23+ Best Skating Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Skate is to move, or make a particular movement on a surface, using skates. Profoundly inspirational skating quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Skating Quotes

It doesn’t matter what happens in life, the ice is always there. It is our life, our sanctuary, and our passion. – Anonymous

In skating there’s always another jump or another spin variation or another thing to learn, and that’s what I liked about it. – Gracie Gold

If skating got into the Olympics, I would be tempted to hold off on shredding for a year and just skate, to make that my new goal. In that sport, I’m still the underdog. – Shaun White

Skating everywhere is unpredictable, no amount of money or facilities is going to create a skating star. You have to have a skater who is dedicated, passionate, and willing to learn. – Robin Cousins

Skating is an amazing form of self expression. It’s like my soul at play. – Josee Chouinard

Ice skating is very difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work. It’s fun, but you are there on the ice every morning freezing and trying to do these moves and these tricks. – Michelle Trachtenberg

Half of figure skating is opinion, convincing judges. – Scott Hamilton

We don’t get any marks for effort like in ice-skating. – Kevin Keegan

Figure skating is theatrical. It’s artistic. It’s elegant. It’s extremely athletic. And there’s a very specific audience for that. – Johnny Weir

When I was skating you had to participate in every thing. – Eric Heiden

It hurts to walk but it feels pretty good to skate. – Chris Pronger

Pairs skating and singles are two different things. Although some skaters have achieved this successfully, it is a very difficult transition. You’re looking at double work. – Oksana Baiul

Skating is in my heart, not my head. – Michelle Kwan

In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Skating is one of those sports you unfortunately see people get stuck in. – Ashley Wagner

Without strength and courage it’s really hard to perform at the highest levels of international figure skating, because you’re alone on the ice and you only have seven minutes over two nights to prove yourself. – Scott Hamilton

People think skating would translate very easily to dancing, but it really doesn’t. Dancing is a lot of fun and not as dangerous as being on the ice. – Dorothy Hamill

Skating was put on the map, supposedly from me Everybody made a life and a livelihood, um, except me. – Tonya Harding

Skating can make you feel athletic, graceful, beautiful. – Gracie Gold

Learn to dance in the storm so when life hands you a stormy weather, you just glide through it. – Ikechukwu Izuakor

Skating isn’t about the medals or the results. I love what I do. It’s much more fun to win, but you cannot every time. – Carolina Kostner

Skating is now retro and hip. – Robin Cousins

Ice dance should not be seen as a rigid conformist form of figure skating. There is a great deal of freedom and originality to be had. – Robin Cousins

The mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward. – Anonymous

Skating was the vessel into which I could pour my heart and soul. – Peggy Fleming

There’s always that first step in skating, from dry ground to slick ice, when it just seems impossible. Impossible that two thin blades of metal will support you, impossible that because its molecules have begun to dance a little slower water will hold you up. – Carol Goodman

A man learns to skate by staggering about and making a fool of himself. Indeed he progresses in all things by resolutely making a fool of himself. – George Bernard Shaw

The most important thing about skating is that it teaches you to do the things you should do before you do the things you want to do. – Barbara Ann Scott

Skating is tough to pick up when you are a grown up. – D. B. Sweeney

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