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Famous Roof Quotes

An American store is generally a very extensive apartment, handsomely decorated, the roof frequently supported on marble pillars. The owner or clerk is seen seated by his goods, absorbed in the morning paper – probably balancing himself on one leg of his chair, with a spittoon by his side. — Isabella Bird

My parents taught me many of the things that people need in life to feel confident: practical things, such as managing finances, mucking out the goat barn, cleaning a house, doing repairs, mending a broken roof or a toilet. — Bryce Dallas Howard

Yes sir, … I have some tin that got lifted up by the rain, but my insurance won’t cover it because the roof is too old. — George Craig

I’d love to paint our roof white – it’s so hot down here in Texas! – and I’d love to have a rainwater collection system to save rain runoff for later. I also love to fantasize about keeping chickens in the backyard. — Katherine Center

I want my music to jump off the stage and out of the speakers. When we do ‘Rain Is A Good Thing’ paired back to back with ‘Country Girl,’ it just feels like the roof is fixin’ to come off the place. — Luke Bryan

We believe that local people ought to make local decisions, and today, we’ve decided to open the roof in Houston, Texas, — Bill White

I allowed them to go ahead and put roof structures in place. — Robert Mullins

My seat belt failed and I ended up on the floor and the impact ripped the cab roof off like a can opener and can. — Michael Tuttle

Naturally, I would hope that the dream of the rolling roof and a Super Bowl for Kansas City can be kept alive. — H. Hunt

We’ve shored up the foundation and addressed the moisture problem. The tile roof was all removed, and we were able to save three sides and replaced the others with duplicates. It wasn’t draining properly. — Holly Hawkins

We’re continuing on. Normally in the winter months, your material comes down anyway. Really the only thing I see that I feel may go through the roof is sheetrock. With all the flood and stuff, I think that would be one of the items that people want. — Bobbi Brown

We believe that these funds will meet the permanent housing needs of the state so that its residents can return and get back on their feet, not only with a roof over their heads, but with a safe one as well. — Donald Powell

Obviously, SNL has a lot of viewers, but the potential for a movie is through the roof. — Andy Samberg

He saw the roof on fire, went over and banged on the door. They were inside, and had no idea the roof was on fire. They got a cat out unharmed. — Alan Brown

My daughter lived here first and she said they were building lanes up here. I came up and talked to Sue Blauvelt, who was the manager. There wasn’t a roof yet, but we sat down and talked and she hired me. It wasn’t even finished then. — Rose Taylor

Heretofore it’s not had all that research and those developments under one roof and under one coordinated organizational structure. — Mike Bradley

I’d be at someone’s house or be up on the roof all day and I’d get lonely stir crazy and talk radio became this soothing voice in my life, … But the idea that I was making $10 an hour and stacking drywall while these guys were making a few hundred thousand, and they were having a party, and there were Playmates and there were good times, I just couldn’t imagine it. — Adam Carolla

Exercising with a trainer makes my quality of life go through the roof. — Nadia Giosia

Once while vacationing at my grandparent’s house in Rajasthan, we were sleeping on the roof and I spotted an object hovering around in the sky – kind of a UFO. It totally spooked me out. I couldn’t sleep for days after that. — Nimrat Kaur

She is so happy to be home. We even got a few smiles out of her. Having our family under one roof is beautiful. Right now, our goal is we’ll do whatever we can with her. We have no idea what each day will bring. — Shannon Olson

The trajectory started when I was on the roof of our house looking out at a swamp when I was 19. I had written for several years, starting at about 15, but that day on the roof I took my vows and acknowledged my calling. — Jim Harrison

I’ve always been into older homes, even if I have to refurbish or remodel or raise roof lines or knock out walls. — Jaclyn Smith

If it were my decision, I’d knock the Superdome down. If I couldn’t knock it down, I’d just open the roof and gut the whole inside – totally modernize it. If you just dust it off and paint a little bit but don’t reimage it, the legacy will be horrible. — Ray Nagin

I was always the guy who jumped off the roof of the garage, who could climb up the facade of a building. — Casey Neistat

People sort of imagine Chris Morris and me sitting somewhere dark, with dripping taps and chilling background music. In fact, we like to sit on his roof in the sunshine – and there’s an endless amount of just sitting there, going, ‘So, erm, er, what shall we do?’ — Peter Baynham

We found out she was a single parent trying to provide for her family and her roof actually had a hole in it. — Scott Pline

One third of building, the roof peeled back and everything caved in. It was destroyed. — Bob Carpenter

I did see Mickey hit one that almost cleared the roof in right field, … There’s a facade hanging down, and he hit one one night, and it bounced off near the facade. And according to legend, no fair ball has ever been hit out of Yankee Stadium. — Z. Sheppard

When everybody thinks about a sinkhole, people think of a home crashing into a hole. That’s not what we’re finding. We’re finding it’s cracks in driveways, cracks in the walls, settling on the roof and those are being paid as sinkhole claims. — Justin Glover

May the roof above us never fall in. And may the friends gathered below it never fall out. — Unknown

We’re in a low area, so we had one or two feet of water yesterday. That has drained down now. Obviously, the area is still wet, but it’s drying out. We did get some roof damagesome damage to some windows, and tree limbs hitting windows. — Harry Wadsworth

There are certain housing codes, building codes that the landlord is required by law to adhere to, but generally speaking the landlord should be expected to maintain the apartment in such a manner that it is fit to be lived in. Tenants are entitled to heat, running water, freedom from insects, rodents, mildew and mold, a roof that doesn’t leak and windows that don’t leak. — John Connor

We decided to take about $1 million out of reserves to redo the roof on the Japan Airlines hangar. That’s a big bite, but we’re at the point of Band-Aiding it each year, which doesn’t make sense after a certain point. — Larry Peterson

There are no issues at all that we’re aware of. Our hope is to get the roof open by tomorrow to hopefully get some sun on the field — if there’s any sun to be had. — Tim Purpura

Working for a federal agency was like trying to dislodge a prune skin from the roof of the mouth. More enterprise went into the job than could be justified by the results. — Caskie Stinnett

In the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright – and you can also see it with Mies – they make new ground by raising the ground. Frank Lloyd Wright did it so beautifully with the Robie House. The roof becomes almost a new ground. — Ben van Berkel

I think the image of New Orleans that America had was that image of the damaged roof. It was very, very important to us not only from the operations side to get the roof temporarily repaired, but symbolically. … It shows we are making progress. — Doug Thornton

Her home had damage, not flood water. She is west of the levee break. Her large family room roof had been pulled up and rainwater ran down the dry wall, and some of it fell onto the floor, making a mess. Her kitchen window was blown out and water got in that way, — Richard Taylor

One of the reasons the U.S. economy is more dynamic than Europe’s and Japan’s is because we have foreigners who want to work here. In our area, immigration holds down the cost of farm goods and roof repair. And it increases the ability of contractors to respond more rapidly after a hurricane with lower prices. — Rick Harper

Seven cities warred for Homer, being dead,/ Who, living, had no roof to shroud his head. — Thomas Heywood

May your glasses be ever full. May the roof over your heads be always strong. And may you be in heaven Half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead. — Unknown

We’ve got more than 40 vendors together under one roof to join us for a great evening of shopping. It’s a good way to get started on holiday shopping. — Lisa Johnson’s

May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire. — Irish Blessings

I would choose a condo again because I don’t have to be the one who mows the lawn or has to get the roof fixed, — Jean Craig

I always shoot for the moon in my work, so that I’m happy when I land on the roof. — Darren Criss

I am invariably of the politics of the people at whose table I sit, or beneath whose roof I sleep. — George Borrow

Frankly, it’s depressing, each night sleeping in someone else’s home. I miss having a roof to my name. Our situation isn’t an ‘All in the Family’ cliche, but it’s still easy to see reality in plain terms: I live with my in-laws, and I can’t say when that will change. — Rosecrans Baldwin

Having a roof over your head is one of the most basic human needs, … I can assure you that together with our local partners, we’re working overtime to make certain every available home will be offered to families who may have lost everything. — Alphonso Jackson

If the roof of your condo gets damaged, for example, and water leaks into the unit, the master policy would cover the roof repair but not individual unit repairs to things like the ceiling, walls, carpets or furniture, — Mary Alice

One roof over our head, somewhere to go to where we can say, that’s home. That’s all we need, is someone to care — to care — all we can grasp on is to hope. — Alexander Naki

The roof of my house is covered in solar panels. When I’m home, I’m a pretty green fellow. — Bill McKibben

When the slate roof gets this old, it starts to rust. — Bob Erickson

We totally understand what it’s like to be sitting on top of a roof or to be sitting in a shelter where it’s hot, where you’re worried about when you’re going to be picked up, where you’re thirsty, where you’re hungry, — Michael Chertoff

The rain’s innumerable hooves spatter on the streets and roofs. — David Mitchell

Chris Cutler was kind enough to offer his company as an umbrella, so now I can have all my back catalogue under one roof as it were, and it has the same feeling as with Daniel; this is a matter between friends rather than businessmen. — Fred Frith

I had just opened my shop when there was a big bang. I fell on the ground and the roof fell on me. Then I heard another explosion and I was struck in the head. — Mohammad Ali

My crew and I airlifted nearly 100 people from the roof of a building and onto a field where ambulances and buses were waiting for them. Ten of those who we rescued couldn’t even walk; my crewmen had to carry them. — M. Hopper

I was thankful I had an MRE to eat; I had a smelly, stinky room from all the water, but at least I had a roof over my head. — Emily Wood

We need at least 14 to 16 sheets to build a roof but each family has been given only six. — Mohammed Hussain

Certainly the first step will be to start waterproofing the building and putting the roof back on. — Ed Talley

So many people said they were just thankful to be alive and thankful to have a roof over their heads. — Patsy Riley

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail, its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter, the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter; all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement! — Pitt elder

The roof might fall in; anything could happen. — Dashiell Hammett

I always hope we’ll pack the Paramount. We’ve had up to 1,000 attend. I’d just like to see the roof pushed off. — Carl Erskine

I thought the roof was going to go off. The roar was just deafening. — Carlos Prochnow

I looked up to the roof and saw Bob Lilly on the right side and I looked up there, ‘Wow!’ and went all the way around the stadium. I said one of these days my name is going to be up there. Now it is. — Emmitt Smith

Has the roof collapsed? You get trends like this at the tail-end of the Fed rate-hiking cycle, and what follows next is either a soft or hard landing in the broad economy. — David Rosenberg

I think we all knew it was the kind of song that had a message people could relate to. Everybody, at any given point in their life, is going through something. That’s life. Always a new challenge. As soon as we think we’ve got the one thing down, a roof caves in. You just never know what’s going to happen. — Matt Hammitt

The problem with that is this building has really thick walls. The signal can’t reach the clocks. We will fix this by putting a receiver on the roof the runs on Global Positioning technology, like cars have. This also has an accurate time with it. We have tested this and it works, so the Culp Center will have working clocks. — Tony Warner

Regardless of what our national credit rating is, people will always want a roof over their heads, food on their tables, fuel for their cars, and clothes on their backs. — Robert Kiyosaki

I was sitting two meters from the bit of roof that collapsed. It was all so quick, probably three seconds. — Jan Panek

My grandfather took me and my brother to the roof of his house, … He took out his rifle and he blew rounds into the sky for ten minutes to celebrate. Then he took his bugle out and he blasted the whole neighborhood with his bugle, he was so thrilled about his son. Then he took us to the circus, and then he took us to the movie ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.’ — Deepak Chopra

If the roof had collapsed an hour earlier then there would have been a massacre. Among the injured, there were definitely two Germans, a Czech, a Belgian, and a Slovak. — Jan Panek

We might ask if the ramp split on the way up, and whether they stayed left or right, which is the difference between odd and even floors. Did they turn right or left when they got to their floor? Did they ride an automated shuttle? (They run from long-term.) Did they ride a rubber-tire bus? (They run from remote-economy.) Was there a roof overhead? — Joe Hills

We’re still struggling. I have to do what’s best for my family. Our house is still damaged from the hurricane. My roof caved in. I have to take this opportunity for my family. — Devin Hester

May the roof over your heads be as well thatched As those inside are well matched. — Unknown

So long as I’m Commander-in-Chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. When you take off the uniform, we will serve you as well as you’ve served us – because no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they need when they come home. — Barack Obama

Every chef I know, their cholesterol is through the roof. And mine’s not so great. — Anthony Bourdain

My home had ten feet of water and I had nine-foot ceilings. The first month was easy to keep your spirits up, because it was like, this adventure … But now, we’re over two months in and the fun’s gone out of it and I just want to go home. I lost a couple of cars and the roof was gone from my house. Both of our drummers, their houses were submerged under water completely. They lost everything. — Kermit Ruffins

We’re finding it brings temperatures down on a roof from 160 to about 80 degrees in the summer. — Sadhu Johnston

My energy level is through the roof and I’m excited about it, … It’s something new and exciting and unique and it allows me to do what I love doing. — Howard Stern

‘The Hangover’ was lightening in a bottle. We’re aware of that. It went through the roof all over the world. — Todd Phillips

I could build and roof a house, though electricity is not my thing. — Matt LeBlanc

IT is pleasing to frequent the places from which the feet of those whom this world calls great have passed away, to see the same groves and streams that they saw, to hear the same sabbath bells, to linger beneath the roof under which they lived, and be shaded by the same tree which shaded them. — Jones Very

None of these things like welfare even entered our minds, … Whatever we eat, she is going to have her share. Whatever roof we have, she will have. — Sunder Rajan

Please stay put where they’re at, as long as they have a roof over their head and food. — Margaret O’Brien

I don’t care where I live, so long as there’s a roof to keep the rain off my books, and high-speed Internet access. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

Harold feels the company needed to set up an escrow reserve with a local roofing company to cover the normal percentage of defective roof warranties they issued while they were in Jackson. — Larry Butler

We have rooms that leak due to poor roof conditions. Also, take a look at class sizes. Thirty-plus full-grown seniors are stuck in a 600-square-foot room. At class transition times, students must cram into the small hallways. It is a safety issue. — Lee Maras

I remember my father’s last race very clearly when he drove at Hockenheim in front of 100,000 people and I was sitting next to him on the roof of his car and waving to the fans. That was the moment when I thought: ‘One day I want to do the same.’ — Nico Rosberg

I felt awful. Everything we had were all soaking wet. Our roof came off. Our cars were flooded. — Jeff Zimmerman

We’re looking forward to having everybody under one roof with room to grow. We believe by combining our resources, we’ll get better synergy and cross-pollination of ideas. That will mean better service to our clients. — Tim Oliver

Getting John was an all-around blessing. His basketball I.Q. is through the roof and he’s humble about it. Your hands better be up any time John has the ball. He won’t look at you the entire possession and still he drops it right in your hands. — Eric Zastoupil

I am a mom first and foremost. That’s why I don’t tour. People ask why I don’t have CDs and live in Nashville and I tell them I have children and they like to eat and have a roof over their heads. I’m really very much a mom. I have a 15-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old daughter and they are my number one priority. — Angie McWhirter

The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. — Brad D. Smith

The roof cannot collapse when the value pillars of government and society are sound and strong. — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

I make enough to keep a roof over our heads and keep food on the table, … But there’s not money for any extras. — Mary Cole

Natural gas prices are going to go through the roof in the next couple of months, and that is going to hurt a lot of families. — Nariman Behravesh

My mother would not talk to me for weeks, would not stay under my roof for as long as I was married to Oleg. — Gene Tierney

He gets a lot of the issues in terms of a taxpayer’s point of view. He’s in tune with the values of what I call Middle Canada, which tend to focus on family budgets and some of the struggles of people across this country face when it comes to paying their bills, putting a roof over their head, getting their kids to school, et cetera, et cetera. — John Williamson

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