100+ Best Ring Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational ring quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Ring Quotes

A ring means a commitment. But more than that, it means that you’ve talked about your shared future and have decided together on a shared vision of it. — Patti Stanger

I found one that is less obtrusive than some. It sounds more like a wind chime than a regular ring tone. Of course, any ring tone, however subtle, is going to get on your co-workers’ nerves if you leave it on. — Jacqueline Whitmore

Life for women in rural Scotland is not like anywhere else in the world. We all live very far apart, and you don’t just ring your girlfriend up for a cup of coffee. There really is no sense of community, no pubs, no clubs. The golf clubs are male prerogatives, and the women are isolated and have to have their own resources. — Rosamunde Pilcher

Really, if you get in the ring and box with someone for real, I don’t think it is a sport. As far as professional fighters, you are literally putting your life on the line. — Ving Rhames

Having a private training ring for someone like Georgina is important. Imagine training for figure skating on the ice next to six other people. That’s what it’s like in show jumping if you don’t have your own facility. — Mason Phelps

Until 1982, Canada Day was known as Dominion Day. I always thought that had more of a ring to it. Beyond the zippy alliteration, it reminded us citizens that our domain of orderly domesticity was graced by the dominant power of our ‘Dominus.’ — Rick Moranis

I was speaking at the middle school wrestling banquet in 2002 after we’d finished second in the state tournament. I passed around my (runner-up) ring and told them that we were going to get the other ring, the champion ring, before they left high school. — Jim Tonte

Many Republicans have always reminded me of professional W.W.F. wrestlers. They come into the ring all pumped up and acting like they’re invincible and that they’re going to destroy their opponent. Then they get hit once and fall down and roll around in agony and suddenly seem immobilized by pain, calling for the ref to intervene. — Paul Feig

I am a fair fighter, and I want to fight fair. If you can beat me, hey, I’ll be the first to shake your hand but don’t cheat me. Don’t take what I worked so hard for if you don’t deserve it. It really hurt me that they tried to do that to me. I hope every boxing fan in the world sees what that referee tried to do to me and if they do I think he’ll never be allowed near a boxing ring again. He has no place in the boxing game. — Lamon Brewster

We’re getting the ring this year, … I’m carrying my load and anybody else’s that needs me to. — Amar Stoudemire

I am comfortably fixed, and I am not afraid of the future. No man can say what he will do in the future, but barring poverty the ring has seen the last of me. — Rocky Marciano

To get a Super Bowl ring and L.T.’s sack record. That’s what I want, — Michael Strahan

I figured my wife was about to start law school. If that whole baseball pitching thing didn’t work out, I had something to fall back on. I figure I’d put a ring on her finger. Turns out she was the smart one. Turns out she was the gold digger, not me. — Tim Hudson

The overwhelming bulk of the cosmos is deathly quiet. But here and there – on worlds where matter is thick and conditions are right – noises are commonplace. And in some cases, these noisy worlds may ring with the sounds of life – the bleats and bellows of creatures we have never seen, but may someday discover. — Seth Shostak

If a vaccine works, then the vaccinators might conceivably set up what’s known as ring vaccinations around Ebola hot spots. In this technique, medical workers simply vaccinate everybody in a ring, miles deep, around a focus of a virus. — Richard Preston

Wow, I thought you were supposed to be this mean fighter that goes out there and knocks people out all the time.’ Well, in the ring, yes, but outside the ring I’m a person and I go out there and try other things also. — Brian Villoria

Since the day I was born, wrestling has sustained me and my family. It’s the way my father fed me; it’s the way I feed my kids. More importantly, wrestling is my greatest release. It’s been such a blessing for me. I can step into the ring and let it all go – all my anger, all my frustration, all my pain. — Eddie Guerrero

Set aside set times when you do office work or phone calls, rather than letting the whole day go on where you are thinking — I must ring the office, — Liz Tucker

We wind a simple ring of iron with coils; we establish the connections to the generator, and with wonder and delight we note the effects of strange forces which we bring into play, which allow us to transform, to transmit and direct energy at will. — Nikola Tesla

I feel that I don’t have to wait around for good scripts anymore, that I can get things moving more quickly. I can ring up directors I like and say I’m keen to work with them, which is pretty great. — Chiwetel Ejiofor

If anything, the book shows the good, the bad, the ugly, and then the sad. They’re chasing these gold dreams, but what happens when you put too much value in your chain? If you spend all your money on your ring and then you go broke? It’s not an advertisement for jewelry. — Minya Oh

Rich and rare were the gems she wore, / And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore. — Thomas Moore

This was not so much about his stuff but how well he commanded the strike zone, that he had no discomfort and that he got his pitch count up. The answers were yes, yes and yes. . . . He earned an opportunity to really throw his hat in the ring (for the fifth starter spot). — Bob Apodaca

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find themOne Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them — J. R. R. Tolkien

We’re in the process of getting all of the tapes (of the fight) shown from all different angles. We’re going to watch those tapes as soon as we get them and see who was in the ring and who did what. Roger will appear before us for a disciplinary hearing. Things will be adjudicated at that time. — Marc Ratner

I did the writing in New York, where I have an apartment, … I spread it out all over the floor. There were piles and folders everywhere. But at the New York apartment I don’t have to worry about the dog and the phone doesn’t ring as much. — Michael Gartner

He had one pretty good ring on that caught our focus immediately. — Ryan Harris

Kirby wasn’t a very romantic man at times. He bent down on one knee and showed me the ring and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. — Jodi Olson

I was standing in the ring at the Lacy fight trying to talk to someone and I couldn’t even hear. All I saw was his lips moving. I don’t know of how many fights I’ve gone to where I couldn’t hear myself talk and it was that much of a frenzy. It was so electric. I will never ever, ever, forget that moment. — Gary Shaw

I’ll get out and do Pilates. I’ll get in the ring and do some rounds of kickboxing and grappling and MMA conditioning. There’s a lot of unique stuff that I do, too, that a lot of people wouldn’t imagine or think about doing, like box jumps. You get a 42-inch box and dumbbells and practice working on your explosion jumping up on those boxes. — Adrian Peterson

My hope is that by the time this new Ring comes along, she will be ready to sing it. — Peter Gelb

Me, my family, went through hell and back. It should have been handled differently. I’m glad it’s over. I can put my (World Series) ring back on with pride now. — Doug Mientkiewicz

I don’t think you’ll ever see from here on out 18 years with one franchise. We’ve seen a lot of players decide to jump ship to get the one thing that they think their legacy is built on and that’s a ring. I think what’s more special than a ring is loyalty. Indiana and Reggie were a match made in heaven. — Cheryl Miller

At any moment, one company stands in the spotlight of the middle ring in the stock market’s never-ending circus. It may not be the biggest corporation in the world, or the most profitable, but somehow it both mirrors and leads the market’s broader action. — Alex Berenson

So many actors are lively-minded, creative people who just tread water in this awful way, waiting for the phone to ring and doing their hair for auditions. It feels like a bit of a dreamer’s life – as opposed to a sensible ventriloquist’s life. — Nina Conti

I know that when a fighter is out of the ring for more than two years, when he comes back he isn’t the same anymore. Each fighter is different. But each must think, even if something goes wrong, ‘I have to make this decision and live with it for the rest of my life.’ — Marvin Hagler

Hit television show American Idol is the perfect example of this. Thousands of hopefuls sing their heart out (sometimes very badly) for a shot at the brass ring of fame. Now, it looks like all you have to do is log on to eBay and make a bid. — Doug Garrison

The problem with these types of witnesses is they can collapse like wet cardboard boxes. Inmate testimony doesn’t have that great a ring of credibility. — Gerald Treece

My dream is to leave this business on my own terms, and if it were my terms, I would love to do the Royal Rumble. I would love to do Wrestle Mania in New Orleans, because I had so many matches there over the years working for Mid-South. I was in the ring with Muhammad Ali in the Superdome. To close it there would be great. — Jake Roberts

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. — Lord of

Since…the official Graz appears to no longer accept me as one of their own, this ring has lost its meaning and value to me. It is already in the mail. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your hearts be as light as a song. May each day ring you bright happy hours, That stay with you all year long. — Unknown

I think that if you do want to be a fighter, then you need to work harder than everybody else and make sure that you surround yourself with good people, especially if you’re a woman. You’ve got to find a team that takes you seriously as a female fighter and is not going to rush you into the ring before you’re ready. — Laila Ali

I went through real darkness, but the ring was my light. That was the one place I felt safe. I could control what happened in the ring. My heart turned icy. — Sugar Ray Leonard

When I step into the ring with someone, this has got to be their vacation spot, but my home turf. So I go the opposite side seven rounds doing the same thing. Skipping, skipping, skipping. Then I go seven rounds going both ways. Skip to the left, skip to the right. — George Foreman

They call it the rope-a-dope. Well, I’m the dope. Ali just laid on the rope and I, like a dope, kept punching until I got tired. But he was probably the most smart fighter I’ve ever gotten into the ring with. — George Foreman

Just putting everything in perspective, I think both of us are just glad we’re playing in the national championship game. I think we’d trade that trophy for a ring any day. — Brian Elliott

I got this tiger head ring that’s similar to a Cartier ring. I had my jeweler Sean from Detroit make it similar to the Cartier ring, but gold and diamonded-out. That’s my Detroit tiger. It’s made with two different golds – the bottom is yellow and the top is gold. — Big Sean

If they’re too drunk I’m not sure they would actually look at their key ring and think about it. — Lauren Eigen

With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow — Common Prayer

I just love mermaids. I was a mermaid in my past life. I just feel it when I go in the sea. I just feel a connection there between me, and the water, and the fish – they speak to me – and the shells – they ring out to me. — Ella Henderson

I thought Brad Ring was outstanding on the day. He showed why he is so highly regarded. At the end of the day, he always makes a lot of good things happen for his team. — Mike Freitag

I once took the key off my girlfriend’s key ring so that I could surprise her when she got home. So I did this whole romantic setup in our bedroom with flowers and rose petals. She was so mad when she got home, but then when she walked in, she was so surprised. — Trey Songz

With the new consoles coming out — and I said this five years ago when the PS2 and Xbox came out — people all rush to ring the bell for the death knell of PC gaming, and it never seems to happen, and I don’t think we’re looking at that now, either. — Todd Hollenshead

Mentally, it has been a struggle. The business side of this boxing is horrible and I think it has taken my best years of boxing. If I would have been very active these past three years, with two to three fights at least a year, you would have seen some really good fights, really special skills. But I still try to present them in the ring to the best of my ability. — Chris Byrd

I brought my daughters actually to Staples Center to watch me live in the ring – to watch their mother compete in the ring. It was a very proud moment for me. — Stephanie McMahon

I think we’ll have four boxing for sure, maybe six. I’m just not real sure if they’re ready yet. I like to see a kid in the gym for at least two months before his first match and then they’ll go up against someone with relatively the same ring experience. There’s only one way to get experience – get in the ring and get over the fear of being in the ring and in front of a crowd. — Kirby Sundheim

I’d usually add stuff in. That’s why I tell you I like to get in the fantasy art. Say a small girl, a ring of flowers around her or a bunch of vines. I did one where I turned a man’s family I put his daughter in the middle and her two children like a boy with a bow, like cupid, and a daughter throwing flowers out of a basket. He wanted wings. So I just went with my own imagination. — Buck Johnson

Kerry’s words will ring hollow in light of the fact that he helped block the president’s energy bill to increase America’s energy independence through more renewable energy usage. — Steve Schmidt

But the hearts of men are easily corrupted… And the ring of power has a will of its own. — Lord of

When I got to the last box, there was a ring in it. He got down on one knee and said ‘Will you do me the honor of being my wife?’ I’ve been floating ever since. — Christina Aguilera

I think it’s good for our players to see these guys receiving a ring like this. Getting that ring is what it’s all about. — Mike Hargrove

While I was boxing professionally, I never thought about my looks. The furthest thing from my mind was ‘messing up my pretty face’ when I was on my way to the ring to meet my opponent. Yet, people I’d meet along the way would always ask me if I was worried about my looks. Then they would go on to say that I was ‘too pretty to box.’ — Laila Ali

Our daily life is filled with electronic pianos, ring tones, the disembodied voice giving you your bank balance over the telephone. Even silence can be electronic, courtesy of sound-canceling headphones. — Serge Schmemann

I have a beautiful Hellenistic gold and garnet ring – it’s more than 2,200 years old, but it looks very modern. — Kate Reardon

We stunned a major drug-trafficking ring which stretched through Westchester, New York City and Connecticut, — David Hall

I’m not superstitious about good luck charms and all that. I don’t have any ring or any tangible thing as a charm. But I like to have at least one of my parents with me during my shows. It gives me strength to find their faces… or my brothers… in the audience. It comforts me. — Shreya Ghoshal

I started boxing at 12, and I was above weight for my age, so they put me in the ring with adults… When you’re fighting all the time, it gives you the ability to fight without getting angry. — Curtis Jackson

I don’t think you have to be a ring scientist to appreciate this. I’m blown away. — Carolyn Porco

I often put any project I write in a different decade just to roll the thought around in my head. There’s a thriller I’ve written that I think would be nice to set in the ’70s or ’80s, just to take cell phones away from the movie. There’s nothing like the piercing ring of an old-school telephone to really scare an audience. — Joel Edgerton

I get to sleep. The phone doesn’t ring … If I have a two-hour flight, I get to sleep for an hour-and-a-half. — Bobby Bowden

I don’t have many things that I care about. (But) this ring is important to me. I keep it with me all the time. — Bob Sulek

He has a world of talent. But it’s what he does outside the ring that will determine how far he goes. — Michael Miller

Olivia will be the flower girl and Vinnie will be the ring bearer. I think we’ll have to tie the ring around him. — Jay Shippole

But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master Ring, to control all others. And into this Ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One Ring to rule them all. One by one, the Free Lands of Middle Earth fell to the power of the Ring. But there were some who resisted. A Last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Mordor and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle Earth. Victory was near. But the power of the Ring could not be undone. — J. R. R. Tolkien

This puts me back, … I’m already in the top 10 in both The Ring and the IBF, but this just puts me back as a serious player in the minds of all contenders and champions and challengers. () — Jameel McCline

The bells will ring and the marriages will begin. And it’s a great day in our state for equal protection under the law for all people. — Kamala Harris

Edge will be missed. It was an honor to share the ring with him, and compete against him. — Charlie Haas

She was trying to ring him on his mobile and couldn’t raise him. It’s just really bad for my sister to be watching it on CNN, knowing that it was her husband on board, — Mike Ferguson

We decided the trauma I received would not allow me to enter the ring on November 12. — Vitali Klitschko

He’s a great friend and I’ll certainly ring him and make sure he’s OK. — Michael Clarke

Today, it’s money. There’s no question about that. Unless you endorse a grill that cooks hamburgers and steaks, where else can you make the kind of money that you can make in the ring if you’re good? — Dick Schaap

I would be a liar if I said my desire to get back into the ring had never waned, — Richard Williams

There will always be something about two men in the ring – a mystique because it’s pure man-to-man competition. Because of the history boxing has and the tradition it holds, boxing will always have a that mystique. — Sugar Ray Leonard

Mike is only 19 years old. Look up the ring records of Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano and see who they were fighting after 10 months. You won’t recognize any of the names. — Jim Jacobs

He was very ferocious out there. The focus is getting the big ring. My father got an AFC championship ring and I now have an AFC championship, but I definitely want more than that. — Max Starks

If they have to ring some inflation out of the system, the initial list of victims has to include housing markets. You have a risky period for consumers for the next six to eight months. — Carl Tannenbaum

Because we ought to get back in the ring for one more time. The people would love it. It would be a hot item today. — Thomas Hearns

I am being embezzled by a monstrous ring of accountants, estate planners and lawyers who are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and, I believe, murder me in order to gain control of my royalties. — Randy Quaid

We’re finally starting to get our offense in sync. We haven’t been pitching well, and now we lose a handful of key guys when we really can’t afford to. So now we’re forced to throw some of the guys who really struggled back into the ring of fire. — Smoke Laval

Obviously we’ve never been in this situation before. I don’t know if any of us know what to expect. I’m looking forward to putting a World Series ring on. — Kenny Williams

There is this great, great wrestler, who never really got an opportunity to be a star, named Len Denton: he was a masked guy called The Grappler. He was one of my favorite guys to ever wrestle, and it was just a tremendous pleasure to step in the ring with him. — Jake Roberts

Today let us hear the bell ring loud and clear and true to our conscience, … Let it ring out a century of cruelty and destruction and let it ring in a millennium of hope and peace. — Kofi Annan

Of course it wasn’t his idea. There’s no evidence of that at all. If he was in on it, why would they give him 100 bucks? What they’re saying just doesn’t ring true. — Ivan Golde

Kim didn’t talk to Greg, ring him, offer him support in any shape or form, … I just find that unbelievable. — Mark Latham

I felt absolutely sick about the stoppage, I feel that when you have two big guys in the ring like this the referee’s have to accept the fact that a bloody nose is considered extremely minor as an injury. — Brad Wick

In London, the home of the quick deal is that outer ring of the seven circles of hell, Tottenham Court Road, where, as a rule, finding something with an advertised price is as likely as spotting a mermaid under Vauxhall Bridge. — David Hewson

You get these moments in the ring that live forever. That’s what Muhammad Ali accomplished, and I hope that I have, too. — Sugar Ray Leonard

Yes, I’m a ‘Twi-hard.’ I became obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I didn’t watch television, I didn’t go to the cinema. My friends would ring and say: ‘What are you doing?’ And I would say: ‘I’ve just got to finish this chapter.’ — E. L. James

Having a true New York icon like Regis ring in the New Year from Times Square is something that we are already celebrating. — Mike Darnell

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