20+ Best Self Realization Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Realization is the fact or moment of starting to understand a situation. Profoundly inspirational self realization quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

If you’re searching for stay happy quotes and famous happy life quotes that perfectly capture what you’d like to say or just want to feel inspired yourself, browse through an amazing collection of top self reflection quotes, inspiring self respect quotes and amazing guidance quotes.

Famous Self Realization Quotes

The ‘I’ casts off the illusion of the ‘I’ and yet remains ‘I’. Such is the paradox of Self-realization. The Realized do not see any paradox in it. Consider the case of the worshipper. He approaches God and prays to be absorbed in Him. He then surrenders himself in faith and by concentration. And what remains afterwards? In the place of the original ‘I’, self-surrender leaves a residuum of God in which the ‘I’ is lost. That is the highest form of devotion or surrender and the peak of detachment. — Ramana Maharshi

The object of the Gita appears to me to be that of showing the most excellent way to attain self-realization. — Mahatma Gandhi

Self-realization is great. — Corey Feldman

Satori – in the awakening from a dream. Awakening and self-realization and seeing into one’s own being – these are synonymous. — Bruce Lee

Anybody who says that love is a hindrance on the path of self-realization is not a sage. — Rajneesh

self realization quotes

To study the buddha way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be actualized by myriad things. When actualized by myriad things, your body and mind as well as the bodies and minds of others drop away. No trace of realization remains, and this no trace continues endlessly. — Dogen

Self-realization is a process of permanent auto-creation, an elaboration of the new man at the expense of the old. — Nikolai Berdyaev

There is no higher or lower goal. There is only one goal, Self-Realization. — Meher Baba

The self does not realize itself most fully when self-realization is its most constant aim. — Marianne Moore

Life is a partial, continuous, progressive, multiform and conditionally interactive self-realization of the potentialities of atomic electron states. — John Desmond Bernal

Self-realization is not complete until it lives in action. — Byron Katie

The happiness of God-realization is self-sustained, eternally fresh and unfailing, boundless and indescribable. And it is for this happiness that the world has sprung into existence. — Meher Baba

Self-realization is the object of the Gita, as it is of all scriptures. — Mahatma Gandhi

Self-realization and self-fulfilment are the sine qua non for human existence. — Arthur Miller

Self-realization means to know truth through yourself, and not through others. By seeking God first, through Self-realization, all things-strength, power, prosperity, wisdom, health, and immortality-will be added unto you. — Paramahansa Yogananda

For self-realization, a rebel demands a strong authority, a worthy opponent, God to his Lucifer. — Mary McCarthy

Self-realization is a comedown from salvation, but still gives us something to hope for. — Mason Cooley

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world — Ramana Maharshi

Self-discovery is above all the realization that we are alone. — Octavio Paz

How much easier is self-sacrifice than self-realization! — Eric Hoffer

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