Moving on..

It isn’t that I haven’t felt like writing, it’s more than I haven’t known how to put into words how I’m feeling. Things have changed so much since the last time I wrote on here. There are so many possibilities for the future and my head is swimming with them. I want to do something … Read moreMoving on..

A Declaration of Approval

Have you ever looked at yourself and thought there was nothing special about yourself at all? Nothing original or unique? I have, I’ve done this for most of my life actually. This might not be pleasant to hear but I have thought that I don’t look much different from any other Indian looking woman, same … Read moreA Declaration of Approval

The Stripper Song

Chocolate. Cinnamon. Snow Bunny…Get up on that pole, and Bounce…that…booty. I can imagine words as these floating around the walls of Onyx, Penthouse Club, Mr. Lucky’s, and Magic City. Crowds going wild over all the bodies twirling, but no one knows their victory. No one knows their story. So, this right here’s a stripper song. … Read moreThe Stripper Song

Confidence In Your Own Skin

I think it’s fair to say I have some issues about the way I look. I’m fully aware that I have many qualities which are positive. I’m imaginative, creative, adventurous, I’ve got a good sense of humour, I’m funny in a silly way, insightful, I’ve got good instincts, I try and be as open minded … Read moreConfidence In Your Own Skin

When it Doesn’t Feel Good

When it doesn’t feel good to be me it’s hard to see the brighter side of life. When I’m told that I’m passionate and creative by people who hardly know me but I doubt myself so much I think it’s a lie. When even though I know how much I feel and how much I … Read moreWhen it Doesn’t Feel Good

Death of a Gentle Giant…

There was an old hemlock in the backyard of my present home. It leaned rather precariously and most of its lower branches were dead. The tip blight had been hard at work on this towering giant and like many Eastern Hemlock here in the eastern US, the tiniest organism infected the giant, slowly strangling its … Read moreDeath of a Gentle Giant…

How to… Day two of suggestions and ideas for the rocky road gentlemen lead…

Okay gentleman… day two of this endeavor. Here is some gentle advice when you are dating or when you are involved with female coworkers, friends, etc. Women want to feel pretty and appreciated. And yes, it is flattering to have a man look on you with an appreciative eye. Men are visual creatures. We know … Read moreHow to… Day two of suggestions and ideas for the rocky road gentlemen lead…


First, a quick introduction.  I am a neuroscientist by day and an artist by night. Neuroscience is huge field, ranging from molecular biology to psychiatry.  It is a fascinating world that is often not brought to light to the general public.  On the other hand, art is a universal language that has been used for … Read moreAbyss


It’s a Wednesday. And I’m crushing on her. So thick and petite at the same time, oh how her essence is so divine. In wake and in bake, her beauty is such a magnificent taste. How I crave, I crave. Her playful mind puts my heart in a rage. Let not that pretty face fool … Read moreWCW