70+ Best San Francisco Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. Profoundly inspirational San Francisco quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous San Francisco Quotes

In San Francisco, our businesses, healthcare services, workforce, and housing will always be open to all. London Breed

I prefer a wet San Francisco to a dry Manhattan. Larry Geraldi

One day if I do go to heaven… I’ll look around and say, it ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco. Herb Caen

San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality. Paul Kanter

San Francisco is one of the great cultural plateaus of the world – one of the really urbane communities in the United States. Duke Ellington

Anyone who doesn’t have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me. Anthony Bourdain

San Francisco is a complex town that lets you be yourself, that accepts you even if your family doesn’t. Jack Boulaware

Chicago is the great American city, New York is one of the capitals of the world, and Los Angeles is a constellation of plastic; San Francisco is a lady. Norman Mailer

The Bay Area is so beautiful, I hesitate to preach about heaven while I’m here. Billy Graham

San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth. William Saroyan

San Francisco has that moody thing going on, those blues notes wrapped in moisture, an atmosphere that tempers California dreaming and makes life more real. Eric Maisel

It’s simply a very romantic place. Just one look at any of those streets, and you couldn’t be anywhere else. Julia Child

The city had been kind to me in the days of my poverty and it did not resent my temporary solvency. John Steinbeck

Once I knew the city very well, spent my attic days there, while others were being a lost generation in Paris. John Steinbeck

San Francisco is a city with the assets of a metropolis without the disadvantages of size and industry. Jack Kenny

Cities are like gentlemen, they are born, not made. I bet San Francisco was a city from the very beginning. Will Rogers

If you have to be a one-hit wonder, then San Francisco is the one to have. Scott McKenzie

The extreme geniality of San Francisco’s economic, intellectual and political climate makes it the most varied and challenging city in the United States. James A. Michener

What I like best about San Francisco is San Francisco. Frank Lloyd

Amazing San Francisco Quotes

There is more grace per square foot in San Francisco than any place on earth. Fulton J. Sheen

Perpetual spring, the flare of adventure in the blood conspired to make San Francisco a city of artists. William Henry Irwin

You wouldn’t think such a place as San Francisco could exist. The wonderful sunlight there, the hills, the great bridges, the Pacific at your shoes. Dylan Thomas

East is East, and West is San Francisco. O. Henry

I’m just mad for San Francisco. It is like London and Paris stacked on top of each other. Twiggy

Every morning in San Francisco was a bit like waking up on the edge of the earth. Elizabeth Percer

That’s just a big parking lot where you buy a hamburger for a trip to San Francisco… And the beautiful old houses and the strange light. We’ve never been in a city with light like this. John Lennon

If I am elected, I’ll move the White House to San Francisco. Robert Kennedy

If you’re going to San Francisco, you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. John Phillips

Beautiful Chinatown. Every race in the world. The sardine fleets sailing out. That should describe it. Dylan Thomas

I don’t think San Francisco needs defending. Doris Lessing

Anyone is fortunate to live here. If I were your president, I would levy a tax on you for living in San Francisco. Mikhail Gorbachev

This gold and white acropolis rising wave on wave against the blue of the Pacific sky was a stunning thing, a painted thing like a picture of a medieval Italian city which can never have existed. John Steinbeck

The little cable-cars whizzing down The City hills. And all the people are open and friendly. Dylan Thomas

When I was a child growing up in Salinas we called San Francisco the City. Of course it was the only city we knew, but I still think of it as the City, and so does everyone else who has ever associated with it. John Steinbeck

Inspirational San Francisco Quotes

Every man should be allowed to love two cities, his own and San Francisco. Gene Fowler

San Francisco has only one drawback – It is hard to leave.– Rudyard Kipling.

If you’re alive, you can’t be bored in San Francisco. If you’re not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life. William Saroyan

It’s an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. Oscar Wilde

The Golden Gate Bridge’s daily showcase from enveloping stoles of mist to full glory is still the most provocative show in town. Mary Moore Mason

San Francisco is perhaps the most European of all American cities. Cecil Beaton

I left my heart at the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Tony Bennett

What has been thus played up in the form of Golden Gate should not be let down in color. Irving Morrow

If free speech and individuality are American characteristics, there is no place more American than San Francisco. Desi Del Valle

I love San Francisco. It’s by the sea, there’s a feeling of people being there because they enjoy their life there. Brian Eno

It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world. Oscar Wilde

San Francisco is a city where people are never more abroad than when they are at home. Benjamin F. Taylor

Money lives in New York. Power sits in Washington. Freedom sips cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco. Joe Flower

Two days in this city is worth two months in New York. Robert Menzies

San Francisco is poetry. Even the hills rhyme. Pat Montandon

It’s the grandest city I saw in America. If everyone acted as the San Franciscans did, there would be hope for settlement of the world’s difficulties. Frol Zozlov

I have always been rather better treated in San Francisco than I actually deserved. Mark Twain

That, my dear detective, was the other San Francisco. You’ve probably seen it before, just out of the corner of your eye. You’ve probably dismissed it all your life. Laura Oliva

San Francisco is one of the only cities I like to visit. LeRoy Neiman

San Francisco is the only city I can think of that can survive all that thing you people are doing to it and still look beautiful. Frank Lloyd Wright

The Golden Gate Bridge should be understood symbolically, in the sense that it does not go from America back to America but that it should be something that could possibly open up out of America. Simeon Wade

Twenty-four years ago I was strangely handsome boy; in San Francisco in the rainy season I was often mistaken for fair weather. Mark Twain

This bridge needs neither praise, eulogy nor encomium. It speaks for itself. We who have labored long are grateful. What Nature rent asunder long ago, man has joined today. J. Strauss

And the sun shines on the bay. Journey, ‘Lights’

To this Gate I give the name of Chrysopylae, or Golden Gate, for the same reason that the harbor of Byzantium was called Chrysoceras, or Golden Horn. Capt.John C. Fremont

San Francisco in shades of blue, a city in a dream, and I was filled with a tremendous yearning to live. Rebecca Solnit

I can walk down the streets of San Francisco, and here I’m normal. Robin Williams

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Mark Twain

San Francisco always has had a warm welcome for human beings from all over the world. Duke Ellington

The culture of this city is like no other. Many important men and women have made the Golden City their home because they fell in love with it. Mike O’Halloran

San Francisco is exciting, moody, exhilarating. I even love the muted fogs. Julie Christie

 I fledged in San Francisco, climbed its hills, slept in its parks, worked on its docks, marched and shouted in its revolts. John Steinbeck

A city is where sirens make white streaks of sound in the sky and foghorns speak dark grays — such a city is San Francisco. Herb Caen

But I would rather be with you, somewhere in San Francisco on a back porch in July, just looking up to Heaven, at this crescent in the sky. Robert Hunter

To this day, the city of San Francisco remains to the Chinese the Great City of the Golden Mountains. Kai Fu Shah

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