98+ Best Seattle Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Profoundly inspirational Seattle quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Seattle Quotes

The fact that Seattle is so far away is a significant one, — Mark Wiley

I travel a lot and rarely make it home to Seattle. — Hope Solo

But it was my chance to leave my comfort zone in Seattle and grow as a player, … I haven’t been here very long, but it’s already been an amazing experience. — Chad Brown

A lot’s riding on ‘Dune,’ and my friends in Seattle realize what’s happening if I freak out a bit. They accept whatever I happen to be, and they tell me when I’m slipping out of Kyle. They call me the ‘God Emperor of the Universe.’ — Kyle MacLachlan

We are extremely proud to be part of the poster movement. We feel like Seattle has had a huge hand in shaping that. There are a lot of amazing designers in this city that helped pave the way for this movement, and we are just happy to be mentioned in the same breath. — Don Clark

Mike still thinks he can catch 70 to 80 games. We’ll also use him as our designated hitter against American League teams on the road (nine games against the Angels, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers). And he could play first base against some left-handed pitchers. — Kevin Towers

Seattle is certainly in the running. It has a fair shot. — Gene Orza

I suppose I could admire all these slow Seattle drivers for their safety-mindedness, consideration for others, and peace of mind. Instead, I’m a fury of annoyance. — Maria Semple

I think everybody in baseball knows he’s a good player. Playing in Tampa Bay like he did and then going to Seattle … when you play in the same outfield with Ichiro (Suzuki), you’re not going to be top dog, that’s for sure. — Jerry Narron

I think what’s beautiful when you’re looking at artists like Macklemore and you’re looking at artists like Ayron Jones, they’re proud of Seattle and they’re bringing it back. Seattle’s a real music town. When you act ashamed of that, you should be pushed outta the game as far as I’m concerned. — Sir Mix-a-Lot

My perception of the West Coast thing is starting to change too. We’re not doing what I see Seattle doing or San Francisco doing or Green Bay doing. We’re not doing those things. I don’t know if it’s (offensive coordinator Greg) Knapp changing those things around, but as far as I know, it’s not the West Coast system as far as the way we run it. — Michael Vick

Making ribs in Texas isn’t that unusual a choice for ‘Top Chef’. We played the stereotypes everywhere we go. It’s not only in Texas. We do it in New York; we did it in San Francisco. Listen if we shoot it in Seattle you know we’re going to be throwing salmon somewhere. — Tom Colicchio

People have been saying that for 20 years. But in San Francisco, it’s very difficult to build, so there’s a supply constraint. Seattle is also encountering a supply-constraint situation. — Lawrence Yun

I think Seattle has a great sort of luxury and comfort sensibility, which I oftentimes think is lost in fashion for fashion’s sake. — Chris Benz

We’ve been thinking about buying one for a while. But we’re big Seattle fans, so the time was right to do it now. — Ken Warren

It is somewhat normal to see this kind of jump when a team like Seattle has this kind of season. It’s a team that is really becoming discovered and is gaining fans across the country. — Neil Schwartz

We’re looking for additional victims in the entire greater Seattle area. — Michael Chiu

Seattle is very similar to Minneapolis. I like the culture; I like the people. I raced a bike and won a national championship on Lake Washington in 1977, so I’ve had a connection there for a long time. — Greg LeMond

We’ve got to get this fixed. We have to put the fire out. Every team has got a big play on us every week going back to the Seattle game. It starts today. That’s the last one. We can’t give up any more big plays like that. — Cornelius Griffin

I think we did a pretty good job as a team tonight. Especially after those kind of tough nights, the Seattle (loss on Sunday) and the Orlando game, even though we got a ‘W,’ it was frustrating in the end. — Andrei Kirilenko

Who was Amanda Knox? Was she a fresh-faced honor student from Seattle who met anyone’s definition of an all-American girl – attractive, athletic, smart, hard-working, adventuresome, in love with languages and travel? Or was her pretty face a mask, a duplicitous cover for a depraved soul? — Tina Brown

I think Seattle is going to become a laughingstock. … We are going to look like the Moral Majority up here, — Bob Davis

Seattle has not adjusted the tax threshold since 1994, … The raised threshold offsets the effect of inflation since that time. — Greg Nickels

What makes Seattle unusual is that it’s one of three great theater towns in the United States. — David Armstrong

Seattle is a fantastic place to build a great technology-enabled consumer company. — Dan Levitan

Our plane had been delayed for four hours in Seattle because they couldn’t find the black box, — Chuck Knox

Seattle doesn’t look like an underdog to me. — Teddy Atlas

Seattle had interest in me first. Out of respect for them, I wanted to sign here. — Kenji Johjima

I saw a stat that said Guerrero has 14 homers against Seattle in 34 games the past two years. That’s a ton of homers against one club. — Mike Hargrove

She may have last been in Seattle and that’s why we’re investigating. — Sean Whitcomb

We felt it, Seattle gave us their best. We can’t take a game off. This is a good conference, one of the best in the country. — Ryan Diggs

What we’re looking at in Seattle is a debate over the rules of the game and how the environment and labor will be treated — whether they will be debated elsewhere or whether they will become part of the core discussions about trade. — Harley Shaiken

I was kind of thinking back to Seattle last year, … We kind of talked about that. We’re just fortunate, really. — Bill Parcells

I’m so excited to come to Seattle and play on a championship contender. I know the expectations will be very high and I can’t wait to get there and get to work. — Barbara Turner

The plane to Boise had some kind of mechanical problem; we were actually on the plane before they sent us back. And then we just sat and waited and there was no other way to get us to Boise, so they sent us to Seattle and put us up for the night. — Riley Wallace

Seattle is not a big enough city to support two separately owned and operated dailies indefinitely. — Stephen Lacy

The primary focus of Amgen research in Seattle is inflammation and oncology. — Carol Pawlak

Seattle was just not very good. Nothing against the city or coaching staff or anything like that. I just needed a change and it was nice to get this one. — Scott Spiezio

The situation at Buffalo was a rough situation, and I appreciate the opportunity, but going back to Seattle was a better situation, even though I’m not the starter. I’ve got a chance to get back with some familiar faces, back at a place I’m familiar with. — Tarvaris Jackson

I think our team realizes what kind of team Seattle is. Certainly what they are playing for in getting ready for their playoff run. You know what type of effort you are going to get from them. — Peyton Manning

The people of Seattle know I’m a mayor willing to make tough decisions. — Greg Nickels

My whole thought process has been this. Not one person picked us to make the playoffs. Not one person thought we’d beat Seattle in that series. — Van Chancellor

He’s going to pitch next Tuesday in Seattle (against San Diego). — Ken Knutson

The deployment of geolocating tags attached to ordinary garbage could paint a surprising picture of the waste management system, as trash is shipped throughout the country in a maze-like disposal process – as we saw in Seattle with our own Trash Track project. — Carlo Ratti

Most people in Seattle do not know him. But we have, in many ways, this love, admiration, envy and curiosity for him. He’s doing a bunch of good stuff with his money. — Steve Leahy

Seattle is a very admirable team. They’re very experienced. Everything that team did today was superb. — Steve Smith

Only in Seattle is it like this. The sun comes out, the top goes down. — Scott Lewis

Many of the Comfort Kits we hand out contain friendly notes from Seattle students that bring smiles and sometimes tears to the faces of Gulf youth. It means a lot to the children to know that others care about them as they continue to process what happened. — Denise Barrett

Maybe it’s because of Boeing. Maybe it’s because people here have a technical bent. Or maybe it’s because it’s just plain fun. Whatever the reason, Seattle is a mecca for modeling. — Tim Nelson

If the Seahawks do win the Super Bowl, I expect to be busy for weeks afterward, because it will have been an important event in Seattle sports that people will want to remember. — Jack Terry

What I love most about achieving whatever I’ve achieved is that the Seattle Seahawks follow me on Twitter! — Ross Mathews

He looks a lot like A.P. Indy. It’s a much more refined version of Seattle Slew (A.P. Indy’s sire). — Bill Farish

I listened to all types of music, and obviously when I got to Seattle I was very much aware of the music scene there. — Randy Johnson

We have musicians from as far away as Ontario and Seattle traveling all the way to Greenville to be a part of our first blues festival – this is exciting. — Nancy Idland

I was in Seattle and I wanted nothing more than to act, but I was so terrified of it that I couldn’t even get myself to an audition. It was miserable. — Sheryl Lee

Seattle was expected to win. Pittsburgh went through the one, two, and three seeds, and a lot of people think the AFC from top-to-bottom was a lot better conference than the NFC. — Bob Scucci

I thought Seattle was a very good team, but did I expect them to be in the Super Bowl? I thought if they were going to be there they’d have to go through us. — Michael Strahan

We were coming back into the States from Canada when that all went down. I didn’t come up with the idea. The idea came from the promoters. I said, Yeah, let’s do it. Seattle was the right place for that. That was the original home base for me, so we had a great turnout. — Robert Cray

It didn’t matter what we would do, win or lose, we were going home from the ballpark dejected because Seattle was so hot, — Tim Salmon

Hopefully the organization does the right thing and re-signs me over the summer. If we keep building on what we have while we’re young, we’ll have a successful season. Right now, I really don’t know where I will be but I like Seattle and hopefully I can grow here. — Chris Wilcox

Right now, all the mega-yachts go right past us to Seattle or Alaska. This will bring those people right here. Guys like Larry Ellison can back his 175-foot baby in here. — Simon Snellgrove

Seattle was a rabid film town in the ’70s and ’80s because it rained so much. — John Requa

Seattle is like a global gumbo, a melting pot with all kinds of people – the rich, the poor, white people, some Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and black people – they’re all here. — Quincy Jones

I think a lot of it is we’ve got to get another third guy. Luckily, the other night against Seattle we had a third scorer (Eddie Griffin, 24 points). Right now, Kevin and Wally are playing at an all-star level, and we just need another person to step up. I’m not discriminating who it is; anybody can step up and get their minutes. — Dwane Casey

Seattle will not want for a personal argument, I’ll tell you that much. The weather might not be optimal, but we know (CEO) Howard (Lincoln) and Chuck are big supporters of international baseball. — Gene Orza

Seattle has enjoyed a great reputation the last few years and Pittsburgh is on the verge of that and the Super Bowl is a great conduit for that. — Kevin Evanto

We took Seattle to a place it had never seen before. We’ve got a lot to be proud of. — Shaun Alexander

I naively thought I would quit television writing, move up to Seattle, my novel would come out, and then I’d have a novel writing career, and so I found myself really stuck in this very poisonous self-pitying state and felt like I’d never write again. And I blamed Seattle for that. — Maria Semple

January 14, 2000, was my first time on stage, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I got discovered nationally in Seattle by the now-defunct HBO Comedy Festival, and that led to an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and a path to a professional comedy career. — Hari Kondabolu

For so many years, international finance has been the domain of a very small elite in a few countries. The message the G-8 leaders got from Seattle is that they need to make their policy discussions more relevant to the general public. — Greg Mastel

When I moved to Seattle in fourth grade, I joined the Seattle Girls’ Choir. It’s a world-class choir, and we competed, toured Europe, and went and sang at the Vatican, so it was a really awesome experience to have that young. — Bonnie McKee

All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work. — Dave Grohl

I believe that Seattle voters will understand that my unique experience in education and city government would be a nice complement to the existing board, — Cheryl Chow

She has the ability to step her game up in big games. She did that last year in Seattle when Sue Bird went out. She showed how good she was. When Sue couldn’t play with her broken nose, she came in and played extremely well. — Brian Winters

I didn’t get coaching in Seattle like I did this year, … except for my first two years. — Shawn Springs

Seattle had won three games in a row against us and so it’s nice to get one back. They’re right behind us in the standings so this takes a little pressure off us. — Shaun Heshka

Oakland has really improved itself, Seattle has improved itself and Anaheim has a ton of young players coming up ready to help them. It’s a really competitive division and we had to take some steps to stay in the mix. — Jon Daniels

It felt good, especially after what my last season in Seattle was like. — Shawn Springs

We think big Black Rock has to be built. If it’s $4 billion, it’s $4 billion. Let’s get on with it. I wear a Mariner hat and I get over to that ballpark in Seattle sometimes. I don’t think that stadium got put up without state help, and it’s not cheap. — Tom Carpenter

I am quite on record as saying that Seattle has the least-competitive lease in the league and is at a decided economic disadvantage. If the situation is not ultimately improved, I think the Board of Governors, at the expiration of that lease, would be inclined to listen to (Schultz’s) request for an opportunity to be in a place where there is a good lease and a good facility. — David Stern

I am ecstatic. Seattle is where I wanted to be…it’s where I’ve always wanted to be. It feels like home to me. I am excited about the direction of the team, and am very, very happy to be here. — Raul Ibanez

Seattle is a place I’ve lived only a couple of years, but I feel like I’ve been adopted by this city. It’s like a hug. I’ve been recognized on planes, in the airport and by cabdrivers. I don’t get that anywhere else in the country. — Hari Kondabolu

From the softer ad market and the organizational changes in 2005, Fisher is poised in 2006 to capitalize on an attractive business structure going forward as well as other opportunities such as the recent Seattle Super Bowl (that pitted the Seahawks versus the Pittsburgh Steelers) carried on our Seattle and Portland ABC affiliates. — Colleen Brown

We faced elimination, so we know what it feels like. Seattle doesn’t at this point, so it (the pressure) is going to be on them. They’re supposed to win. — Dawn Staley

I would have sworn that Indianapolis was going to go all the way. Now that Pittsburgh’s in there, I think Seattle has got a shot at them. — Roger Staubach

I believe that Seattle is really, really close to being a dominant football team. We can have a great tradition for a long time. I want to be a part of that. But fair is fair. My gut tells me Seattle will be fair. — Shaun Alexander

Some of those people are former players here. Some are coaches that have been around or people in the building. Or maybe it’s just some of the people from Seattle who have followed the team since 1976. It would mean a great deal to them. — Matt Hasselbeck

Last year at this point, there was great concern about the water supply, especially for municipal water in the Seattle area. Now this year, you don’t have to think about it. — Scott Pattee

Look for a typical Seattle Christmas, mild and rainy. — Chris Hill

I felt like I was part of the new era of the Seattle Seahawks, — Paul Allen

Steelers fans are really fanatical, man, they really cheer for their team. You’ve got to respect that. I think Seattle is getting to that, but they just need a little more time. — Bobby Engram

Seattle University has had a similar season to us, with ups and downs. We’re catching them on the ups cycle now. We respect their talent level and how well they shoot the ball. — Tom Woods

I think it’s the coming thing, … The whole Seattle bus system runs on it. — Steve Gleason

I think overall, it’s our team. Our team has done stuff Seattle has never seen before. And we’re not done. We’re excited about the rushing title, we’re excited about the scoring title, and we’re excited about the MVP. — Shaun Alexander

That fault wasn’t even recognized 40 years ago when the existing Seattle geology map was produced. — Derek Booth

Seattle blitzed us a few times, but what really hurt us was dropped passes. I’ve said it before — dropped passes and penalties will send out your punter, and that’s what happened. — Dennis Green

I have decided that this will be my last season. I just think it is time. I have been blessed to spend the past 12 seasons here in Seattle, playing with the Mariners and great, great teammates. The fans here have always been terrific to me, and to my family. I’m proud to be a part of the city and Annie and I look forward to remaining in Seattle as we raise our children and remain active in the community. — Dan Wilson

Think of everything in Seattle – Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks. Then you go down to Silicon Valley – Intel, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter. What does New York produce? — Nicolas Berggruen

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