Simple Secret- The way to better living…

If you are reading this, then you are going to learn the secret of SOLVING EACH AND EVERY PROBLEM of your life, no matter how big they are, within seconds. Mind it! Not hours, not even minutes. Just within a few seconds…

How many of you feel that you get angry very easily? Whether you express it or not that’s a different point, but you feel that you lose your calm, your patience very easily?

It’s alright if you feel so, because I can assure you 90% of the people reading this blog right now, feel the same. Anger has become a necessity of life just next to breathing, or eating, or sleeping! Starting from the very morning, you find nothing works in order, whether at workplace or in home, until you start screaming at people. And some of you even feel that it’s quite natural to be angry; I mean you can have fat people, tall people, intelligent people, and then you also have angry people! I mean what’s wrong with that! True?  Wrong. Why? Let’s see.

Say, you are in office, and your boss calls you and suddenly starts screaming at you for no good reason. You know very well that you have no fault at all. So what do you do? Grab the collar of your boss and punch him on his face? I’m sure most of you would love to do that!! But you don’t. Instead you stand there, calm and composed and end up saying sorry for no reason. Now when you return home and your younger son comes to you crying and says that his brother has broken his toy, you immediately rush towards him and all your frustration that you had inside from the morning, you just pour them out on your elder son.

Now take a moment and analyze these two events very carefully. Both the situations triggered your anger, and assuming that you are “angry” by nature; you should have reacted to both the situations. But you did not. You CHOSE. You chose not to react in the first case because that can cost you your job and hence everything. But you readily reacted, rather chose to react in the second case, because you know you are the one powerful and no one will oppose you.

Try and understand the beauty. If it’s thirst, you have to drink. If it’s hunger, you will have to eat no matter what! Even if there’s a whole mountain between you and your food, you DON’T HAVE A CHOICE. If you are fat, tall, dark you stay the same in all situations, you don’t change. Do you?  Then how did you choose ‘to be or not to be’, angry?

It’s simple my dear friend. Anger is not your innate quality. It isn’t your true self. It’s what you chose to be, and what your mind is habituated to react. But you are the master of this decision, you are the controller. Anger doesn’t control you- the power is in your hand.

This is just one of the thousand things that we feel everyday and we simply believe, it is our nature, or it is someone’s nature to react, to get angry, to get jealous, to get frustrated- although all the game is in our hands, we prefer to ignore the power.

So now I am going to tell you the solution; how to free ourselves from the hasty decisions of mind and elevate our consciousness to the level of intelligence.

All that you need to do is PAUSE. Pause just for a second or two, before you react. Whenever a situation comes, and whatever that is, big or small; before you decide- PAUSE. Stand there and take the input- what the problems are, what you need to do, what are the options and what would be the best response. Remember, our mind is million times faster than the fastest processor invented till date! So for all these you need not more than a few seconds. As and when you start analyzing each and every situation with your intelligence, you stop reacting and start RESPONDING. There’s a difference, and that difference is the entire secret I talked about at the beginning.

Now to do this, you need to keep your mind calm and that is the toughest part. To listen to your inner voice you need to shut the noise of your mind, and the only scientific way to do that is meditation. Now I have already bored you so long so I won’t take any moment more, but if you want to learn more about practical meditation, you can follow or connect with me at .





2 thoughts on “Simple Secret- The way to better living…”

  1. Your title definitely got me to click the article, but to be honest, I struggled finishing what you had to say after the line “I mean you can have fat people, tall people, intelligent people, and then you also have angry people!” While I get where this is going, shaming someone over their weight is hurtful. The connotation felt very negative, and I largely missed the message of the remainder of the article. My other thought is that anger is not necessarily a bad thing. I find that people try to classify emotions as good or bad. Anger is a signal that a boundary has been violated, and can serve as a very powerful way to signal that action is needed. That doesn’t mean we should lash out in anger, but noticing anger, and acknowledging it is a way to actually help it dissipate and/or alert us to question what is going on.

    • Thank you so much for your open views 🙂 I really would keep in mind these points next time. Although, just as a matter of fact, I did not intend to hurt the sentiments of any one(being “fat” myself !!). It was just to illustrate my point. Again, anger was just one of the many things that needs attention. In general, I meant it for every possible situations in life. 🙂 Thank you again


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