It’s National Coming Out Day Today!

Hello! For those of you who aren’t aware, today is National Coming Out Day. I want to take some time out of my rough (even though it hasn’t been that bad of a day) day to express my thoughts on today. Today can mean a lot to different people. I’m sure for some it’s irrelevant … Read moreIt’s National Coming Out Day Today!

Social Media: Today’s Modern Enemy

We live in a modern society where technology surrounds us every second of the day. Our cell phones remain in our hands throughout the day, sit next to our beds at night, and most kids these days don’t know what to do without the phone in their hands. Video games have replaced going outside, and social … Read moreSocial Media: Today’s Modern Enemy

Accept Yourself, Let Those who Condemn Go

It’s been a while since my last post, but I would really like to share with you something that was an ongoing occurrence last week between myself and some family members. I was born and raised in the state of Missouri, but I currently reside in Maryland. I still have some family left in Missouri. … Read moreAccept Yourself, Let Those who Condemn Go

MODERN DECEIT (short story)

Lucy wakes up every morning at 6:00 am. After brushing her teeth and drinking her coffee on the balcony, she wears her blue sports shoes, ties her dark hair up, and takes her three dogs, Dexter, Shep, and Tony, out on a run. They get out of the 23rd apartment, take the stairs down from … Read moreMODERN DECEIT (short story)

10 Truths Anybody Who’s Still In The Closet Knows

Hello there again, Internet. It’s me, Queertastic, and as my alias suggests, I’m pretty gay. Gay like happy, and gay like I’m bisexual. The small inconvenience is that I live in an Indian family with a Christian mom. Basically, a conservative environment, which has pushed me into the closet. I couldn’t ever pluck up the … Read more10 Truths Anybody Who’s Still In The Closet Knows


You looked at me under a star glazed canopy; an angel in an evening gown. your wings of bare bone, your halo delicately grown from nothing but slivers of stardust. Your skin was glowing with kindness and spunk you’re everything with which I’ve managed to fall  in love you’re your own type of beautiful, I … Read moreAngel

If You Could Be Straight, Would You?

It’s a loaded question. My first instinct, my first voice would scream “no! Be proud, be happy, be unapologetic!”. Because I’m Queertastic, right? My name is literally a statement of how gay I am. So, so, gay. Actually, more so bisexual, but you guys get it. The truth is, as much as I hate to … Read moreIf You Could Be Straight, Would You?