No Labels

What are we doing here? I’m not sure what’s going on with us right now. We broke up at Christmas but never stopped seeing each other, now we’re continuing to meet up for drinks and pizza and having the most intimate of times. I’m not sure about your motivations but for me, you’re an addiction, … Read moreNo Labels


My beautiful image How I love you In your total unreality Filtered through A hundred lenses Of need and hope Guilded with dreams Moulded as a shield Against fear Against uncertainty Never undervalue Or underestimate The rarity of safety What precious lengths Can be called upon To secure this So precious jewel Was it offered … Read moreMirage

Getting on with it!!

By Amanda Stokes-Geddes Today, I am going to get on with all the trivial little things that make up my life. I’m not working today so I will tidy, sort the kids out make dinner, see a friend. I should probably be extremely grateful for the long list of people always ready to come and … Read moreGetting on with it!!

Trusting My Intuition- My Best Decision Yet

Last Tuesday I left work with my friend and as we spoke about our work frustrations in town a butterfly landed on my head. A good omen? I hope so. I then headed to meet my boyfriend for our burger date. We chatted and I enjoyed my mushroom and halloumi burger very much. We then … Read moreTrusting My Intuition- My Best Decision Yet

2017 Eclipse list??

List for 2017 Eclipse season ? Hi everyone! Have you made your list before the 2017 eclipse on the 21st of August? If not now is the time and needs to be done before at least the 7th of August. If you want things to change for you under the influence of the Eclipse now … Read more2017 Eclipse list??

This is Why..#Respect part 2

This is why..#Respect Part 2 Men I haven’t had a father in my life since I was 12 years old, and when my father was here, He wasn’t the type to respect a woman unless he wanted something from her and he showed that with my Mother. So I was never taught how to respect … Read moreThis is Why..#Respect part 2

Soft and Still

It’s a quiet day Not much to do So I sit with the stillness And think about you You’re gone now Over the mountain Left for the city Where gold is a fountain We want different things It’s happiness you seek I’d rather have peace Finding Humble and Meek It’s not pathetic It’s not a … Read moreSoft and Still


Against popular opinions, sex has nothing to do with proving your adulthood or living a wonderful life without explanation. Sex is simply a choice and should be enjoyed when ready mentally and physically. In my recent travel to Abuja, Nigeria for some business, I was graced with my very good friends and we got talking … Read moreRevirginising.

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