72+ Best Stepmother Quotes: Exclusive Selection

A stepmother is a woman who enters one’s family by marrying one’s parent. Profoundly inspirational stepmother quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Stepmother Quotes

I lost my mother when I was 7 and they put her in a mental hospital. My brother and I watched her being taken away in a strait jacket. That’s something you never forget. And my stepmother was like in the movie Precious. I couldn’t handle it. So I said to myself, I don’t have a mother. I don’t need one. I’m going to let music be my mother. Quincy Jones

Stepparenting is like working at a late night convenience store all of the responsibility and none of the authority. Valerie J Lewis Coleman

There was no convincing me that a stepmother could be anything but a wicked ogre, and I acted accordingly. John Garfield

Trying to make someone love you is like trying to climb uphill during an avalanche. Valerie J Lewis Coleman

Nature, more of a stepmother than a mother in several ways, has sown a seed of evil in the hearts of mortals, especially in the more thoughtful men, which makes them dissatisfied with their own lot and envious of another’s. Desiderius Erasmus

External influences create internal chaos. Valerie J Lewis Coleman

I really got the Rhoda flavor from studying my stepmother, Angela, who’s Italian, not Jewish. There’s really so little difference between the speech patterns and family attitudes of Jews and Italians in the New York area, anyway. Valerie Harper

You’re not by any chance my stepmother are you? Min said to her mother’s reflection. Because that would explain so much. Jennifer Crusie

My mother, father, stepmother and surrogate mother have all died of cancer; my best friend has got terminal cancer and at least five of my other friends have had cancer but survived it. Arabella Weir

It’s funny. I thought she’d live through anything. Charlie said, Me too. I figured even if there was a nuclear war, it would still leave radioactive cockroaches and your mum. Neil Gaiman

Jane was my wicked stepmother she was generous, affectionate and resourceful; she salvaged my schooling and I owe her an unknowable debt for that. One flaw: sometimes, early on, she would tell me things designed to make me think less of my mother, and I would wave her away, saying, Jane, this just backfires and makes me think less of you. Martin Amis

I tried to make my husband make his daughter like me. After ten years of failed attempts, I decided to make myself change. Valerie J Lewis Coleman

Being a stepmother has worked out very well for me. I love my stepchildren very much. Philippa Gregory

Perhaps I am a dark, unpleasant creature. But I am my own creature. I am mine, my feet on the earth and the water in my soul and fire in my heart. And when all is taken from me I will still have my anger and my pain and they will feed me. Deirdre Sullivan

All three of my parents I also had a stepmother were teachers, and my dad taught high school, and as he always reminded me when I was going to spend some money on something, Your mother and I, in the Depression, had to decide whether to spend a dime on a loaf of bread or if we could go to a movie with it. Dick Cavett

As if on cue, Fiona appeared in another of the ballroom’s multiple doorways. Beatrice! Oliver! How many times have I told you no skating in the house? I just had these floors refinished. So that’s why it’s extra slippery today, mused Oliver. Cool. Jennifer Sturman

My father is a poet, my stepmother is a poet, and so I always had encouragement as a child to write. Natasha Trethewey

Your mother wouldn’t describe a combination of Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, and Prince William as quite a catch. There is nobody walking the earth good enough to be her son in law. Neil Gaiman

When I came out, I told my stepmother Gladys, and she just said she had known for years and was glad I wasn’t lying anymore. Ian Mckellen

I want to say this to every stepmother take it a little easier, try not to be so insistent, try not to have your desires dominate and not just with the stepchildren, but with your husband, your family, your friends. The moment you step back from whatever it is that exasperates you, you get an unrestricted view of the situation and you can take a breath before you move forward. Margit Eva Bernard

My favorite was the one about Snow White. Those funky little guys with the beards. The poisonous apple. And that cool mirror the evil stepmother used to talk to. You know, she’d ask it all these questions Who’s the nicest? Who’s the sweetest. Who’s the fairest of them all? And for a while, everything was hunky dory. Kathi Appelt

The only steps in this house are the stair steps, and the only half in this house is the half and half creamer. Al Hodson

Her mother, Laurie Simmons, is a contemporary artist, and my stepmother, Cindy Sherman, is a photographer, so they’ve known each other forever. Lena and I were often at the same dinner parties when we were kids. Gaby Hoffmann

Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them. Leigh Anne Tuohy

Nature is the mother and the habitat of man, even if sometimes a stepmother and an unfriendly home. John Dewey

Stepparenting is like working at a late night convenience store all of the responsibility and none of the authority. Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

My mother’s a psychologist, my stepfather’s a psychologist, my stepmother is a therapist and my dad’s a lawyer. So it was all prominent in my life. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know someone on some form of prescription medicine. Zach Braff

Who cares if another woman or man loves your child, plays with your child or builds a healthy relationship with your child? Either way, your child is benefiting. Jessica James

My father’s an opera nut, and my stepmother used to work at the Metropolitan Opera, so I had a lot of opera immersion. I like the grandness and pretention of it. Andrew Solomon

Little souls find their way to you, whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s. Sheryl Crow

I grew up in a completely bookless household. It was my father’s boast that he had never read a book from end to end. I don’t remember any of his ladies being bookish. So I was entirely dependent on my schoolteachers for my early reading with the exception of The Wind in the Willows, which a stepmother read to me when I was in hospital. John le Carre

However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle. Valeria Harper

I certainly think Halle Berry’s a wonderful role model. She’s a terrific stepmother and has shown that in so many beautiful ways and has made such enormous strides for women culturally and such great successes as an actress and philanthropist. Sharon Stone

Step parents are not around to replace biological parents, rather to augment a child’s life experience. Azriel Johnson

When I was about 19, my stepmother said because this was back in the 80s that I had Robert Wagner’s pompadour. I said, What are you talking about? You mean the guy from Hart to Hart? Michael Weatherly

Being a parent wasn’t just about bearing a child. It was about bearing witness to its life. Jodi Picoult

I never had that wicked stepmother or evil stepfather thing at all. I’m very close to both step parents and I consider them to be my parents, too. Mark Ronson

A stepmother’s role is sometimes difficult but it is always worthwhile. Ivana Davies

Even though I am the daughter of a poet, and my stepmother is also a poet, growing up, I didn’t think I could understand poetry; I didn’t think that it had any relevance to my life, the feelings that I endured on a day to day basis, until I was introduced to the right poem. Natasha Trethewey

I am a stepmother to the fullest extent. Megan Fox

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. Oprah Winfrey

I’m brilliant at cooking my stepmother’s scrambled egg recipe. The secret is to put eggs, butter, milk, and seasoning together in the saucepan, and to keep stirring with a wooden spoon under a low heat until the preferred consistency is reached. Ian Mckellen

Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark. Pierce Brown

I think if I tried to be the stern parent, we would have slipped into Cinderella mode with me as the evil stepmother! Trisha Yearwood

That’s one of the things Joe Biden and I have in common. My children don’t call me stepmom, they call me Momala. We’re a very modern family. Their mom is a close friend of mine. Joe and I have a similar feeling that really is how we approach leadership family in every version that it comes. Kamala Harris

My stepmother Angela is an Italian from New York City. I based Rhoda on her and a Jewish friend named Penny Ann Green. People often said that Rhoda seemed to be Italian. That was the Angela seeping through. Valerie Harper

There’s no clear road map to being a stepmother. Laura Brimberry

That’s nice, to be compared to Joanna Lumley. She played my mother once in Ella Enchanted. I was one of the ugly sisters, and she was the stepmother, so that was great. I’ll take that comparison, thank you. Lucy Punch

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Richard Bach

A day is sometimes our mother, sometimes our stepmother. Hesiod

Family isn’t defined only by last names or by blood; it’s defined by commitment and by love. Dave Willis

Better a serpent than a stepmother! Euripides

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. Barbara Bush

When my stepmother had my sister, Katharine Hepburn dropped by to say hello. She came with George Cukor, who wasn’t a star, but he was a famous director. He was also my grandmother’s best friend, so I knew him well as a kid. But when George showed up with Katharine Hepburn, I was utterly star struck. Tony Goldwyn

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. Desmond Tutu

To be sure a stepmother to a girl is a different thing to a second wife to a man! Elizabeth Gaskell

Family isn’t something that’s supposed to be static, or set. It’s always evolving, turning into something else. Sarah Dessen

When I was 11, I moved to Los Angeles to live with my father and stepmother and my half brothers. I became really close to my stepmother, and I am still very close to my brothers. My stepmother is the actress Shirley Jones, who was in The Partridge Family alongside me, so we worked together for years. David Cassidy

Disney has been lying to little girls. Stepmothers are not scary, nannies are not magical, and dwarfs do not let you spend the night at their house without expecting something. Xanthippe Voorhees

As a little kid, not only is my dad Jo Jo White, but M. L. Carr is involved in the family, Red Auerbach is my godfather, and my stepmother was an Olympic caliber sprinter. Athletes were all around. I happened to be a natural athlete. If I wasn’t, it might have been hell. But I never got any pressure from my mom and dad to be an athlete. Brian J. White

Better a serpent than a stepmother! Euripides

When I was growing up, my stepmother’s sister was the chief detective in one of the adjoining towns, so she piqued my interest in crime. Karin Slaughter

There was no convincing me that a stepmother could be anything but a wicked ogre, and I acted accordingly. John Garfield

My stepmother appeared when I was about 9. My brother was sent off to an institute in Scotland my sister I were sent to school. As my stepmother’s ideas were then wholly Quaker, mixed with a naive  charming innocence a little snobbery, it was one dotty epoch on top of another. I always remained terrified of my father. Louis MacNeice

Because if I have a wicked stepmother and two evil stepsisters, aren’t I supposed to get a prince? Melissa Kantor

My stepmother wanted to be an actress. Ruby Dee

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. Oprah Winfrey

My father’s father fled a pogrom in Russia in the early 20th century and was welcomed to the United States. So was my stepmother, who escaped as a young girl from Communist Hungary in 1950. Antony Blinken

I use the word bonus mom because I feel like it’s a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky that I got to have an extra, wonderful little angel in my life. Gisele Bundchen

I have two great examples of a father. My dad is honestly my hero and sets the bar high for how a man should treat a woman. My stepmother is a caring, genuine and supportive woman. My mom is a spunky strong woman with a huge heart. And my sister is just a pure angel. There is a lot of love in my family. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Being a stepmom is a relationship like no other. Even the seemingly impossible challenges and fights will bond you to your stepchild or stepchildren for a lifetime. Michelle Brown