shortened Sayrafiezadeh to Sayraf. So now he’s Jacob Sayraf, or sometimes Jake Sayraf. He made the change when he was a teenager, prior to the Iranian revolution and the hostage crisis. So I don’t think it was motivated by any anti-Iranian sentiment in the United States. — Said Sayrafiezadeh

Some foreigners with full bellies and nothing better to do engage in finger-pointing at us. First, China does not export revolution; second, it does not export famine and poverty; and third, it does not mess around with you. So what else is there to say? — Xi Jinping

Education should not be about building more schools and maintaining a system that dates back to the Industrial Revolution. We can achieve so much more, at unmatched scale with software and interactive learning. — Naveen Jain

A revolution is interesting insofar as it avoids like the plague the plague it promised to heal. — Daniel Berrigan

After the war, once the bop revolution had taken hold, there were all kinds of young musicians, talented young musicians, who were ready for this fusion of classical and jazz. — Gunther Schuller

I actually think the one who is underestimated in terms of impact he’s had on society is Bill Gates. The reason is that with the innovation of software, he really allowed the computer revolution to take hold. — Fabrice Grinda

Lord knows there’s a lot of bad news in the world today to get you down, but there is one big thing happening that leaves me incredibly hopeful about the future, and that is the budding revolution in global online higher education. — Thomas Friedman

Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed. — Barbara Tuchman

As a result of the feminist revolution, feminine becomes an abusive epithet. — Wyndham Lewis

Market capitalism survived and prospered after the boom-bust industrial revolution of the 19th century, and the Great Depression and world wars of the 20th century. It will recover from the financial panic of 2008-09 and Obamanomics. — Mark Skousen

You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves. — Joseph Stalin

Revolution comes when human beings set out to correct decadent institutions. — H. Rap Brown

A sexual revolution begins with the emancipation of women, who are the chief victims of patriarchy, and also with the ending of homosexual oppression. — Kate Millett

The industrial revolution has tended to produce everywhere great urban masses that seem to be increasingly careless of ethical standards. — Irving Babbitt

If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together. — Queen Rania of Jordan

The revolution is like a vessel filled with the pulsating heartbeat of millions of working people. — Ernst Toller

The revolution is carried out by means of one’s thought, not through one’s family background. — Kim Jong Il

The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible. — Toni Cade Bambara

The children of the revolution are always ungrateful, and the revolution must be grateful that it is so. — Ursula K. Le Guin

In revolutions authority remains with the greatest scoundrels. — Georges Danton

So far as the economic condition of society and the general mode of living and thinking were concerned, I might claim to have lived in the time of the American Revolution. — Simon Newcomb

The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world. — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Utopianism is probably a necessary social device for generating the superhuman efforts without which no major revolution is achieved. — Eric Hobsbawm

My point has always been that, ever since the Industrial Revolution, science fiction has been the most important genre there is. — Iain Banks

Every revolution has its counterrevolution – that is a sign the revolution is for real — C. Wright Mills

Revolution is about the need to re-evolve political, economic and social justice and power back into the hands of the people, preferably through legislation and policies that make human sense. That’s what revolution is about. Revolution is not about shootouts. — Bobby Seale

First of all, Bolshevism represents revolution and the revolutionary struggle. — C. L. R. James

The crises of our time, it becomes increasingly clear, are the necessary impetus for the revolution now under way. And once we understand nature’s transformative powers, we see that it is our powerful ally, not a force to feared our subdued. — Thomas Kuhn

The Italian Revolution was fought first of all to obtain the liberty and unity of the nation, and then, with that achieved, to join the freest and most advanced nations in inaugurating a new era of peace, justice, and joint cooperation in the work of civilization. — Ernesto Teodoro Moneta

The foreign policy of this government is driven by politics – to extend a revolution worldwide. My objective with regards to foreign relations is to benefit all Venezuelans. — Henrique Capriles Radonski

Fascism was a counter-revolution against a revolution that never took place. — Ignazio Silone

I promote revolution against the Capitalists and the Social Marxists. — Tom Metzger

You can’t have an industrial revolution, you can’t have democracies, you can’t have populations who can govern themselves until you have literacy. The printing press simply unlocked literacy. — Howard Rheingold

Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology. — Emily Greene Balch

The American Revolution was, in fact, a battle against the philosophy of Locke and the English utilitarians. — Robert Trout

The revolution that takes place in your head, nobody will ever see that. — Gil Scott-Heron

When the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century brought a rapid increase in wealth, the demand of workers for a fair share of the wealth they were creating was conceded only after riots and strikes. — John Boyd Orr

Even the best parents have to spend so much time making ends meet that they cannot help their kids with homework or afford the extra tutoring that wealthier students enjoy. To address these unjust disparities, we need an early education revolution. — Sal Albanese

Robespierre, however, was not the type of leader finally destined to emerge from the Revolution. — Irving Babbitt

Of course, I grew up in Communist Romania, but I am happy to say that now our country is democratic, and prospering, since the revolution in 1989. — Nadia Comaneci

Revolution is born as a social entity within the oppressor society. — Paulo Freire

Revolutionaries do not make revolutions. The revolutionaries are those who know when power is lying in the street and then they can pick it up. — Hannah Arendt

They came down on us because we had a grass-roots, real people’s revolution, complete with the programs, complete with the unity, complete with the working coalitions, where we crossed racial lines. — Bobby Seale

Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution. — Alexander McQueen

At the highest stage of capitalism, the most necessary revolution appears as the most unlikely one. — Herbert Marcuse

It makes sense that we came up with our public school system during the Industrial Revolution because it’s like everybody is a factory worker, eating their terrible food and going back to the room where you’re silent and listening to an idiot. That’s an epitomizing idea, getting called ‘Nothing’ for your whole high school experience. — Ezra Miller

After the Rodgers and Hammerstein revolution, songs became part of the story, as opposed to just entertainments in between comedy scenes. — Stephen Sondheim

After the French Revolution, it was not the treason of the king that was in question; it was the existence of the king. You have to be very careful when you judge and execute somebody for being a symbol. — Adam Michnik

All around us are the consequences of the most significant technological, and hence cultural, revolution in generations. — Lawrence Lessig

It is the same with revolution; so long as the proper spirit is spreading amongst our young men, we are satisfied that it spreads without bombast or parade. — Henry Lawson

Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children. — Georg Buchner

The industrial revolution that defined the first half of the 20 century marked the start of modern business, typified by high-volume, large-scale organizations. Mechanization created a culture of business derived from the capabilities and needs of the time. — Steven Sinofsky

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