104+ Best Rolling Stones Quotes: Exclusive Selection

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. As a diverging act to the popular pop rock of the early 1960s, the Rolling Stones pioneered the gritty, heavier-driven sound that came to define hard rock. Profoundly inspirational Rolling Stones quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

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Famous Rolling Stones Quotes

We idolized the Beatles, except for those of us who idolized the Rolling Stones, who in those days still had many of their original teeth. — Dave Barry

I loved the Rolling Stones. I heard a little bit of country music creeping around the edges of some of their songs. Being a Mississippi kid, I could feel they had done their homework, even when I was a little boy. I could feel the Delta blues influence in a lot of their work. — Marty Stuart

You can put the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the same category, but the types of music, the colors each band evokes, are completely different. It’s the same with Mozart and Beethoven – they express two very different aspects of music. — Ludovico Einaudi

While the Beatles always had George Martin around to clean up their act, the Rolling Stones had Andrew Loog Oldham to coarsen theirs. — Jon Landau

Those folks at Death Row were the Rolling Stones of their time. — Jimmy Iovine

You have the sun, you have the moon, you have the air that you breathe – and you have the Rolling Stones! — Keith Richards

If you’re the Rolling Stones, you can sing ‘Start Me Up’ for 35 years, and people still cheer. — Bryan Callen

People like Howlin’ Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart – all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there’s a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up. — P. J. Harvey

The Rolling Stones are much more accomplished than Jefferson Airplane, who are more like tribal people. That is, they present something which exists: The music and the hippie. — Jean-Luc Godard

I’ve been meaning to write about the Rolling Stones, but I am the furthest thing from a hipster rock journalist. — Diablo Cody

I know Mick Jagger wouldn’t tour without Keith Richards and call it the Rolling Stones. — Richie Sambora

I like the Rolling Stones for karaoke. ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ is a great one. — Hugh Jackman

I was brought up with beautiful music – Nat King Cole and Glen Miller from my dad, and my mum loved Judy Garland and Doris Day – brilliant stuff. Through my brothers and sisters I heard David Bowie and The Specials, The Carpenters, Meatloaf and The Rolling Stones. — Imelda May

When you see U2 or the Rolling Stones, after years of knowing each other, they don’t have to look at each other to connect. — Jerrod Carmichael

If you’re an American kid, you can’t help but be influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones because they’re always on the radio. — Chris Cornell

It’s like this – these five members have been influenced of course by other groups, because that’s where this generation’s groups came from – an environment like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and The Who. People like that. — Alice Cooper

Even though I loved the Fifties doo-wop, you couldn’t hold on to it. You had to change, or you was gon’ be antique real quick, like the Ink Spots. And then we were at Motown and you had the Rolling Stones, simple rock & roll became the new thing. — George Clinton

Dave Matthews, Tim McGraw, U2, The Rolling Stones – there are a lot of artists selling out stadiums around the world that we work with regularly. And end up making most of our money with those artists. — Michael Rapino

When people talk about the ’60s I never think that was me there. It was me and I was in it, but I was never enamoured with all that. It’s supposed to be sex and drugs and rock and roll and I’m not really like that. I’ve never really seen the Rolling Stones as anything. — Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones are constantly changing, but beneath the changes they remain the most formal of rock bands. Their successive releases have been continuous extensions of their approach, not radical redefinitions, as has so often been the case with the Beatles. — Jon Landau

The Rolling Stones… The Rolling Stones have a reflection to my music; I wouldn’t deny it. I think that’s honest. — Chuck Berry

The very first concert I ever went to on my own was actually Rory Gallagher. In a one-month period in 1973 or ’74, I saw him, Thin Lizzy and the Rolling Stones. I wasn’t really a big Rory Gallagher fan, but I thought his guitar playing was fabulous. But Thin Lizzy, they were fabulous. — Robert Smith

Adam Levine and I remade the Rolling Stones’ classic Wild Horses, and it is right up my alley, that whole style. It has a style of its own but still stays very true to the classic arrangement, and I love it. — Alicia Keys

When we were trying to get ‘Jersey Boys’ off the ground, I’d get, ‘The Four Seasons? Who’s going to care? There’s the Beatles, there’s the Rolling Stones.’ But people know those stories. Here was a story no one knew. — Frankie Valli

Mick Jagger has been an idol of mine since I was 10 years old. Through his music, he has taught me so much about rock n’ roll, but also about the blues and about the experience of live music, going to several Rolling Stones shows, growing up. — Olivia Wilde

You have to age gracefully. And that’s what I love about Keith Richards. That’s what I love about the Rolling Stones. They are aging gracefully. They are falling apart at the seams right before our eyes, and they are doing it gracefully. And that’s the most beautiful thing that we can do. — Nikki Sixx

My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to ‘Satisfaction’ at a sixth-grade slumber party at a friend’s house in Ankara, Turkey, where my family was living at the time. In the middle of our sleepover, my friend’s dad stopped the record when he heard the words ‘girlie action!’ — Gayle King

I had this image before Boy George, before the Beatles, before the Rolling Stones. — Tiny Tim

I want to live with a monk… and the Rolling Stones. — Jesse Itzler

I really felt like we were gonna be The Rolling Stones of heavy metal, and we could have been. — Vinnie Paul

My musical influence is really from my father. He was a DJ in college. My parents met at New York University. So he listened to, you know, Motown, and he listened to Bob Dylan. He listened to Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones, but he also listened to reggae music. And he collected vinyl. — Talib Kweli

The only difference between The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and Chubby Checker is that they get their music played on the radio. — Chubby Checker

We wanted to be America’s Rolling Stones, to be the biggest band over here. — Gary Rossington

There’s a lot of bands that get to a certain level, and it just stops. They scrap it. Compare this to, say, The Rolling Stones or The Who, where they just continued on forever and are still playing, or they quit after 20 years. — Eddie Vedder

When I’m 80 and sitting in a rocking chair listening to the Rolling Stones, there is absolutely no way I’m going to feel old or forget my younger days. — Patty Duke

If somebody says, ‘Do you remember the first time you heard a Rolling Stones song?’ if you say you do, you’re crazy. You’ve just always heard them. You might remember the first time it impacted you, but the first time you heard one, you were in a cradle. — Brad Paisley

I think that I identify with Philadelphia for a lot of reasons. Without even thinking about it, I called myself ‘Philly’s Constant Hitmaker’ when I first got a MySpace, before I had any real hits. It was kind of just a funny slogan, basically lifted from the Rolling Stones’ first album, ‘England’s Newest Hit Makers.’ — Kurt Vile

There are some Rolling Stones songs that are just stunners. — John Lydon

It doesn’t really change, actually. I think The Rolling Stones have gotten a lot better. An awful lot better, I think. A lot of people don’t, but I think they have, and to me that’s gratifying. It’s worth it. — Charlie Watts

Often, I could not find the range of emotions in classical music which I found in the The Rolling Stones and Hendrix. Listening to Bach, I found a deep spirituality and felt elevated above the human level. Yet the feeling and emotions attached to popular music speak to us far more personally, and I couldn’t leave that behind. — Ludovico Einaudi

I went to go see the Rolling Stones in the park, and they were awful: completely out of tune. Jagger wore a frock. — Lemmy

I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish-American War. — Dave Barry

I achieved everything I wanted to achieve by being in the Rolling Stones and making records. — Keith Richards

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, these are just some of the people who threatened to sue if we used their songs. — Colin Mochrie

You know, Rolling Stones songs all sound kind of the same. — Brian Wilson

I think my favorite song is by Led Zeppelin called ‘Good Times Bad Times,’ a Rolling Stones song called ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want,’ and every song The Beatles ever wrote. — Alex Wolff

The ’60s in London obviously brought about the explosion of music, the ‘Beatles’ especially, and then the ‘Rolling Stones’ and other forms of music, and then fashion and photography and films – kitchen-sink dramas we called them at that time, which was our ‘nouvelle vague’ in Britain, films that talk about real life. — Charlotte Rampling

I believe that the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin are two of the greatest rock bands ever! — Jesse Ventura

I’ve been ripping the Rolling Stones off with every song I write in some form or another. — Brad Paisley

I think between The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and innumerable acts after that… rock music became a huge economic force. — Mike Love

I love everything from The Rolling Stones to Run-DMC to Nina Simone. — Hannah Bronfman

Growing up, as much as country was a big influence in my life, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin were such a close second. My first concert ever was the Rolling Stones in Denver. I snuck a camera backstage and filmed Mick Jagger during sound-check. — Thomas Rhett

From folk to tribal to Cab Calloway, Cole Porter, Gershwin to the Rolling Stones, whose first record was all covers, to country-western, bebop, blues, and even the referencing in classic hip hop to cliched love ballads of the ’80s or whatever – that is kinda gone, and that’s just terrifying to me. — Cat Power

The great music for so many artists – the Beatles, the Rolling Stones – was always at the moment when they were closest to pop. It would be easy for U2 to go off and have a concept album, but I want us to stay in the pop fray. — Bono

Whether it’s a blatant homage or unconscious mimicry, the Rolling Stones have permanently, indelibly influenced how rock stars look and behave. — Diablo Cody

The mainstream media tend to lump everything together. To them, there’s no difference between Madonna, the Rolling Stones, or whatever. — Angus Young

I’ve done the Rolling Stones eating each other. — Ralph Steadman

I sat through Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones like three times at the Skyway when it came out. — Paul Westerberg

These days, the Rolling Stones still have an edge, but that fangs-out ferocity has mellowed considerably. — Diablo Cody

If the Rolling Stones are playing a concert across town, that’s not my audience anyways. But I do find that there’s a lot of people coming back around to see me again. — Taj Mahal

I grew up loving classic rock music – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones – and then one day I heard ‘Baby One More Time’ on the radio and I thought ‘What is this?’ I was eight and it changed my life. — Sara Paxton

I’ve never tried to achieve anything. I achieved everything I wanted to achieve by being in the Rolling Stones and making records. — Keith Richards

Wu-Tang is looked at like the Rolling Stones of hip-hop. — Gza

Rolling Stones came later for me. I was a Beatles guy. All of us were pretty much more along the lines of Beatles guys than we were Stones or Elvis. — Synyster Gates

The most successful people I’ve worked with, like the Rolling Stones – people of a different, kind of legendary caliber – have such great, warm energy. — Christina Aguilera

I love those Keith Richards solo records, but it’s not the Rolling Stones. — Nikki Sixx

I was so busy with my studies that I didn’t have a musical idol as a teenager. Later, around my 20s, I suddenly discovered the Beatles and the Rolling Stones but I guess my musical idol has always been Strauss. — Andre Rieu

I never, ever wanted to be the Rolling Stones. Bless their hearts, but I don’t necessarily want to go on doing the same old thing for the next 10, 20 years… I could see how easy it is to get into that rut, the whole touring mindset. — Paul Weller

We don’t want to be Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. That type of thing wasn’t what we were after. It was most important for each of us to be equal in input and output – each of us has to pull the same amount, musically, in composition and in every sense of being in the band. — Neil Peart

I went on tour with the Rolling Stones in 1972 for two or three cities. And in 1975, I was the tour photographer for the Rolling Stones. I hung onto my camera for dear life. Because it scared the hell out of me. — Annie Leibovitz

When punk came along, I found my generation’s music. I grew up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, ’cause that was what got played in the house. But when I first saw the Stranglers, I thought, ‘This is it.’ — Robert Smith

I don’t find imitating other people’s music easy at all. I remember being fifth in line for a Rolling Stones tour, early ’90s, when Bill Wyman left, and I was hoping against hope that I wouldn’t get the call to audition. I wouldn’t be able to play a Stones song if you put a gun to my head. — Peter Hook

You look at the Rolling Stones. It had the lips, the logo and the style. You look at Jay-Z, who I think is probably the smartest brand marketer I’ve ever met. These people understand the core of what their brand is and what their fans want. — Michael Rapino

Musicians of any era – whether it be The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Rage Against the Machine, or, of course, Madonna – will inspire fashion. And we, in turn, will inspire them. — Renzo Rosso

Everybody is always raving about the Rolling Stones, saying, ‘The Stones this, and the Stones that.’ I’ve never cared for the Stones. They never had anything to offer me musically, especially in the drumming department. — Joey Kramer

We could be as rich as the Rolling Stones if we sold as many records. — Ad-Rock

The Rolling Stones are so versatile, they’re like the band version of that Infinite Dress they sell on QVC. — Diablo Cody

I love OneRepublic, The Script, All Time Low. I love pretty much every genre. I love the Rolling Stones and Elvis. — Ross Lynch

I am really into ’70s music, like The Rolling Stones, The Doors and what not. — Danny Masterson

I’ve grown up with my parents’ music tastes, listening to Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones. — Saoirse Ronan

I never tried to emulate The Beatles, and I never really wanted to be like The Rolling Stones. I never really felt that I had the look or the demeanor of veteran musicians. — Rick Nielsen

You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones. — Keith Richards

Both the Beatles and The Rolling Stones broke on the music scene the summer I was in England. I can vividly remember hearing ‘She Loves You’ in August 1963. — Gordon Lightfoot

When I think of Mick Jagger still singing that he can’t get any satisfaction in over forty years of being in the Rolling Stones, I have to conclude that he’s either lying or not all that bright. — Henry Rollins

When I was growing up, my brother liked the Beatles, and I liked the Rolling Stones. I think if I were a girl, Keith would be the one I fancied. — George Ezra

At my Rolling Stones’ tour, the camera was a protection. I used it in a Zen way. — Annie Leibovitz

I am a child of the ’70s, so I love classic rock – Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and I also love Coldplay. — Rachel Zoe

In grade one and two, I was definitely into heavy metal and Satanic rock music, bands that had attributes that were quote-unquote ‘Satanic,’ even things like the Rolling Stones with ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ and ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ but also like Motley Crue and Kiss and Alice Cooper. — Tobias Forge

The only band that we have never played with but have always wanted to is the Rolling Stones. — Lars Ulrich

I first went on the road with the Rolling Stones in the year of our Lord, 1969. But my grandfather gave me away to a drummer when I was 15 years old. — Bobby Keys

The signing of the Sex Pistols was a turning point for Virgin. It put the company on the map and, over the years, attracted bands such as Genesis, the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, and Janet Jackson. It also attracted Culture Club, who were ground-breaking. — Richard Branson

The Rolling Stones set the bar to where I look to as a band. But I don’t envision myself touring in the way they do. My knees won’t hold out. — Jon Bon Jovi

I believe the Rolling Stones wanted to play in Golden Gate Park. — Paul Kantner

The Rolling Stones were one of the best bands ever, and ‘Sticky Fingers’ is one of the best rock albums I’ve ever heard. — Buzz Osborne

I’m not into that Keith Richard trip of having all those guitars in different tunings. I never liked the Rolling Stones much anyway. — Ritchie Blackmore

The Rolling Stones seemed very loose and wild, but when you read about them, you realize that everything they did is very deliberate. — Daniel Humm

The Rolling Stones have been the best of all possible worlds: they have the lack of pretension and sentimentality associated with the blues, the rawness and toughness of hard rock, and the depth which always makes you feel that they are in the midst of saying something. They have never impressed me as being kitsch. — Jon Landau

I can put a hip-hop beat to reggae. That is, I can have real reggae in the drums and in the rhythm, and on top of it I can put The Rolling Stones’ feeling, anyone’s feeling on top. Nobody has ever done this before, man. — Ike Turner

The Rolling Stones are violence. Their music penetrates the raw nerve endings of their listeners and finds its way into the groove marked ‘release of frustration.’ — Jon Landau

As a kid, I loved classical music. Composers like Beethoven were like rock stars to me. Then there were the real rock stars: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. — Alan Menken

Were the Rolling Stones good looking? Well, Jagger was, but the rest of the dudes? Maybe not so much. — Ashton Irwin

My first real business was bootlegging T-shirts – I was just a dumb kid. You go to a concert and pay $25 for a cotton T-shirt that says ‘Rolling Stones,’ ‘Lollapalooza,’ or whatever. On the outside they’re 10 or 15 bucks. We were the guys selling them for 10 or 15 bucks. — Kevin Plank

All of the Rolling Stones’ children are my children’s best friends. — Jerry Hall

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Phil Spector. Those were my idols. — Brian Wilson

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