60+ Best Sagittarius Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, relating to the period 22 November to 22 December represented by a centaur shooting an arrow, or a person born during this period. Inspirational sagittarius quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Sagittarius Quotes

Sagittarius has a heart of gold and will have no problem settling down with someone who can keep up with them. Unknown

Sagittarius have smiles that can brighten any room and will always try to make you feel like you belong. Unknown

Sagittarius will give you the world if you wanted it. When they fall for someone it’s the real deal. Freeda Gillbert

As forgiving as they are, Sagittarius doesn’t mind distancing themselves from people, so don’t test them. Unknown

Not all Sagittarius are very interested in home life. Margarete Beim

sagittarius quotes

Sagittarius is the sign of lust for life. You pulse with verve and sensuality, and like all Fire, signs are at your most vibrant when you’re in love. Joanna Martine Woolfolk

They can be the sweetest person until you piss them off. Freeda Gillbert

Sagittarius is also the sign of mental exploration, and for a relationship to last, it needs to be an adventure. Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Enjoy being with Sagittarius, but don’t think you’ve signed a lifelong contact, because Sagittarius doesn’t think so. Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Sagittarians are aliens disguised as humans. Ramana Pemmaraju

A Sagittarius hardly holds grudges. If you ask one about it, he or she will tell you it’s old news. They’ve already moved on. Unknown

Sagittarius doesn’t want a lover that will provide for them and take care of them, they want a co-pilot, someone who can be their fellow adventurer in life. Natasha Reeves

A Sagittarius will move their plans just to spend a whole day with their partner or love interest. Natasha Reeves

Sagittarius have a heart of gold and will have no problem settling down with someone who can keep up with them. Unknown

A Sagittarius can read people easily, so there’s no hiding your feelings from them. Yolanda

Count on a Sagittarius to help discover a whole new meaning to life. Unknown

I have spent a lot of time studying the issue of relationships, how I grew up, my parents’ influence on me. I’ve talked to a therapist; I’ve looked inward spiritually at myself, and what it seems to come down to is that I’m a Sagittarius. Please don’t make me reveal more than that. It’s tough enough as it is. Garry Shandling

If you see a guy with a big grin from one ear to the other, winking in a mischievous way and who still looks like a college kid even though his hair is turning grey, then you’ve probably run into a Sagittarius man. Therrie Rosenvald

They know life is too short to be sweating the petty stuff. Freeda Gillbert

Sagittarius are not hot tempered, but when they are, keep your distance. Unknown

A Sagittarius can say things to you so bluntly, you won’t know if you should be upset or love their honesty. Unknown

The Sagittarius man is debonair, footloose, and often accused of being a playboy. Therrie Rosenvald

Mr. Sagittarius likes to postpone for as long as possible. Therrie Rosenvald

Sassy Sagittarius Quotes

Even when they settle down, Sagittarius men and women like to keep a small corner of their life just for themselves. Margarete Beim

I’m a Sagittarius, and one of our major qualities is that we’re blindly optimistic. Taylor Swift

I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical. Arthur C. Clarke

A Sagittarius is that one person you can always act like a fool with and take a long drive nowhere with to escape everyday life. Unknown

When Sagittarius does get hooked on a venture, he or she is often willing to take risks to secure a profit. Margarete Beim

A Sagittarius female has no intention of giving up her individuality for any male. Linda Goodman

Many a Sagittarius female mistakes friendship for love and love for friendship. Linda Goodman

A Sagittarius can look emotionally distant. But in reality, he or she has a big heart. Unknown

Nothing about a Sagittarius-born is boring. They know how to get the party started. Unknown

As a Sagittarius, you don’t have time for people who play mind games because you have better things to do with your time. Unknown

Sagittarius clients do not want to hear bad news. Gary Goldschneider

Because of their natural optimism and idealism, Sagittarians are likely to take such results very hard, seeing their dreams going up in smoke. Gary Goldschneider

Sagittarius clients have a way of landing on their feet and surviving apparent disasters. Gary Goldschneider

While a Sagittarian tends to be candid, there’s also a part of them that could be described as being more devious than Pisces, more deceptive than Gemini and more carnal than Scorpio. Rosemary Breen

Sagittarius clients like to work hard and play hard. Gary Goldschneider

In setting up a partnership with a Sagittarius, everything should be out in the open, carefully stated, and all ambiguity or secret agendas studiously avoided. Gary Goldschneider

Sagittarius is the juvenile of the Zodiac and at times his behavior can be quite juvenile, no matter what age. Therrie Rosenvald

Sagittarians are not normally sentimental, however, they can get really attached to a favorite sweater that has seen better days. Therrie Rosenvald

Average Sagittarius is more interested in contentment and joy than in material gain. Margarete Beim

People born under the Sagittarius sign are not keen on luxuries and other displays of wealth. Margarete Beim

Sagittarius Captions for Instagram

Sagittarius never gives up without a fight.

Being relaxed is the norm for Sagittarians.

You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.

There’s nothing more refreshing than honesty for a Sagittarians.

Moving on is my business

There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

The glass is always half full for Sagittarians.

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

Sagittarians are endearing creatures.

Sagittarius may grow up, grow old. But they are always a wild child on the inside.

It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand.

A Sagittarius friend will take you to the best pizza in town and the wildest adventure in the world.

Sagittarius has no problem throwing the ugly truth at your face.

I have fallen in love with the imagination. And if you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere and it can do anything.

Sagittarius won’t mind getting in trouble if it’s worth the ride.

You’re an adventure and home all at once.

Sagittarius: the summer in your winter days.

Don’t try to control Sagittarius. It pushes them away.

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