School Teenage days- Story of Peer Pressure, Victory

Hi everyone. This is my first post on Bayart. And I will be sharing a very personal experience of my teenage years, which I spent studying in a school of India. DPS, Gandhidham, Gujarat (A state in western part of India).

I write about serenity (nature), motivation, peaceful mind, faith. I believe to inspire and pass my message to make people happy through my example, and the stories, lessons from various books to back them authenticity for public, friends.

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Today while meditating inside the park as usual, I imagined going back to the school where I spent my teenage years conquering dreams, making myself self-confident, most importantly overcoming my fears and handling the peer pressure, aggression, fights. My  8th grade-12th grade years not only shaped me positively but also gave me a practical exposure of life which was waiting for me ahead.

Being one of the rare sports overall, average academic student, I always gave a tough competition on field be it cricket, basketball, or my favourite, athletics. I was titled as Superman by my Geography teacher and ‘Bolt’ by one of my classmate.

During my 8th grade I got the exposure to travel to Egypt, Dubai for a week educational tour. For the first time I was away from my home, and parents for a week with unknown faces as students across from India and the countries I visited. There being the senior of my school, I was made leader of the group of 4 students. My first leadership experience began. There were two teachers who accompanied us and our principal sir. They did give responsibilities, and guide me. I am really thankful to both the teachers.


The one in extreme left in the first image, and extreme right in second.

I faced difficulties, I was under confident, shy. Never spoke English as such before thinking in my mind and translating the sentence from my national language, i.e., Hindi.

I was unaware of how to frame correct sentences when I was 13.

This was challenging. Somehow due to many Indians, I did not feel ashamed to talk in Hindi.

Next year I went for a school adventure trip to Nainital, Jim Corbett, India. There, we were divided into teams and had to perform task, to name a few, climbing the ropes, river crossing, jumping from the tree, making boat of bamboos and compete, etc. Not only I lead by example, worked with team and begged the “Best in adventure activities.”IMG_20151003_123154553.jpg

I was very enthusiastic in sports, adventure. My friends, peers did manage to pull my leg because of my low self-esteem, and my physical identity. To which now I think were the best things happened to me. I not only learned, struggled to overcome my confidence but also experienced the pain in the process, and express my passion in sports, whatever activities were in store for me.

601259_2777657979884_1516932432_nWhen I was in grade 11th, I became house captain, unaware of my leadership skills, our career counselor teacher not only helped me realize my potential but reminded me of my achievements and how inspiring I was for the juniors.

IMG-20160331-WA0030The one with blue flag

Then came the time to overcome my fear of public speaking. My fear was not of the speaking well, but what would people think about me, would they mock me for my colour, for being over smart? Then one fine day, I prepared for a debate topic which was to be spoken in school assembly, and I went on the stage telling my principal sir, I would like to speak. He was really friendly and motivating to give chances to everybody.

Not only I spoke, after I finished my speech, while going back to the class in between my Chemistry teacher who taught me in 9th grade complimented, “Akash from where do you take classes for debates”? I was on cloud nine. Hearing something like this after my first speech on stage. I knew, it was the new beginning of something.

228157_10150568877740790_6715843_nThe one in extreme left.

By the time, I graduated from school, juniors tagged me as “Olympics champ 2011.” That night, I wore suit for the first time in my life. Grey coloured. Blue shirt. (Blue being my favourite colour), after question answering rounds, I was declared as “Mr Personality of DPS Gandhidham 2011 batch.208208_192212847480926_3553851_n.jpg


So while meditating I considered going ahead in future, if I get a chance to be called in my school on our school’s annual/founder’s day sometime in 10 or 20 years down the line.

I would share following lessons with the bright young minds.

“Wear the most beautiful uniform which is not provided by school, it is your smile.”

Learn to laugh at yourself, my dad once told me when I went crying to him “Why me, why these people tease me? I am very bright in sports.”

To which my dad replied, “It’s the nature of every human, son. People are jealous of what they do not have, learn to appreciate them and accept their comments. You don’t have to believe everything you accept, just be friendly and empathize when they need you.”

This was an important lesson in my life. Nobody is bad. This teenage comes with a rush, adrenaline, and competition of being the best. Do not become aggressive on your friends, colleagues. Be calm, however if you think aggressive, convert that in positive passion. Just as Virat Kohli, Test Captain of Indian cricket team. Never forget the positive deeds for others and yourself. Aggression is not losing out on temper. Aggression is passion in your eyes, it is motivation to realize the leadership potential. To not give up, and practice.

Learn everyday from one another. Give kindness, compassion to your fellows, parents, teachers. Bless them for their giving. It seems hard at your age.

“To become a leader, you need to become a self manager of time, creator of your values, ethics, and daily disciplines you abide by.”

Remember, “Successful people started off early in life.” Follow your passion. Whenever aggression is not helping you, it’s life, happens. Just close your eyes, take deep breaths and think about your dreams.

How many of you feel shy, introvert, inferiority complex? I had inferiority complex of my skin colour. I was bullied to be called as Black crow. I was not as handsome as I look today. (Laughter) Well I am kidding. Let people tell you whatever they want to. It’s their work anyway to criticize what they do not have with themselves.

I was always smart, and handsome. What I lacked was the quality to look inside myself instead of believing others. Listen to this carefully, “What you believe becomes a reality.” I started feeling I am dark and I lack beauty. But I did not realize back then, I am tall, dark, handsome, Akash Bindal. Taking pride in comparing myself as the famous bollywood star, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. Well I believed on what people told me and reflected on what they didn’t. (Laughter)

Your smile defines your nature, personality. Your inner self describes your beauty. No matter of your colour. “Have you heard, beauty is beautiful”? People do not know beauty is inner beauty, “What you feel inside is what is reflected outside.” The inner beauty never fades.

Have you come across people who are naturally charming with an aura? What is this charm, aura? You want to be like them. This is nothing else than the inner beauty. Their actions reflect their beauty, charm, not the exterior clothes they wear.

Have you ever heard from your elder sibling, “That school mate of his/her looked so average in school, now every guy/girl is behind him/her?” haha. Yes that’s the message, “Be your own beautiful to your truest self.”

This age comes with so much rush, years down the line, you will miss it badly. Enjoy, make friendships, have fun, appreciate things in each other. These memories are blessings in disguise. Learn to be better human beings. Stop thinking too much. Your life is beautiful to waste on second thoughts of what people think about you. Do what your heart says. Stop waiting for other’s consent. And build a legacy, such that even after you graduate, juniors remember there was this person, I aspire to be like him. He is my role model. Become that person whom your teachers miss, and take pride in giving your example in classes of juniors.






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