So long 2016


“It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas”, i have seen that caption so many times in the past week but i couldn’t agree more. People decorating, Christmas trees deliveries, twinkly supermarkets and that got me thinking 2016 really is coming to an end. It was just the other day that we were counting down seconds to New Years and right now we are almost counting down to another new year. Anywhere so the other day I celebrated my 21st birthday, as i sat there looking back at my life, i realized am still living with the same fears i did five years ago. The dreams that never came to life still on the dusty shelves of my life. The shattered dreams, the disappointment. For 21years you spend it being told about what society expects from you, what you should not do because you’re just supposed not to do it, either as a girl or just a person.

They pound in morals and the norms of society, then they threw in culture in the mix and a little bit of religion and there you are trapped and not knowing where exactly to go or what exactly to say, everything about life and society becomes censored. You can no longer talk freely without being in fear of offending someone’s race, culture, gender, sexuality or nationality, well at least that’s how i know society as it is now, i don’t know about you. So what happens when you can no longer voice your concerns without getting accused of being too much of a feminist. What happens when you can’t get your dream job because you are female. What happens when you just can’t say a comment without people telling you you’re racist. What happened to just making a comment to another person without people judging you, what happened to just laughing it out and having a good time, huh? what happened folks? Somewhere along the way between being taught how to be a girl, to respect our elders and other people’s cultures someone came up with the branding, someone decided to make us see the difference among us, someone decided that we should belong to a certain race, color, sexuality and take offense in anything the next person has to say, someone decided that we should be different and it was good at first, we enjoyed being different and learning from each other but it became worse and without even us noticing we now live in a world where your sexuality, race, skin color, gender defines who you are. That is where we are at now.

Now back to my shelved dreams, sometimes i wonder if at all am ever going to make my dreams a reality, i wonder if i will ever leave in a world where i am not confined within the walls of societal ‘rules’. Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate, the role society is playing in my life but looking back at 2016 i feel i have had to go into deep conversations, you could call them almost arguments about the same things i mentioned above. I have to use lines like ‘what i mean is,’ after saying something that made eyes roll but i write this with the hope that 2017 would be a little bit different. I write this hoping that by the time i have kids of my own,we will all be able look at the world like the way kids do, plain and simple, one big family not defined by tribes or races. I write this hoping that in 2017 i will be able to achieve my dreams at least half of them taking into consideration the fact  that it’s my last year in university. I write this hoping that in 2017 we will not label each other, i write this hoping that 2017 will just be DIFFERENT.

So here’s to a new year. Here’s to2017 and all it holds. So long 2016.

Until next time folks…until next time!

2 thoughts on “So long 2016”

  1. I agree a lot with what you’ve written in this blog post. Many people are easily offended, prude, too “proper”, and/or have forgotten how to think for themselves. Having dreams and moving towards them is important, because it is what we WANT to do – not what others tell us to do, or what society tells us to do. I’ve seen people with their own dreams and hopes, then push them aside because society told them to be another way. Go to college, get a house, get a car, get married, have kids…. Trapping them in a spiral where they don’t know how to get out because they did what they were “Supposed to do”. But what about what THEY wanted to do?

    Break free from what others think, go towards your dreams – even if they start out as small stepping stones – that is if you want to. It’s nice to find someone who can see what’s going on in society, and it is possible to tread your own path. It may be hard, though well worth the work – especially if its something you truly want.


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