Rope and Life

We live in a world where there are billions of unique people and nearly uncountable different species of animals, many yet not discovered. Each individual living their own life, but still in some way connected to each other. We are busy with our own lives, trying to figure out what exactly life is, but maybe life isn’t just that simple? Not just we individually living it from birth to death, but having a bigger meaning which we are unable to appreciate. Is there reason for everything that is around us? Is there a reason for everything that happens? Is everything linked to something?

We all know what a rope is, is group of small weak threads, bounded together to make a strong rope.

Life of a living being, be it a human being or an animal, can be compared to a rope.

Each individual represents a unique thread. The day we are born, represents the origin of a rope from a knot of many threads. These threads personify the people you start your life with, your parents and family members. As we travel thought the journey of life, many threads attach to our rope, many even break-off from it; This ultimately determines the strength of your rope.

Say for example, you are driving home from work and you stop at a red traffic signal. There are many people around you, even animals too. Suppose, a person beside you asks you about an address he wants to reach, or maybe suddenly a dog starts chasing you. This interaction with the person or the dog, how so ever short, there’s a link between the threads. The teeny annoying buzzing mosquito at night, does that also create a link in the threads?

But what does the link signify? These links somehow affect your life. Stronger the links, more the impact and importance of them. The strength of the links, i.e. the overall toughness of the rope, can be compared to the overall happiness of our life. Stronger the rope, Happier you’ll be.

The threads which are attached to y9ou for a long time, increase the strength of your rope. Family, friends and all the people who are close to you, important to you, ones you care about, increase the strength of your rope, i.e. happiness in life.

Parents support your rope since the absolute start, when the threads are feeble and unstable. They help you adapt in this unknown world, full of mysteries. As time passes this changes, new threads get attached, temporarily or permanently, giving you the experiences you need in life. But the threads which are always with you, stabilizing you in each and every moment of you life, are the family threads. Animals can also be the part of your rope. The thread representing your pet, which you love, is an equally significant part of your rope, and is a part of your family. More time you spend with these, more the links’ strength, which eventually leads to a healthier rope.

As anti-mater is to matter, and darkness is to light, there are bad threads too. These are fragile and decrease the overall strength of your rope. A pick-pocketer who steals your wallet, a bully in school, even the mosquito what we were talking about, all of them represent bad threads.

Does this affection or hatred towards threads imply that the links we create in our rope, are what we call feelings in real life?

If living things represent a thread, do plants and trees too? Does this suggest that we need more plants around us, which would lead to more links to our threads and would lead to a happier life? Is this why the overall happiness has decreased, due to inhumane cutting of trees?

A rope signifies our journey from the start, till the end, with uncountable thread links. This is the way I see life, what about you?

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