4 Affirmations to Remember When you Find Yourself With Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is crippling, paralyzing, and can prohibit the progress of what the immediate or far future may contain. While we wallow in our self-doubt and sink into procrastination, we think of every possible scenario that will lead to failure. We don’t see ourselves as people that are capable, able, or good enough for our own … Read more4 Affirmations to Remember When you Find Yourself With Self-Doubt

Don’t Worship False Heroes

I wanted to write about having false hope in people. These people may be very close to you, family, friends and you may have known them your whole life. You may depend on them in a lot of ways, to keep you motivated, on the straight and narrow, to offer advice and their point of … Read moreDon’t Worship False Heroes

Words for Thanksgiving

You got it right. This is a cliche post about what I’m thankful for. So, it’s your choice. You can leave…and settle for me completely wasting your time…or you can read on about how I’m thankful I am….for everything. Gratitude. I think it’s the biggest determination of our attitude and what makes us “happy”. It’s … Read moreWords for Thanksgiving

The Way to Let Go

I found a way to let go… Been wondering if I should make this post spiritual or plain hardcore. The thoughts are like a war; into your head then out, getting stuck in the bed with a frown. I’m tired of walking cause walking makes me think, tired of thinking cause that makes me speak. … Read moreThe Way to Let Go

Fortitude and the pull of the other…

Ah the things I feel like I have ruined along the way. Grief and despair have this unfortunate ability to rise and grow without much feeding. A few minutes with regret and boom! They seem to tower over the whole day. I work to listen to music, read, write, and find positives to bolster the … Read moreFortitude and the pull of the other…

Walk 4 Refuge

Domestic violence. You’ve probably seen enough headlines and news articles about it to last you a lifetime. There are hundreds of books that have been written based on true stories, told by victims of domestic violence. You might even be experiencing it yourself. If so, please head straight to the bottom of this post. Right … Read moreWalk 4 Refuge

This is Why..#Respect part 1 of 2

This is why..#Respect part 1of 2. This may upset some people, it may not. But what can change if no one talks about it ? Ive been married for 2 years, I ended up getting married at 20 years old, before that, I’ve been in and out of relationships. And a lot of my relationships … Read moreThis is Why..#Respect part 1 of 2