42+ Best Seattle Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Profoundly inspirational Seattle quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Seattle Quotes

I love Seattle. I lived out in Seattle for a while, and the food there is so phenomenal. It’s so fresh and gorgeous, and just beautiful and simple. I really love that place. Damaris Phillips

In Seattle, it’s a good thing when it rains on our parades.

I give Seattle credit for grooming me, making me the person I am today. Jamal Crawford

Seattle is this curious, liberal island.

I can’t say anything I don’t love about Seattle. Felix Hernandez

Keep calm and go to Seattle.

Seattle has shaped me in a lot of ways. David Shields

Got over my fear of needles by visiting Seattle.

Seattle is like a global gumbo, a melting pot with all kinds of people  the rich, the poor, white people, some Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and black people  they’re all here. Quincy Jones

Living in Seattle is like being in love with a beautiful woman who’s sick all the time.

The ruling ethos of Seattle is forlorn apology for our animal impulses. David Shields

I love you like the rain loves Seattle.

I really liked the Seattle movement. Axl Rose

Don’t Seattle for anything less than perfect.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I first came to Seattle but I have to say that how the city and the fans have embraced me has gone beyond my wildest dreams and for that I am forever grateful. Freddie Ljungberg

When it’s raining cats and dogs, and you step in a poodle.

I grew up outside of Seattle and have lived here my whole life, and I think that there is a culture of questioning and guilt. Almost an ‘anti ambition. Carrie Brownstein

In Seattle, you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running. Jeff Bezos

People in Seattle  and I’m speaking from experience  are indoors more. It used to just rain a ton, and as a result, you’d be inside listening to music all the time and playing. You’d all rehearse at each other’s houses and share ideas. There was no competition. When I got to L.A., I was really stunned by the competition. Duff McKagan

Like a summer night in Seattle, when you kiss me under the moonlight.

I’m a Mariners fan! I’m from Seattle, so I’m all about the Mariners and the Seahawks. Jo Koy

Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Seattle.

Whether I live there again or not, Seattle will always be my home. Mark Lanegan

I can’t keep calm, the Seahawks are playing!

People are nice in Seattle. Howie Long

I don’t needle this attitude right now.

With the national team, we have these fans, people love us, people come up to us in our cities, and they’re like, We love you  what are you doing in Seattle?’ And I’m like, ‘I live here, and I’ve played here for the last five years. Megan Rapinoe

Seattle is always a good idea.

I learned so much from the people in Seattle. They taught me everything from community to business relationships. Shawn Kemp

I love coffee so much I moved to Seattle.

Of course Seattle loves soccer. You can see from the men’s Seattle Sounders team. Hope Solo

It’s always rainier over Seattle.

To some extent, Seattle remains a frontier metropolis, a place where people can experiment with their lives, and change and grow and make things happen. Tom Robbins

Seattle isn’t really crazy anymore. It’s a big dot com city. Kristi Novoselic

I think it’s evident that expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are surrounded by natural beauty. That elevates city life. So if we can make cities more attractive in the long run, we can be smarter about issues like development, zoning and economics. Stone Gossard 

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket to Seattle which is pretty much the same thing.

Seattle is a place I’ve lived only a couple of years, but I feel like I’ve been adopted by this city. It’s like a hug. I’ve been recognized on planes, in the airport and by cab drivers. I don’t get that anywhere else in the country. Hari Kondabolu

I have a fond place in my heart for Seattle. Magic Johnson

Chris Cornell painted in song the darkness and beauty of life in Seattle. Mike McCready

I fell in love. His name is Seattle.