100+ Best Squad Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous Squad Quotes

I don’t think it’s any secret that we’re close to finalising a deal for Potagetz. We think he will strengthen the squad and there are a few details to sort. — Steve Gibson

If anyone is capable of doing it it is our squad of players. — Joe Cole

We’ve actually got a squad of 21 for tomorrow. That’s my squad. I fully expect to pick the team for tomorrow. — Graham Rix

Don’t overwork your squad. If you’re going to make a mistake, under-work them. — Bear Bryant

We have rejigged the one-day side to what we hope will provide a range of options to take on a formidable World XI side, as well as forming the nucleus of the 2007 squad for the World Cup. — Trevor Hohns

We’re looking for players to break the line, … Rory has been in the squad since the start of the Six Nations. We’ve watched him and have been impressed with what we’ve seen. — Shane Williams

Glenn accepts this and is now looking at how best to shape his squad with the money available. — Jez Moxey

To prove our determination and show to both the PSG directors and the French football authorities we disagree with their decisions (…), we have decided to not to send our professional squad to the match. — Pape Diouf

Take me away from all this Death. — Bram Stoker

I was surprised we did as well as we did. We basically sent a split squad there. — Robyne Johnson

We’ve sort of got used to him being in the squad no matter what. — Tim Sheens

One or two players didn’t make the grade last year. But we’ve assembled a competitive 28- man squad that should be able to build on last year’s progress. — Dean Thomas

Given where we are at in this season’s championship, I feel it appropriate to look at the squad and both Chris and Gordon deserve the opportunity to start. Both need to be seen, particularly when you look ahead to next year and the Rugby World Cup. — Frank Hadden

We have picked a squad that is flexible and will be able to adapt, — Guus Hiddink

I ended up quitting an all-star squad in Canada last year because I wasn’t comfortable with what they were doing. — Melissa Hill

What we need is competition for places. We are certainly trying to engender that. When we name the final squad you could find that yes there might be a few established players left out of the squad. We’ll find that out over the next two or three weeks. — Eddie Jones

I grew up playing war. We threw dirt and rocks at each other. We’d lead attacks. We’d break up into squads. It became a neighborhood thing for a while, our neighborhood against the other neighborhood. There was always a war breaking out somewhere. — David James

I had loads of others on a list and it was disappointing not to bring anyone else in as I know for a fact that they would have strengthened our squad immensely. — George Burley

Nowadays people always say, ‘How come he’s doing such young shows?’ But they never mention ‘The Mod Squad’. I was very proud of that show. It’s the first time an African-American guy kissed a white girl. — Aaron Spelling

I wanted to make something that reminded people of the way albums used to feel. I wanted something as good as the stuff put out by the Bomb Squad, or Dr. Dre and his production crew, or A Tribe Called Quest. I miss albums like those. — Busta Rhymes

Most of the time, ’24’ is not about Jack Bauer commanding a squad in order to complete the mission; it’s about Jack Bauer in solo action, … So including multiplayer didn’t make a lot of sense to us. — Tim Hall

When you see young players coming into the squad and pushing you, no matter what age you are, you have to react. You have to worry about yourself and perform as well as you can. If you end up looking around at others, wondering whos performing better, you take your eye off the ball. — Frank Lampard

We’ve taken into account the fact that three Tests are virtually back-to-back and we believe we’ve got adequate cover in this squad to manage that tight schedule. — Trevor Hohns

I have been in the Championship twice before and got promoted and that is what I intend to do here. If I can hold most of this squad together I think we have got a really good chance. — Bryan Robson

From a Dragons point of view, it’s bad news. They’ve had a multitude of injuries and they have a small squad anyway. I feel for Paul and the Dragons and I hope they can find a way of covering the losses. — Mike Ruddock

If you liked El Salvador, you’re going to love Colombia. It’s the same death squads, the same military aid, and the same whitewash from Washington. — Carlos Salinas de Gortari

Americans think of themselves collectively as a huge rescue squad on twenty-four hour call to any spot on the globe where dispute and conflict may erupt. — Eldridge Cleaver

Well it was sent to me, well because almost everything that is written in Baltimore is sent to me. And David Simon, who was a writer for the Baltimore Sun, spent one year following the homicide squad in Baltimore and he chronicled that period of time. — Barry Levinson

We’re happy that he’s signed and that he can be part of the squad moving forward. — Steve Cotterill

We are pleased to welcome Jamie for whatever period we are able to have him and he will be involved in the squad for this weekend’s game at Doncaster. — Roy McFarland

Ron Swanson is more than the MVP of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ squad, more than just the funniest character on TV – he’s the perfect depiction of aggrieved American manhood at the twilight of the empire. — Rob Sheffield

Only four of the current 20-man squad for this last match will be too old for the next campaign, so it has been difficult for them, — Brian Flynn

I am gennerally understood tho I do not use that awkward squad of pointings called commas colons semicolons etc. — John Clare

I just want everybody to know my music and get to know my squad, Remy Boyz; just to show people New Jersey. New Jersey got talent, too. I mean, everybody sleeps on us, and they put us as the underdog. — Fetty Wap

We know we can win against them, but over a season the differences are more demanding. But compared to last season we now have a bigger and better squad and I believe we can manage the games in a different way. — Rafael Benitez

Mike was a vital member of our squad during the Six Nations last season, when Gareth Cooper was out injured, — Mike Ruddock

The subject matter is very tricky. It’s about the Munich massacre and what Mossad did afterwards with the assassination squads. I think it’s a turning point in history, especially for the Palestinians. — Daniel Craig

She’s one of the only freshman on the varsity squad and she’s been able to pull off amazing feats between the last meet and this one. — Eyre Becker

We know where the frailties within the squad are. It’s all about being given the opportunity to try and improve the squad. Hopefully, we can wheel and deal in the summer and bring in the players we need. — Tony Pulis

If you are going to be true to your squad how can you justify figures like that. — Fraser Neill

I have been here since he started and if you look at the squad now compared to the one he inherited it’s markedly different and I think he would say himself that it has taken until now for him to get the squad he wanted. — Chris Paterson

I feel that I can help the squad and perhaps bring something extra from the professional game, — Peter Harrison

We’ve found that the biggest thing as far as the danger is simply pressure.When we work with explosives, we’ve got bomb technicians there, bomb-squad guys who go into unknown situations all the time, and they’ve dealt with it safely. — Jamie Hyneman

There’s no doubt that the squad needs strengthening if we are to get back up among the top three because they are operating on another level to us at the moment. — Steven Gerrard

We’ve got a week to try and build a stronger squad than we have now. Things can change from day to day, and we are trying very hard to identify players who might improve us, and boost our play-off hopes. — Mark Proctor

I’d love to go and I’d love to play for my country and go to a World Cup again. I’ve got to accept I’m not in the current squad and just think, ‘If I get it, it’s a bonus and I’ll give it everything.’ But it’s hard to do when you’ve been thinking a different way all your life. — Michael Owen

We have a small squad again of 14 or 15 guys. We have to work within those constraints. We’re working on a lot of things right now, trying to sort out who is going to play where. It’s a little early to know what to expect yet but we’ve got to hope for the best. — Mike Yancheff

I would have liked to have seen 24 players in the squad and they could have fixed it up by allowing us to put players on three or six month contracts. — Miron Bleiberg

I’m the leading scorer in the cup, and that’s lovely, but don’t forget this is also a great moment for the whole squad, when the two things coincide you can’t ask for more. — Alessandro Del Piero

I mean in the South African case, many of those who were part of death squads would have been respectable members of their white community, people who went to church on Sunday, every Sunday. — Desmond Tutu

I don’t think Simon is in the right frame of mind to play this weekend so he is not in the squad for the game at Newcastle. — Alan Vest

I believe this squad includes some future stars of England rugby and the experience will be vital to their development. — Mike Friday

I have decided against calling any more players, so we have only 17 instead of 19 players on the squad now. — Georgy Yartsev

Neither Stuart Pearce nor I will have any preparation for the tie. All we can do is to stretch our squad to the best of our ability. — Alan Pardew

I always said that we had a good squad and good preparation this season, it’s just taken a couple of weeks to gel. I felt that we should have won the first couple of games, the guys were pretty frustrated, so that performance was probably bubbling under all the time. — Hugh Campbell

If you have any setback in your life, like not being in the England squad was for me- any setback, like losing a family member- everyone handles it in different ways. When I first wasn’t included I was numb. I’d been the main England striker for years and years. It was really disappointing. — Michael Owen

When I came to Denver, he was one of the guys I brought up. (The Browns) were going to the 3-4 (alignment); this guy is 6-foot-7 (and) it’s going to be tough for him to make the adjustment to be a defensive end, so when they released him, we were ready to sign him, so we signed him to the practice squad and he did an outstanding job for us on the practice squad. — Andre Patterson

He was a little bit sore on Monday and Tuesday, as expected, but he’s trained well with the squad and there aren’t really any issues there. — Rob Andrew

I always said we have to do better than we did in Japan, and that was the quarter-finals, but I also said if we had the players who are fit I think we have a squad who can win the World Cup. I think we are that good, I believe it and the important thing is the players believe it, they believe it much more today than four years ago. — Sven Eriksson

Given England’s injury ravaged squad it is not surprising that it is one way traffic in the betting. To put it bluntly- you don’t need a calculator to add up the cash we’ve taken for England. — Rupert Adams

Phil is a quality footballer who will, I feel certain, improve and enhance the squad we are putting together here. We have staved off a great deal of competition to get him. — David Moyes

Sean did really well. He threw the ball well, and his squad moved the ball better than anybody. — Matt Moore

If the call comes, it comes. But, if not, I’m not going to be too disappointed. We’ve got eight or nine fantastic midfielders in that squad for Wednesday. Hopefully, they will do us proud. — Kevin Nolan

We have just tinkered and added to it as we have gone along. And we are still looking to improve the squad all the time, — Paul Simpson

Wayne is still not fully fit. But he’s only going to get better. I was pleased with his performance against West Ham in the last game and he will get fitter and stronger as he goes on. He’ll be back in the squad for the World Cup. — Chris Coleman

My aim is to be in the team. The squad is a wee bit smaller than it was and it’s up to us to push and if we get the chance, take it. — Paul Lawson

Losing Nick is a big blow, but it gives other players in the squad an opportunity to show us what they can do. — Lawrie McKinna

I played more of an advisory role with Public Enemy. I really trusted them to make the music that they wanted to make, and the way The Bomb Squad worked with the… they created their whole own world of music. — Rick Rubin

My SUV, assuming Hummer comes out with a model for those who find the current ones too cramped, will look something like the Louisiana Superdome on wheels. It’ll guzzle so much gas as I walk out to my driveway there will be squads of Saudi princes gaping and applauding. It’ll come, when I buy it, with little Hondas and Mazdas already embedded in the front grillwork. — David Brooks

I am happy to have him in the squad and, if fit, to train with the first team unless something drastic happens. — Gordon Strachan

If we could get consistent pitching and get the fundamentals down, we’ll be OK. We’ve got two good pitchers and we’ve got a nice little squad here. We’ve got a mixture of grades and we’re picking each other up. — John Farley

There are some real good eighth-graders coming up. We return almost a full squad with state championship experience, and when they graduate, the ones replacing them will be tougher than your average sophomore. — Curt Berger

I’d also like to thank Samuel for his contributions to the squad last season and wish him the best of luck in the future. Samuel is a player with valuable international experience and is a tremendous professional. As we looked at our overall team needs for 2006, though, we simply decided it was more prudent to invest our financial resources in other players. — John Guppy

It seemed to me… that the only valid people to deal with crime were cops, and I would like to make the lead character, rather than a single person, a squad of cops. — Ed McBain

Scottish play in London Division One and will provide a good test as they’ve recruited a lot over the summer. We’re still trying a few new combinations but the bulk of the squad against Scottish will be involved against Dings. — Jamie Turner

I know when I was here prosecuting homicides in the District of Columbia, one of the most effective units here was the cold case squad, which had on it FBI agents, as well as Metropolitan Police Department homicide detectives working together. — Robert Mueller

I anticipate this district tournament to be a very competitive tournament. If we are able to get past White County in the first round, we could face a very good squad in Riverdale, which has only lost three games all season. — Eric Shelton

The only way to go from here is up, and all the girls agree. We’ve got a great squad and all of the girls are very experienced at golf. — Jeremy Burk

I first came across Phil Larder in his rugby league days. He was the Director of Coaching at the Rugby League and we had a difference of opinion. Let’s just say that I wanted to be an innovator and not an imitator. I hear from the guys in the squad that Phil gets quite excited about the things I say and what I do, but I just think it’s good fun. — Dave Ellis

I am used to seeing what a car looks like after the rescue squad is through and they did have to use the jaws of life to extract Mrs. Patton. But yes, my first question was, are there any fatalities, and we were just very lucky tonight there were no fatalities. — Ken Clarke

When your captain goes down it is not a great thing, but we have a good squad and we hope all the guys who are not involved stay ready in case they are needed, — Ian Bell

For sure it is not to our advantage but they still have some good squad players, — Dick Advocaat

I would categorize the season as a success in many ways. We’re saying it’s only the beginning. Hopefully, we’ll return a good bit of our squad and keep moving forward. — Bud Childers

No one has spoken to Andy and that begs a question about communication. I found it strange that you reduce the squad from 60 to 30 and do not phone people who are not in it and tell them why. If we did something like that to people we would be accused of mismanagement. — John Brain

Certain comments and actions in the build-up to the England and Poland games have made my position within the Welsh squad untenable for the time being. — Ben Thatcher

Glenn’s 100 percent fit and ready to go so it’s sensible that he returns to the squad given his prior status as the premier fast bowler in the world, — Trevor Hohns

Barry is going to join up with the squad and I hope he’s all right for Walter Smith’s sake and for the Scottish national team. — Alex McLeish

English football has just had a transfer window imposed for the first time, so it will be interesting to see how managers cope with the squads they have until it re-opens. — David Ginola

Ian Blackwell has been placed on standby to join the Test squad if Ashley fails to recover from his injury in time prior to the tour. — David Graveney

There are some concerns there, which will probably see us including quite a number of props in our training squad so that we can get a handle on it. Getting the front row right is expected to be an evolving process. — John Connolly

From last year there is a slight decrease because we have increased the size of the squad from 25-30. But we are working on the same budget. We have given each team an expense account. This to be used for expenses at training. — Jeremy Duxbury

I did pull out of one Republic squad with an injury and I do not think the manager was too happy with that. — David Connolly

The use of drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. On the battlefield, a squad leader can receive real-time data from a drone that enables him to view the landscape for miles in every direction, dramatically expanding the capabilities of what would normally have been a small and isolated unit. — Michael Hastings

I don’t work with a stylist, I don’t work with a glam squad to get me together for the red carpet, I really enjoy the time it takes to do it myself, to choose my clothes and do my own makeup and my own hair. — Dita Von Teese

The great principle of Justice: prevent crime rather than punish it. All that is needed to execute a guilty man is a firing squad or a hangman. To prevent there being guilty men requires great astuteness. — Augusto Roa Bastos

But we have another game on Friday, and this is the time to use the squad to give players some rest and to field a side which will still be strong and do the job for us. — Rafael Benitez

My arms have mutinied against me brutes!My fingers fidget like ten idle brats,My back’s been stiff for hours, damned hours.Death never gives his squad a Stand-at-ease. — Wilfred Owen

We spoke about lapses of concentration and things which he had to put right and, in this match, he put it all in. I’m delighted he’s taken it on board. I can’t consider sending him out on loan again. I’ve got a squad of players who are still in the cup and have some important league matches coming up. I can understand his concerns. With a World Cup in the summer he needs to impress his manager but, on that performance against Fulham, he can definitely do that. — Bryan Robson

I wouldn’t have wanted to come here unless we were definitely pushing for a European spot. I think we’re definitely capable of that, given the squad we’ve got. — Jermaine Jenas

Barry has shown significant improvement with every game he has played this year with Munster. His call-up to the national squad is due reward for his performances to date. — Eddie O’Sullivan