Strawberry cats are the best psychologists’ for children.


Our little strawberry cat Timone is the best therapy we could have gotten for our brave knight. He is worth more than 10 Psychologist sessions at R900 a pop, he really is. The bond they have is so sweet, I’ve never seen or had a cat as lovable as Timone. Brave knight carries him around all day, Sings to him, watches TV with him, plays Xbox with him on his lap, reads things to him and he seems to look at the pages its so weird, and when its bed time Timone will snuggle right in next to brave knight and sleep. Of course he comes down stairs a little later to do his business and eat but then right up stairs again to his boy. It really is an unbelievable bond they have.
I had a strawberry cat before, Miss Moo Moo and her and I had that bond. Almost like mother daughter bond. That was before my kids came along. I’m serious, I would talk to her and she would sit on the counter and look at me, purr, mew back at me. She really listened to me. And weirdest thing was wherever I was in the house if I called her she came running. Slept next to my head every night. She was my first child. My first baby and the start of my love for strawberry cats.
When Miss Moo Moo was older we got her a buddy, Buzz Lightyear (brave knight named him that when he was 3) and Buzzy as I called him was so sweet too. He would also come when I called him, and he did this cute thing that when he was on the counter and I stood nearby he would come and stretch his paws out onto my shoulder and hug me. He also would randomly bump his head into my mouth for kisses. I call them boops  and if I asked him for boops id put my finger on my mouth and say “Buzzy kisses” and he would boop me.
Miss Moo and Buzzy were very special cats. Brave knight and I would say goodbye to them every morning, like children, we would tell them to be good kitties and that we wouldn’t be long, we would be back later. Haha of there was a fly on the wall. When it was their birthdays we would buy them a fishcake from the fish and chip shop and a toy. We would then sing for them and let them destroy the wrapping paper on their pressie.
Miss Moo Moo lived to 10 years old and then died from Leukemia. Buzzy developed epilepsy at the age of 2 (Dr says it was really uncommon in cats, they have seen dogs have it but not cats). It got so bad that one day he went into a fit and never came out of it. He died. It was a sad week as when he started having the fit I was home on bedrest and literally in labor with little lady! I had to call the vet and tell her I’m in labor please can you come get him and help him. I went into full labor hours later and little lady was born that night. Buzzy died the next day. I gained one child and lost another. I was devastated.
But enough doom and gloom. Positive thoughts now.
Before Miss Moo and Buzzy I was literally a teenager and I had a grey and white girl named Juicy. She listened to all my stories about boys and school. Let me cry in her fur when things went wrong. Cats are the best psychologists’. I really recommend anyone who is lonely, insecure, or just sad and in need of a best friend to get a cat. Children with problems benefit greatly from therapy animals. People think cats are aloof and wild but they are only like that when they are left to their own devices all the time. If you literally treat them like children and love them and pick them up every day they let you become their mother. It’s not just a cliche about cats. They are amazing.
I’d really love to hear any stories you have about your furry loves. Mine have had a big impact on my life and I’m so happy I’ve passed my love for cats onto my son. He has a mood disorder and other issues. But I know he is going to be ok because Dr kitty Timone is on the case!

8 thoughts on “Strawberry cats are the best psychologists’ for children.”

  1. So true! I grew up on a farm and, spending almost every waking minute outside, was always surrounded by animals and a million cats. They are immensely therapeutic – a best kind of friend – and I am thankful for all the love I was surrounded by at those critical milestones. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Very relatable and I wish you the best xx

    • That must have been amazing growing up on a farm. Away from the city. Thank you for reading my post. Have a great day further.

  2. Our calico (frequently featured on my site) is like that. She’s very vocal and responsive. When she wants something she’ll pat you on the leg or shoulder, she’ll put us to bed at night, she’ll watch me home when I come back from work. She’s a smart, sweet, wonderful cat. Highly intelligent and she’ll even tell time!

    • I love love cats, they are the most special. I get home in the evenings and when I see my cats I literally smile and pick them up for loves. There is nothing like a cats love. Ill check out your blog, thank you for reading 🙂

      • For one, she always knows when I come home. For another, if I get up or go to bed late, she reminds me. And finally, when she’s bugging us about something, we’ll say “not yet, Nezumi, another hour,” and in another hour she’ll start bugging us again.

        • Thats so cute. My husband looks at me like Im a mad hatter, but I talk to mine all the time. I greet them first when I get home.. hahaha he hates that. Your kitty sounds precious.


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