Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed

“Roses are red. Mornings are hard. I suck at poetry. Coffee.”

If you think that’s a joke, who are you and what are you doing here on planet earth you alien monster. If that quote resonates with your soul, like that first sip of your delicious aroma enriched coffee this morning, most of you enhance with your pumpkin spice creamers (you nasties), you can connect with me on this post. For most of us, and yes I am going to speak for most of us, our days usually don’t start until we have had our cup of coffee, sometimes even two! We doll it up with sugar, flavored creamers, some of you drink it black (I call that bean water and I don’t know how you all enjoy that). We have our fancy espresso machines, our french presses, endless lines at Starbucks, and our cold brew. the TRUE definition of C.R.E.A.M… Coffee DOES Rule Everything Around Me…Us. S/O to Wu-Tang Clan, keeping it real since ’93 with those somewhat relevant lyrics ??

To further express the importance and popularity our society has with coffee, it has become a staple and a trend to display our love for the rich little bean in home decorum. With quotes on wood, coffee cups, even shirts reading “But first, coffee” “May the Coffee be With You” “No Coffee, No Worky” “First I Drink Coffee, Then I do Things” and even “I’m Looking for a Tall, Dark, Rich…Cup of Coffee”. Coffee owns us, and we are all seemingly OK with that. I know for me, a morning without coffee ALWAYS seems like a Monday. It’s just a cup of get shit done. I read something the other day that said “I drink coffee because without it, I’m a two year old who’s blankie is in the washer” WHO DOESN’T FEEL LIKE THAT WITHOUT THEIR MORNING CUP OF JOE?! I know this girl does. I giggled a lot because that hit me right in the feels.

The weather outside is just ideal for us coffee lovers. We like to snuggle up in our warm and cozy outfits, our fuzzy blankets and indulge ourselves in the warm cup of heaven. I love myself a good unique coffee shop. I just moved back down to the San Diego area, North County to be exact and I am in search of a new, funky little cafe. Somewhere that makes me feel welcome and somewhat like home. That’s honestly a big deal for me. I get a lot of my writing and inspiration from public places. If I’m going to spend a good chunk of my day out and about trying to get my creative juices flowing, I need to find a place I don’t hate being in for several hours.

For those of you who indulge with me in the sweet, savory tastes of coffee aka, the nectar of the Gods…united we stand. And if you have never dabbled, no worries! Some people drink tea, I just prefer coffee. I hope you have enjoyed my simple yet direct homage to my daily life savor. Until next post…What do you prefer to drink? Are you Team Coffee? Team Tea? Team Anti-Caffeine? Do you have a favorite coffee shop you go to? Tell me below in the comments your preference and why!

“Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee” img_2053-8Stay silly ✨ The Silly Free Spirit

2 thoughts on “Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed

  1. coffee… the essence of my being. I too own a t-shirt that states ‘but first, coffee’ and I cannot function without a good cup of coffee in the morning; I am one of those bean water drinkers who prefer it black, with a bit of sugar and strong enough to wake sleeping beauty.

    This post resonated with me to my core. Thank you!

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