Short Story

Short Story

Hey everyone, this post is kinda a tester post. It’s a short story, I’m thinking of adding some of these into my blog *at least once a week*, so hopefully if these go well, it’ll become a kind of permanent thing. *Am posting this on this blog before even posting it on my own, but next month I’ll be posting this on my own blog too, with extra added details, so if you like my story writing and want to keep up with it, please follow my blog.*

*DISCLAIMER:  These stories are not all true, there may be some details that are true and used for inspiration, but there will be changes throughout.*


I feel him sit on my bed, in the dark early hours of the morning. I decide quickly to pretend to still be asleep, close my eyes and lay as still as possible waiting.
He’s mumbling and humming to himself, I can’t help but let myself smile. He loves to sing, he sings everywhere and everything.  He turns to me in full chorus, swinging his long, thick, dark hair into his face. I can feel his green eyes on me.
He nudges me, I stay still with my eyes closed. I hear him sigh, then the words he knows will get me up and out of bed “Fine,” he says, “I guess I’ll have to eat pancakes at Bill’s all by myself.. Shame, I was gonna treat you too, Hel” I sit up right almost instantly,  he laughs.

“Hey,” I say “I heard the magic word… PANCAKES”
Once he’s done laughing, he shoots me a look of victory to which I poke my tongue out at. This is how most of our mornings start, playful banter back and forth with me and Lu’, the man only talks in song lyrics, shameless plugs of his bands new upcoming song and sarcasm, which is fine with me because I’m basically the same. Except from the song lyrics and plugging band songs, I’m more geeky than Luca. More Doctor Who quotes, random facts about things and video game chats, but it’s okay. We both love each other for who we are and I have been sworn to never change by him.

People say high school romances don’t last, but here I am, in our crappy, little, cozy apartment with the person who I’ve been in love with since the day he came into our class in high school as a new boy, and who says true love doesn’t exist? But then again, people also say we look like brother and sister, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
Luca has thick, long, dark, hair, tanned skin and deep green eyes, while yes I am a bit tanned, but no where near his colour, I also have brown eyes, covered by my big, wild. curly, uncontrollable, light brown hair and fringe. We couldn’t look more different if we tried, but I suppose if I looked close enough I could see some of the resemblance. But, then again, I also sometimes feel like I resemble Ugly Betty..

That’s all for right now, I hope that this is a thing I continue to do after my April blogging project is over. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas of things, scenarios, people, etc that I could maybe add in.

Thanks for reading,

Katie x

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