50+ Best Self Harm Quotes You Need To Remember

Self-harm or self-injury means hurting yourself on purpose. Profoundly inspirational self harm quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Self Harm Quotes

self harm quotes

Self-harm – the world will come at you with knives anyway. You do not need to beat them to it. Caitlin Moran

I am so angry all the time, and so sad, and it screams inside me and never stops. Cutting is the only thing that eases me. Zoë Marriott

Rehashing thoughts of painful events from the past or imagining negative events of the future is self-abuse and can be more destructive than physical harm. Maddy Malhotra

We both knew what it was to hurt our bodies. It’s a strange reason to bond with someone, but I think we both needed to feel understood, and, even though we couldn’t love ourselves, we could love each other. Melissa C. Water

My hand no longer trembled out of fear, but out of anticipation. I knew I was addicted to the rush it provided, to the release it provided from the emotional mess I had become, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t drugs. It was just a few cuts on my arm. S.M. Koz

famous self harm quotes

The past does not define me, it ignites me. The past is not a piece of me, it has placed me Ricky Maye

I moved in front of the medicine cabinet. If I looked in the mirror while I did it, it would be like watching somebody else, in a book or a play. Sylvia Plath

I was thinking about stabbing myself in the face—not actually considering stabbing myself in the face, but thinking that it would be a physical expression of how I felt. Catherine Lacey

Self-injury is a sign of distress, not madness. Corey Anderson

She felt so much emotionally, she would say, that a physical outlet – physical pain – was the only way to make her internal pain go away. It was the only way she could control it. Richelle Mead

When you feel at sea in an abyss of emotions, reconnecting to the beauty of your soul can be difficult, but it is never impossible. Lorraine Nilon

Your scars are battle wounds, but you don’t see them that way. Yet. Tammara Webber

Self-mutilation is a very different issue to suicide. It is a controlled pain personal to you, allowing you to live/exist to some degree. Richy Edwards

What possesses them, these young girls with a talent for self-immolation? Margaret Atwood

Having a strong urge is like having a child throw a temper tantrum inside you, screaming Hurt yourself!” But if you repeatedly ignore the urge’s request and don’t harm yourself, your brain will learn that urges don’t work, just as a child learns that throwing a tantrum won’t work. Kim L. Gratz

To me, I see scars of courage. Inflicting them gave him the strength to survive the pain that’s plagued him all his life. I’m grateful to every one of them because he’s still here with me. Nicola Haken

I cut myself because you wouldn’t let me cry. I cried because you wouldn’t let me speak. I spoke because you wouldn’t let me shine. I shone because I thought you loved me… Emilie Autumn

top self harm quotes

Top Self Harm Quotes

You might imagine that a person would resort to self-mutilation only under extremes of duress, but once I’d crossed that line the first time, taken that fateful step off the precipice, then almost any reason was a good enough reason, almost any provocation was provocation enough. Cutting was my all-purpose solution. Caroline Kettlewell

I can feel the hurt. There’s something good about it. Mostly it makes me stop remembering. Albert Borris

People say things meant to rip you in half but you hold the power to not turn their words into a knife and cut yourself. Rupi Kaur

…when I look at my arms, I don’t think revolutionary. I think sad, and pain, but not revolutionary. Kathleen Glasgow

If you want to help people, ask why they are in so much pain that they are driven (there’s that word again) to escape from it through ultimately self-harming habits or substances. Timothy Ferriss

A pattern of raised crisscrossed scars, some old and white, others more recent in various shades of pink and red. Exposing the stress of the structure underneath its paint Amy Efaw

When clients self-harm, for example, these days, we understand their actions to be instinctive, rather than thought out—an effort to regulate or relieve, rather than punish. Janina Fisher

Hush little baby, Don’t you cry, Don’t cut your arms, Don’t say goodbye. Put down that razor, Put down that light, It may be hard but, You’ll win this fight. Emily Giffin

… it’s remembering what it’s like to cut and cut hard. The way you have to dig the glass in, deeply, right away, to break the skin and then drag, and drag fiercely, to make a river worth drowning in. Kathleen Glasgow

I no longer have any fear of pain because I’m the one inflicting it and can decide when it stops. Maude Julien

Take control of your emotions before your emotions take control of you. Scott Dye

You don’t feel like you’re hurting yourself when you’re cutting. You feel like this is the only way to take care of yourself. Marilee Strong

That’s when I wanted to cut. I cut to quiet the cacophony. I cut to end this abstracted agony, to reel myself back to one present and physical whole, whose blood was the proof of her tangibility. Caroline Kettlewell

And wishes, truly wishes, that she could say the same herself. Because hurting herself would be so much easier. Amy Efaw

Other times, I look at my scars and see something else: a girl who was trying to cope with something horrible that she should never have had to live through at all. My scars show pain and suffering, but they also show my will to survive. They’re part of my history that’ll always be there. Cheryl Rainfield

Unspeakable feelings need to find expression in words. However… verbalization of very intense feelings may be a difficult task. James A. Chu

Stars are the scars of the universe. Ricky Maye

This pain is comfort. It is the solace of physicality, like a touch. Johnny Rich

I found out to wait it out that it gets better. I wrote music instead of going to the blade. Vic Fuentes

I stopped. She was bleeding after all. Perfect lines crossed her wrists, not near any crucial veins, but enough to leave wet red tracks across her skin. She hadn’t hit her veins when she did this; death hadn’t been her goal. Richelle Mead

Throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. Leila Sales

It’s important to keep in mind that most people have no idea how to respond effectively to someone who self-harms. Kim L. Gratz

This might surprise you, but one of the best ways to manage your emotions is simply to experience that emotion and let it run its course. Kim L. Gratz

Amazing Self Harm Quotes

I can’t stop. Shane Koyczan

The scars you can’t see are the ones that hurt the most. Michelle Hodkin

Stop looking back when your future is ahead of you. Ricky Maye

In all of your living, don’t forget to live. Ricky Maye

When you have a persistent sense of heartbreak and gut-wrench, the physical sensations become intolerable and we will do anything to make those feelings disappear. And that is really the origin of what happens in human pathology. People take drugs to make it disappear, and they cut themselves to make it disappear, and they starve themselves to make it disappear, and they have sex with anyone who comes along to make it disappear and once you have these horrible sensations in your body, you’ll do anything to make it go away. Bessel A. van der Kolk

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it. J.K. Rowling

Night after night I inflict abuse on myself, even drawing blood. It’s strangely calming. I know the pain will stop whenever I want. I was the one who decided when it should start; I will be the one to decide when it stops. However much it hurts, I draw some comfort from the idea that I’m in control. Maude Julien

Don’t ever forget you are beautiful, although your life, your past and your present situation may be ugly. You are beautiful. Ricky Maye

But the fucked-up part is once you start self-harming, you can never not be a creepy freak, because your whole body is now a scarred and charred battlefield and nobody likes that on a girl, nobody will love that, and so all of us, everyone, is screwed, inside and out. Wash, rinse, fucking repeat. Kathleen Glasgow

Never feel this bad again. Never come back to this place, where only a knife will do. Live a gentle and kind life. Don’t do things that make you want to hurt yourself. Whatever you do, every day, remember this – then steer away from here. Caitlin Moran