13 Obvious Soulmate Signs: You’ve Found Your Soulmate

There is a spiritual saying that your soulmate has been made even before you were born. Each and every soul has the perfect match; it’s just like the lock and key model. So, how would you know you found your soulmate?

Thanking the classic romantic shows, most people, especially youngsters, grew up in fantasy with a thought that they would find their soulmate and live happily after, but unfortunately, it’s not very common to look for the soulmates, and it seems like a foolish fantasy for the people.

Being in love is the most amazing yet the scariest feeling one can ever have; it makes you feel amazing if it’s with the person who reciprocates your feels and emotions. The question that how do you know if someone is your soulmate is not hard to find out. You just need to know when you feel completed and comfortable, and that’s the moment of realization.

Soulmates can’t explain how they find each other but keep coming back to despite any challenges, obstacles, time apart, and downfalls.

People are usually curious about the reality of soul mates. Soul mates do exist, maybe not in the way we usually think, so you can look the following signs which would help you to find out your soulmate.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate

How do you know you found your soulmate? Here are 13 signs you’ve found your soulmate:

1. You are best friends

There is a mythology that a girl and a boy cannot be friends; they can only be girlfriends and boyfriends, but that is not a realistic statement to some extent.

Friendship is the building block of every relationship. Everyone finds a best friend in their partners. If you share a strong bond of friendship with your partner, then here is the chance to throw a proposal to them.

As best friends are the ones with whom you could be as craziest as you are. It is a strong foundation of lasting romance.

If you feel intimate about your best friend and look for them in every situation oddly, then that is the moment when you meet your soulmate in the face of your best friend. It’s also very important to have friendships other than this because then you’ll easily get close to each other and share your bonds on a deeper level.

2. Right time and place

Usually, everyone is ready to look for the signs for their soulmates. Every person needs to be ready to receive the connection based on the soul. You should find out right time and place to meet your soulmate. What you have to do is to be prepared to meet your soulmate.

When there’s a right time, your souls will connect intuitionally. When it comes to soulmates, timing is everything, and you need to be ready to look for a perfect match.

3. Other than ordinary attraction

I believe both the individuals never got in love if it wasn’t for first sight attraction. Every relationship starts with mutual attraction, and then it becomes affection.

Usually, first sight attractions turn out to be ugly and destructive. Don’t always trust it, but if your attractions turn out to be affections and you feel extra-ordinary with them, then this is a sign that you might have found your soulmate.

In the start, attractions are usually irresistible, it’s like uncontrollable pull, but a soulmate is someone who is far beyond just ordinary attraction; you need to survive and thrive together. Love is the connection of souls, not the bodies, and if your souls are attracted to each other, then congratulations, you have met your soulmate.  

4. Being comfortable with each other

It’s the most important fact and sign to know who your soulmate is.

It is totally common to behave according to the situation and work under the circumstances. People usually have different personalities with a different group of people, and it’s perfectly fine as one needs to fit in.

What’s most important is to be true to the one you like and it’s the most satisfying that you don’t need to fake yourself in front of them. You behave like the way you are, and you don’t need to pretense.

It’s like you both are being genuine and showing your true colors to each other. Peace of mind is the only thing you need, and if you find peace in someone, then surely you meet your soulmate.

5. They don’t look for perfect physical appearance

A soulmate is the one who looks for souls, not the body. Someone who is attracted to your soul and loves you for what you are, not for how you look, is the perfect match for your soul.

If you only look for materialistic things in someone, then trust me, there’ll be a high probability of a destructive relationship. If you go for such characteristics which are temporary, then you may miss the valuable people. A soulmate is the one with whom you get attracted unexpectedly.

6. Not being judgmental

Criticisms could be constructive and destructive. In the judgmental world, if you find someone who steps into your shoes and understands you, then don’t take that person for granted—being around someone who constantly criticizes you and belittles costs your mental peace.

You need to find someone who is the reason behind your peace and provides you freedom of speech. Being around someone who shares the perfect bond of mutual understanding and respect is essential for you. It’s the best and crucial sign to know who your soul mate is.

7. Survive with the change

Every human being is the epitome of change, and change is constant. You get to know about a person only when you spend the most time with each other.

Relationships take effort and time to grow and build a soulful connection. You become aware of their habits, ups and downs, scars, and pains. No matter how strong your relationship is, it needs time to build trust and connection.

Nothing remains the same; everything changes with the time, so does the human being, and who survives with that change is the only one who really wants to be with you forever.

8. Mutual respect

Give respect and take respect is the ultimate fact; every relationship demands respect and love. Most relationships die when both individuals try to change one another.

A soulmate is the one who respects you on a fundamental level. Also, respect is based on knowing each other deeply.

If you know someone much and respect that person and get back that respect also, then this may definitely be your connection. The ratio of mutual interest and respect should be equal in both individuals. Life becomes easier with the soulmate.

9. When you feel intense intuition

When you meet someone at first and feels strings in the background, then there might be a chance to have a dynamic relationship. It is like a flash of recognition that happens when you meet your soulmate.

It is like having a strong sense of familiarity, and you feel irresistible attraction, and you start imagining your love moments with that person.

So, if it is the case and you feel energized, comfortable and intimate with someone you met for the first time then it is a golden sign that you can connect soulfully.

10. Sharing peaceful silence

There is a famous saying that if you feel comfortable in each other’s silence, then this it’s the sign of strong friendship.

So, two individuals who feel comfort in the silence of their partners will long-lasting relationship. If you both respect each other’s silence and space, then this must be a sign of your perfect match.

Also, if someone can hear your thoughts, even if you are quiet and expressionless, then don’t lose that person; it’s a piece of sincere advice.

11. Stand by each other

You are blessed if you find someone who sticks to you no matter what. Someone who values your thoughts and decision than anything else and stands by your decisions is undoubtedly your only mate.

If you both steps into each other’s shoes and feel each other’s emotions, and try to lift up each other, then you both can share an everlasting bond for sure.

12. Same goals

It is vital to have the same goals and interests as your partner because if you don’t share mutual interests, then it might be uneasy about holding such a relationship. Both of the individuals should be on the same page, same goals, same values, and ethics.

It’s possible that you might have a different way and journey to your goal, but you both have the same destination. If you both have the same pitch and numerous common factors, then trust me, you are going to have a happier life.

13. You don’t hesitate to communicate

Hesitation to talk with someone varies from person to person. Some feel more hesitant and shy, some feel less, but everyone has some percentage of hesitation while talking the first time.

If you find yourself less hesitant and more verbal around someone, then stick to that person. Communication is always challenging and the most significant key yet.

Expressing your feels and concerns to someone in a much comfortable and easier way will surely let you know who is the one made for your soul.

Soulmates know how to pull the situation up while being together. So, if you both can communicate wisely and passionately, then you can build the perfect relationship.

A soulmate is the one you feel calm and charm with. Keep these signs in your mind, and go and find out your soulmate.

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