40+ Best Stay at Home Mom Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational stay at home mom quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Stay at Home Mom Quotes

In my neighborhood growing up, 8, 10,12 kids were the norm. Those stay-at-home moms would handle so much physically and emotionally. Even in my early teens, I could tell those ladies were something. — Bonnie Hunt

I wasn’t always a writer. When I went to college and majored in fine arts, I was a painter. Then I was a stay-at-home mom. — Janet Evanovich

I think I would make a lousy stay-at-home mom. It just wouldn’t suit me. — Claire Danes

I’m a real stay-at-home mom. I’m really hands-on. Everything else became secondary. — Drew Barrymore

There are 80 million moms in the United States. Forty million stay at home with their children. — Andrew Shue

It’s unfair to the hard-core stay-at-home moms to pretend you’re able to have an amazing body by chasing around your kids. — Ali Wong

Maybe the perceived fact that smart, rich parents tended to have smart, rich kids was largely due to the fact that they also tended to have stay-at-home moms or nannies who read to their kids, held them, put mobiles over their cribs, playing those annoying ditties, and sent them off for SAT training at six months. — George Kaiser

Sometimes I do envision just being a stay at home mom but not working isn’t an option for me currently. — Tori Spelling

I feel like I’m a stay-at-home mom, which I was for the five years before this. She’s absolutely been my focus. That’s the choice I made. Desperate Housewives is perfect for me. I get to go back to work and still be able to take my daughter to school and pick her up. — Teri Hatcher

Every single day I’m alive or you’re alive, we’re choosing this life and this persona. We choose to be the stay-at-home mom who loves baking and Pilates. We choose to be a hipster who loves coffee shops and artisan goods. We choose to be a lawyer who runs marathons and only eats organic. — Rachel Hollis

My mom teaches sixth grade and also taught first grade at one point. She’s into dressing up and costumes and designing her own curriculum that way. She stayed home for about eight years with me and my sister when we were young before going back to teaching, so we had a lot of time with her. She taught us to read really early. — Haley Joel Osment

Whomever you are and whatever your relationship is to work, I think we all have suffered from being over-hyphenated. You know, ‘working-mom,’ ‘tiger-mom,’ ‘stay-at-home-mom’… how about ‘mom?’ — Nina Tassler

It’s about getting the kids up and fed, getting one to school, getting the other down for a nap, going to the grocery store, picking one up from school, getting the other one down for another nap, cooking dinner… I live my life at these two extremes. I’m either a full-time stay-at-home mom or a full-time actress. — Jennifer Garner

There are days when I struggle with wanting to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom, and feeling guilty about that because I work. — Tori Spelling

I think it’s a tough road if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, if you have a partner, if you don’t. It’s the best job in the world, and the toughest job in the world all at the same time. — Angela Kinsey

We had a very upwardly mobile economy, and that peaked around the 1950s when the typical middle-class American family consisted of a father with a job and stay-at-home mom who took care of the kids. — Peter Schiff

I’m very traditional. I want to have kids. I want to be – not a stay-at-home mom, but to be able to take care of my kids and have a family and cook. A white picket fence and a dog. — Karrueche Tran

My mom is one of my role models in a complicated way. I learned from her how to be a good mom. She was one of those natural moms who really took to it. Her chosen profession was teaching. She loves kids. But she was extremely frustrated and unhappy because for much of my life she was a stay-at-home mom. — Leslie Morgan Steiner

My mother was predominately a stay-at-home mom. — Andrew Rannells

For Christian faith not to be idle in the world, the work of doctors and garbage collectors, business executives and artists, stay-at-home moms or dads and scientists needs to be inserted into God’s story with the world. That story needs to provide the most basic rules by which the game in all these spheres is played. — Miroslav Volf

I had never intended to be a stay-at-home-mom. — Kim Brooks

I tried being a stay-at-home mom for eight weeks. I like the stay-at-home part. Not too crazy about the mom aspect. — Ali Wong

I’m so happy and thankful I made it a point be a stay-at-home mom. — Candace Cameron Bure

For a decade, I was a stay-at-home mom. I sent my husband to his law office, sat on PTA boards and baked cookies – great cookies. All of a sudden, I had no husband, no job, few prospects, and two small children who had grown accustomed to eating. — Gayle Lynds

I’m from a very close-knit family, and there was something very… I guess you could say normal, about it, and I so appreciate that. We all ate dinner together every single night, and my mom stayed at home with us. I owe a lot to my parents. — Rachel McAdams

In eighth grade, I went to home school, but it was a program meant for stay-at-home moms, and both my parents worked, so I had to grade my own papers. I’d be like, ‘Ah man, you’re close enough, you get 100 percent!’ — Scotty Lago

My mother was a working woman, and I was alone a lot. So I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. — Donna Karan

Sometimes, having a mom stay home is a big help. On the other hand, when a mother works outside the home, her husband generally does more child care and has higher parental knowledge about his childrens’ friends, routines, and needs, cutting across the tendency for fathers to be second-string parents at home. — Stephanie Coontz

A stay-at-home mom is a working mom. Being a stay-at-home mom is a job. — Cobie Smulders

I’m kind of lucky that we’ve finished shooting ‘Cougar Town,’ so I’m able to kind of just enjoy my pregnancy and be a stay-at-home mom and go to prenatal Pilates and do all that fun stuff that, if I were working, would be almost impossible to do. — Busy Philipps

Working moms, stay at home moms, they’re both extremely hard jobs. — Hilary Rosen

My dad was a plumber, and my mom was on and off again, either a stay-at-home mom or working with the disabled as a visiting-nurse assistant. — Craig Thompson

My mother was a stay-at-home mom until I was about 11, when she got a job – and it was like a light came on inside her. It’s not wrong to be passionate about your career. When you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family. — Allison Pearson

I had pretty much accepted the fact I was going to be a stay-at-home mom and do my other adventures in life. I thought coming back to the WWE was out of the cards for me. — Mickie James

Having a strong sense of self is fundamental to you, no matter what you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re a stay at home mom raising kids or if you’re the CEO of a corporation. It’s really important for your survival. — Shonda Rhimes

I do a one-hour workout called Drenched, a cardio-boxing fitness routine, Monday through Friday. There are usually between twenty-five and fifty people there – everyone from stay-at-home moms and professional martial artists to teenagers and seniors. They play great dance music. When I can, I take two classes back-to-back. — Carrie Ann Inaba

I’ve seen wonderful stay-at-home moms and moms who could use a little improving. — Cynthia Nixon

Working moms elevate themselves above stay-at-home moms, and stay-at-home moms try to put down working moms. It’s a war in which both sides are trying to put the other one down. — Leslie Morgan Steiner

My father was an ironworker who eventually co-founded a construction business. My mother, Jeanette, was a stay-at-home mom who had been an operating-room nurse until my older brother, Jimmy, was born. — Susan Lucci

My dad is a civil engineer, and my mom is a stay-at-home mom. The fact that my parents weren’t really involved in music was kind of good, because it meant that I had something that was private and personal. — Lorde

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