Successful Failure

Today, we’re going to talk about failure.

Now, when you think of failure, what comes to mind? For me, it’s anticipation. I view failure in two ways. One, it’s the seed of growth and success. Two, it’s your personal threshold for pain.

When I fail, I’m excited because it encourages me to find new ways of doing something that I’ve previously failed at. With every failure, I learn something new. What to do and what not to do, for the next trial.

When doing research on anxiety, I found that the results were very similar to my research on people’s fear of failure. “If I fail, it means I’m not smart enough. If I’m not smart enough, how can I make money? If I don’t make money, how can I put food on the table?”

Failure oftentimes leads to stagnation. We get stuck worrying about so many things that haven’t happened yet. Our fear of failure attracts failure. That line of negative thinking is essentially us as humans planning our failure.

Failure itself isn’t the end. It is simply information. Information that tells us to use another method of completing whatever it is we need to do. It’s sort of like picking the best apples from a basket. If you picked up a rotten apple from a basket, do you just take it? Do you just stop searching for good quality apples? No. You keep on digging until you find a good apple so that you can later enjoy it.

You’re allowed to fail as many times as you want at something. The more you keep trying, the more you’ll learn and get closer to success. You can fail 30 times at something. 40 times. 100 times. You’ll eventually get there. You’re digging your way out of a hole, essentially. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of good results, especially if they don’t show up right away. It can be exhausting, but that’s exactly why we need to train our minds to not wander towards any dark or negative thoughts. Keep going no matter what. Don’t think about the possible outcome or the outcome that you have faced, if bad. Think about your journey. Don’t like the path? Create a new trail.

Every change has a certain amount of pushback. Find the strength within you to know that you have what it takes to push through.

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  1. Actually, I can only relate to the last sentence. Sure, you can fail more than once, but every failure should be accompanied by self-reflection, enabling you at least to fail more succesfully. When you‘re wrong, you‘re wrong and incorporating your wrongness, enables you to have more success than repeating just repeating, what you think, is right.

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