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Why I write…

C.S. Lewis famously stated, “We read to know we are not alone.” For those of us with a bent to putting words on the paper / screen, I think that is what we are trying to do to some extent. We are reaching out. Not just to have confirmation that we are not alone, but … Read moreWhy I write…

How you feel when you miss someone

As you the readers, might be aware, I’m hugely influenced by the works of Leonard Cohen. This poem bares format similarities to Leonard’s poems/songs,  “Love Calls You By Name”  and, “Bird On A Wire”. I’m Forever grateful for Leonard Cohen’s profound impact on my writings and my life’s attitudes.  This old poem was written when my Lady’s deteriorating medical condition and medical equipment and care needs, left me no alternative but to relocate myself to the other bedroom of our home, where upon, the music played and my words flowed.

Missing You.

Missing you, like a bee and her distant hive.

Like the sun with no sky.

Missing you, like the moon of last night.

Like my eyes with no sight.

Between the rain and my pain.

Between the calm and the storm.

Between the waterfall and the pond.

Between my heart and the beyond.

Missing you, like a swallow with no breeze.

Like a whale in the sea.

Missing you, Like the universe with no dark.

Like the strings in a harp.

Between the rage and your cage.

Between the winds and the waves.

Between the ground and your flowers.

Between the castle of your towers.

Missing you, like the beach with no sand.

Like the dove from above.

Missing you, like a mother and her newborn child.

Like a lonely stag in the wild.

Between the river and the broken levee.

Between the kiss of your hips.

I know you can hear me,

I know you can see me,

I know you’re near,

Yet you’re far away from here.


Ivor Steven.

Keep The Peace #Subliminal ?

Every time that I come around, I hear the heart beat with every sound. I tell you all you can keep the frauds I think they shook because I’m a God.. Keep the peace, don’t wrestle yourself Im only here, to preach to thy self Myself and no one else, took the shackles off i … Read moreKeep The Peace #Subliminal ?

10 Autism Myths. 

PsychPerspectives. Below are 10 common myths about Autism Spectrum Conditions. To clarify definitions, Autism Spectrum Condition is an umbrella term for: Autism (below 70 IQ, non-verbal or verbal. Asperger’s syndrome (average or above average IQ) High-Functioning Autism (basically Asperger’s, but with a delay in language development; unable to talk until approximately 5 years old) The 10 Common … Read more10 Autism Myths. 

Humans. Humans. Humans…

PsychPerspectives. I wonder what a different species version of WordPress would look like?

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Diagnosis, and you. 

You have not changed due to their words. They have shared an interpretation of you, albeit professional, it arguably remains subjective. Real truth, your truth, can only be found through empiricism. Personal, sensational experience, experienced by you. If you have ever received a diagnosis, it should not define you. It may help you and others … Read moreDiagnosis, and you. 

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