Should I Text Him? Things To Help You Decide

“Should I text him or wait?” Most ladies have this question because texting creates a core attachment in a relationship; it brings communication that is not based on real-life or face-to-face association or exposure.

It is really hard to decide whether to text him or not and many people will advise you to wait a bit to text him after your date.

The important part is that you should never accept anything less than you deserve. You should always give him some time to text you first. Also, you can consider texting him first, but only if you’re sure that the guy has qualities of a good man and is right for you.

If there are some signs he has a secret crush on you, and he makes the effort to get to know you and to let you know that he is interested in you and your life, it does make a lot of sense to text him.

Here are some of the ways you can follow to guide you when you should text him first. Also, learn how to text a guy.

Should I Text Him First?

Did he text you first?

This is the easiest way to reach out to a guy without the big question “should I text him first?” lingering in your head. Texting the first gives you a clear path to starting a lengthy conversation, or if you are not interested, you can make the conversation end. 

If a guy texts you first, he is giving you hints that he is interested, and it’s your choice to reciprocate the interest or not.

If you are not interested, you can politely tell him without leading him. Always listen to your gut feeling if you want to text back.

Have you texted him today?

If you have texted him again during the same day, take some time to think if you need to double text him or reapplied, you can get back to him; this depends on the intention you have on him.

If the guy replies to your texts without hesitating, then in all likelihood, you should get back to him and reply since he takes it upon himself to make sure he hears from you and shows that he cares about you.

Subsequently, some guys are shallow replies and reply with short texts which clearly show how uninterested they are, bored to text you, or how busy they are, and that’s when you should think if you should text him first.

If he has not replied to a text you probably sent hours ago, do not double text, it’s clear he needs some room. Doble’s texting shows how desperate you are for his attention; one text a day can still show care to someone, and you did not text to fish back for text.

Is he your ex?

When you are mostly conflicted, you should text him first; generally, if you two are exes, then your text should be about specific things or a severe issue.

Texting a guy after breaking up with them wholly depends on how you ended things; if you ended through a small fight that can be solved and you want to talk it out, then go ahead and pour your heart out.

If things ended on a wrong foot, it solely depends on you to text him and if you are okay to bring the past or let it be and move on. Thinking about texting him first is an extreme sport, and you should scrutinize yourself if you should talk to him.

Do you feel the need to make your ex jealous or bad that he left you? the best thing to do is to respect his feelings; he will probably feel he lost a gem when you become yourself and are happy about

Texting an ex brings past feelings, and you will want to consolidate yourself with making your ex want to get back to you, and it might leave you even more broken when he refuses. in some occasions, the ex will even insult you or be mean so you should text prepared.

Are you two in a relationship?

If you are already in a relationship with him, you should not question texting him first. When you are worried about him, reach out and hear from him. It shows great care when checking up on someone you love. Whether you argued lately or not, he is now solely part of your life.

Subsequently, texting too much or checking up on him every 10 minutes shows your neediness to be loved, and you want to revert all attention to yourself. In some situations, the guy can have some issues and is maybe busy and will text you back, so learn the art of patience.

If the relationship has just kicked off, keep calm and wait for him to show how interested he is in you, he will keep texting you frequently to showing you how he is missing you whenever you are not around; he will always check up on you. You might not stay on your lane if you are the one who keeps texting and checking upon him.

Moreover, if you two are in a friendzone, you can text him once in a while to check up and see how they are keeping up with life and not giving him a text.

 Does your energy match his?

Matching energies is a sign of care, love, and safety in each other’s company. If he loves you or has the slightest interest, he will match your energy. Matching energy isn’t only responding to your texts with short answers or answering questions that you asked; it is him trying to make an effort to converse and know you better and more in-depth than he does currently.

When a man keeps ghosting or giving shallow replies, Should I text him first? Should I not apply in this situation. Simply apply the same strategy he is using against you, like ghosting him too.

 Besides, if you are interested in him, you can see how uninterested he is, so there should be no need to come out with your feelings for him.

Make sure you are sober.

When you are not sober enough to text a guy, you should keep away. If you are not sober enough, you think that everything is OK to do and your actions are the best to do at that moment. Making a rash decision in texting can make you wake up full of regrets and unnecessary stress.

You should not take drastic measures when texting a guy first; always have a clear head when doing it.

Are you asking him on a date?

Asking him out on text is not the best idea; it is recommended to ask face to face, and if you want to text, you should go ahead and take a shot at it. If the timing is appropriate for him, he will take his chance.

When a guy is not engrossed in you, he will maybe skip your plan or push it till you forget you ever made plans together.

Do you need to Pour out your heart?

If this guy has hurt you and you feel the need to let him know and acknowledge his actions, first take time and know the place he is in your life. You cannot just vent to anyone.

If you are in a relationship or a close friend, you can be free to text and let him be an outlet for your frustrations. Always remember to keep your anger on the low not to scare someone off. You can always opt to add humor to your anger text. It will make it easier to communicate and converse.

Did something remind you of him?

In some instances, you can see something and compare it to him or see a similarity between, and you can’t wait to shear with him. You should text him first, although not as frequently as you want. You should not text every similarity you see every ten seconds; it will undoubtedly become boring and outdated to him.


In summary, if you want to text a guy first, always scrutinize yourself and see whether it is the correct thing to do or not. If you decide to go through texting him, make sure you do not wake up regretting your actions, and you are not rationing to your decision.

Go through the situations to not text him not to bring you down when you do. This article will help you make sure you go through the situation you need to text him or back yourself up.

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