30+ Best Shawn Mendes Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model. Profoundly inspirational Shawn Mendes quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Shawn Mendes Quotes

My first Vine I really just posted out of spontaneity. – Shawn Mendes

True friends are never forgotten, they live within our hearts and souls…. forever , and always , dancing on our stage of memories. – Shawn Mendes

Live like your always trying to impress someone – Shawn Mendes

You don’t have to be afraid because we’re all the same – Shawn Mendes

I’m permanent you can’t erase me – Shawn Mendes

Maybe I’m just a kid in love. – Shawn Mendes

You tell me you were happier with him, but you want me to stay. – Shawn Mendes

I was super-obsessed with cover videos. When I was, like, 10, I would come home from school and watch them from 4 o’clock until 8 o’clock every night. I was so intrigued that people took these super-popular songs and did them their own way. – Shawn Mendes

I work so hard to make that sure I’m successful. If you’re positive and really excited and enthusiastic about what you’re doing, it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen big time. – Shawn Mendes

I’m all over the place with muffins. Carrots are great. Banana, chocolate chip, they rock, too. – Shawn Mendes

I feel like every time I write a song, it feels like the first time I wrote a song. It’s just as hard; it doesn’t get easier, but that’s why I love it: because it’s a challenge every time. I also feel like I’m learning new ways. – Shawn Mendes

Just the fact that a thousand people in front of me were ready to hear me sing was one of the best feelings I can think of. – Shawn Mendes

I think when you have raw emotion in a song, it makes it great. – Shawn Mendes

I think I was just bored one summer afternoon, and I decided to post a little video of me singing and playing guitar out of tune. – Shawn Mendes

Every time I write a song my approach changes. – Shawn Mendes

To be honest, I’ve only been to one concert, and it was Aerosmith. Aerosmith and Slash. – Shawn Mendes

There’s nothing that scares me more than, like, being in the ocean by myself. – Shawn Mendes

I used to write stories. Handwriting stories in school were a big deal for me. That’s kind of what I did. – Shawn Mendes

I loved Nashville. I was amazed by the whole place. – Shawn Mendes

I’m not the best singer in the world; I’m just good at picking up what I want to sound like. – Shawn Mendes

I’m a very spontaneous person. When I see something that might be fun or different, I will try it. – Shawn Mendes

I really love listening to Hozier. He’s great. – Shawn Mendes

I really love going back home. I think going back to a nice, relaxed little town is the best way to do it. – Shawn Mendes

I promise you, if you look at YouTube and see some of my first covers, you will hear that I don’t sound good. But I was so obsessed with it and wanted so much to be good at it that I forced myself to figure out what sounds right and what sounds wrong. – Shawn Mendes

Being 15, I feel like people want me to go down the Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson sort of genre. – Shawn Mendes

If I don’t have cereal on the bus, I’m going to be really upset. – Shawn Mendes

I carry around this little lion named Leo, which I’ve had for as long as I can remember. – Shawn Mendes

I’d rather sleep on the bus than in the hotel because I sleep way better on tour buses. – Shawn Mendes

I don’t want to just be a teenage star. I want to be known by parents, and I want them to go, ‘Oh I love that song; he’s really good for his age. My daughter loves him, but I love him, too.’ – Shawn Mendes

The first year I started hockey, I didn’t know how to skate, so I got on the ice with all of the hockey players, and we were doing drills where we had to go backwards in figure eights. And I could not skate, and I just kept falling on my butt, and it was very embarrassing. – Shawn Mendes

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