10 Perfect Signs He’s Your Soulmate

Is he my soulmate?

The first question that clicks your mind when you meet someone who seems to be a part of you as everything feels beautiful and just right with them.

Love is an alluring emotion. It is a reality that is hard to measure or put into rational thoughts and facts. You definitely know when you are in love but boxing that exact feeling into words, seems impossible.

We fall in love multiple times and go through various relationships but there is always this one person that makes you feel complete. You feel safe with them and you wouldn’t ever want them to go away from you. It seems as if they have a part of you and if they leave, it would be too hard to live.

And you wonder whether he is your soulmate or not. Every soul comes with their perfect match, already made. The harmony between two people portrays how they were made for each other.

Your true soulmate is the person who help you complete yourself. Moreover, soul mates complete each other.

Have you met someone like this? Maybe you can see signs of unspoken mutual attraction, but you are quite unsure whether he is your soulmate or not? Well, we have got your covered.

Who is a soulmate?

Your soulmate is your better half, in literal meaning. You have an understanding and affection with them that is unexplainable. The depth of the feeling is huge and you feel incomplete without them. Your gut instinct simply yells at you; IT IS HIM! IT IS HIM!

So how do you tell if he’s your soulmate? Let’s find out.

Signs He’s Your Soulmate

How do you know if he’s your soulmate?

We have unveiled 10 signs he’s your soulmate that will help you figure out whether he is the one or not. So keep scrolling as we unfold these to you.

  1. You feel safe with him:

Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, all you want at the end of it all is him. A part of you automatically feels relieved and calm with him. You forget all your worries and stress when he is around. His presence is enough to make you feel safe and warm from the harsh realities of life. Well, a name clicked in your mind, didn’t it? He is the one!

  1. You have met before:

Soulmates have already met each other. You might not have connected at such a deeper level before or you might have broken up due to certain reasons or maybe, you would have just been present in one place, without befriending one another. You might have met before and known each other before parting ways or you might not have met each other ever but have crossed paths several times. Soulmates always meet each other before becoming one.

  1. The Quiet is also Peaceful:

If he is your soulmate, you won’t feel the need of constant chattering. A little silence will be fine between you two. It would be rather comfortable. You would be cuddled up in a blanket, reading your own books and nothing would seem out of order. Every string seems to be aligned even in the quiet and you can sit for hours, simply indulging in your own businesses but still feeling at peace due to each other’s presence.

  1. He protects you:

Being over-possessive and being protective are two different terms. Every woman likes a protective man. If he is your soulmate, he will protect you from all the evil and even put himself in danger to make sure that you are safe. He will try his best to protect you from bad people too. However, he wouldn’t force you to do things his way. He wouldn’t be toxic at all but he will keep guiding you through life in a wonderful way.

  1. Your life goals are aligned:

The biggest sign he’s your soulmate is that you will be sharing similar core values and ethics. Your life goals would be much aligned. You might have respective ways to reach your goals but you both will be desiring the same end result. For instance, you both might want to build your own businesses. Or you both might have the same aim of being successful one day. You will see that your life goals will be in alignment and it will shock you a bit too.

  1. Respecting each other’s differences:

Every person has their own set of opinions and they hardly align with your partner. Soulmates are usually opposites in nature. This does become challenging at a lot of times because opinions differ a lot. But a soulmate will always respect your opinion. You both will respect each other’s differences without creating a mess out of them. Soulmates are good at communicating their problems and thus, their differences usually don’t end up causing havoc.

  1. You forgive each other no matter what:

Soulmates usually fight more as they are opposites in nature. But they forgive each other easily and faster than others. You both tend to believe in discussing the problem rather than holding grudges. Thus, you both end up forgetting the issue and forgiving each other. This helps in moving on easily, rather than being stuck in one place for a long time.

  1. He completes you:

Or it would be right to say that you both complete each other. The modern world says that you don’t need anyone to complete you but the reality is, true love and your soulmate, do complete you. They fill in that empty space that is only meant for affection and love. One might be an introvert and the other might be an absolute extrovert and likewise, one might be a chatterbox while the other one might be a quieter person. Thus, you both tend to fill in the empty spaces in one another’s life.

  1. The HUG hits different:

It seems like every time you hug him, it is the first time. His embrace washes away all your worries and makes you feel complete. You fall into his arms, experiencing peace and calmness at its epitome. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but right there, in his arms, by the end of the day. When you cuddle with him, you feel the warmth in your heart and you loosen yourself right there, knowing that nothing would feel better than his embrace.

  1. You just know it:

You know that gut feeling; the strongest of all? Well, when you meet your soulmate, your gut just screams about it. They are your string of hope, magic and affection. You don’t look at anyone else the way you look at them and you cannot imagine being with anyone else but them. No matter what the circumstances or how harsh the times are, you both agree on the fact that it all gets better when you two are together. You might not have words to explain WHY this happens but you just know it. The gut instinct in itself is enough!

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

So what happens when you meet your soulmate? How do you start questioning yourself about is he my soulmate?

When you meet your soulmate, you get the feeling that you have known them for a long time. It might sound dramatic but it does feel like you already know them. You will be able to feel whatever they are thinking. Your mind will have a telepathic connection with them. At times, you might even know what answer they will be giving you. Furthermore, they feel like the salt to your pepper and the Yin to your Yang. They will complete you in different ways and you will experience an emotion that you have never felt with anyone else.

With time, you will notice that everything in your soulmate relationship will start flourishing on its own. It will grow and you both will get immense space to unfold your bond and take it to new places.

Are soulmates meant to be together forever?

So now probably you know that he is your soulmate and the next question that pops up in your brain is; are we meant to be together forever? Well honey, it really depends. Sometimes you might end up marrying them and sometimes, they might just stay as friends forever.

People assume that soulmates are always going to end up together, no matter what the circumstances. Some people stop investing in their relationship because they assume that their soulmate is never supposed to leave them. But this does not happen!

ALAS, right?

Love requires effort. It requires respect, honesty, communication and a lot of mutual effort. If you do not build the basic blocks of healthy relationship, your soulmate might just turn away from your course. We are all humans, aren’t we? Circumstances can lead soulmates away. It is just a matter of how you decide to cope with the situation and your relationship. If the foundation of your bond is not strong, no matter how closely affectionate you feel about each other, you would drive away.

At the end, you just know it honey. If he is your soulmate, your gut will scream it out loud and every inch of you will be deeply in love with him. You can also check the signs that he secretly loves you.

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