54+ Best Saving Lives Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Save means to stop someone or something from being killed, injured, or destroyed. Profoundly inspirational saving lives quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Saving Lives Quotes

Let’s choose to do something really difficult, something that saves lives, and let’s do that thing with people we love.  Donald Miller

A cardinal rule in budgeting and saving is to pay yourself first. John Rampton

One person can stop a great injustice. One person can be a voice for truth. One person’s kindness can save a life. Nicky Gumbel

It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. Voltaire

Saving someone’s life is a wonderful feeling. Try it. You feel like, if you don’t mind a TV reference, a big damn hero. Steven Brust

That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you. A. Whitney Brown

Just a little help, a small security force, a bit of food, can save lives. Nicholas D. Kristof

My mother was truly my saving grace, because she would take me to church with her. Tyler Perry

I think, unfortunately, we live in a world where people attack other people and I think a legitimate rationale for war is the saving of human life, the saving of lives of people who cannot defend themselves.  Sebastian Junger

Cancer taught me to stop saving things for a special occasion. Regina Brett

We were meant to rescue each other, not cut down the forest to rescue one. Shannon l. alder

All the saving truths, all the healing graces that distinguish a good education from a bad one or a full education from a half empty one are contained in that word. Alan K. Simpson

Saving lives, one day at a time, just like always. Spencer Smith

The planet doesn’t need to be saved. Dave Matthews

Saving a life and nurturing a life are different processes, and that to succeed in the former one must dispense with the pathos of the latter. Anthony Marra

My only saving grace is that I actually collect things that nobody else is interested in. Phil Collins

A simple thank you for saving my life would suffice. I don’t need for you to carry me off to your bed to show your gratitude. Courtney Cole

I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year. Victor Borge

With our love, we could save the world. George Harrison

I cannot concur with those who advocate saving gorillas from extinction by killing and capturing more free living individuals only to exhibit them in confinement. Dian Fossey

We shouldn’t any of us be afraid of teaching protective measures to save lives. Kyan Douglas

If Moses had gone to Harvard Law School and spent three years working on the Hill, he would have written the Ten Commandments with three exceptions and a saving clause. Charles Morgan

Maybe I couldn’t help everyone survive, but I could, at least, save this one life. Tiana Warner

Sooner or later we’ve got to tie the saving of the natural world to our own public welfare. Jim Fowler

A little reckless bravery may end up saving your life. Henry Chancellor

Whether it’s saving the Amazon or just being kind to those around you, we need to take care of each other and Mother Earth. Olivia Newton John

There is no person that love cannot heal; there is no soul that love cannot save. Carlos Santana

Americans mythologize competition and credit it with saving us from socialist bread lines. Actually, capitalism and competition are opposites. Peter Thiel

The most important thing for us is to save lives. Rick Perry

If you are writing any book about the end of the world, what you are really writing about is what’s worth saving about it. Justin Cronin

Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people. Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers.Simon Sinek

I was saving the money because it was the first time I’d ever had any. Olga Kurylenko

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. Will Rogers

I think the Internet was the saving grace for Public Enemy. Before that, traveling the world saved Public Enemy. Chuck D

Even Charles Darwin, that human decoder ring of bizarre behavior, found the idea of saving a stranger’s life to be a total head scratcher. Christopher McDougall

In saving Tibet, you save the possibility that we are all brothers, sisters. Richard Gere

I don’t find acting to be a particularly noble way to make a living. I’m not saving anybody’s life, I’m not a teacher, I’m not working for UNICEF. I don’t think I’m some big deal. Ellen Pompeo

We speak continually of saving time, but time in its richness is most often lost to us when we are busy without relief. David Whyte

Saving lives is not a top priority in the halls of power. Being compassionate and concerned about human life can cause a man to lose his job. It can cause a woman not to get the job to begin with. Myriam Miedziana

Musicians  we’re not doctors. We’re not saving people’s lives. We’re not going out and changing the world. Sam Fender

If gun free zones save lives, why doesn’t Obama just declare Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan one big gun free zone?  Wayne LaPierre

I hope I’m saving lives. There are very few people in their careers that have the opportunity to do something to benefit mankind. Stephanie Kwolek

Horace normally didn’t need anyone else to save his life. He was pretty skilled at doing it for himself. John Flanagan

The historic trade off between price and service has been altered by technology and customers expect to save time and enjoy the experience while saving money. Doug McMillon

Fighting you’s the only reward I want, I said, for saving your life. Danielle Bennett

When I got pregnant, I started singing again. It was my saving grace. I literally mean having this amazing human life, and our relationship in the sense of mother and child, redeemed my soul. Dolores O’Riordan

Why do poets think they can change the world? The only life I can save is my own. Sherman Alexie

Smart financial planning  such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, and preparing for retirement  can help households enjoy better lives while weathering financial shocks.  Ben Bernanke

A demonic reaper asked to be my valentine and then killed his crazy ex girlfriend to save my life. Tomorrow I was starting up antipsychotic meds. Courtney Allison Moulton

When I got on the set of ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ I discovered, to my amazement, that Steven Spielberg is a gamer. Vin Diesel

It’s like saving up that perfect comeback you read in a book or heard on TV  it always sounds good in your head, but it never quite fits in real life. Rysa Walker

When you understand that making, saving, and spending money is all based on the thoughts you’re thinking and the actions that these thoughts lead to, you can completely transform your reality  and your bank account. Jen Sincero