Bah, Easter!

by Martha Maggio aka Crafty B/poopiemcgoo 🙂 I really hate holidays. As a recovering food addict and post-surgery weight loss patient, I really deep-down hate holidays. Food-centric, contortions of celebration. Self-righteous self-indulgence. Every shred of meaning gets licked off the dish of holiness. Holidays hold no restraint or significance; they’re orgies, not feasts. Birthdays, Valentine’s, … Read more Bah, Easter!

A Christmas Meditation

In this meditation the focus is on Love. That for me is the very essence of what Christmas is about. Take some time before starting to prepare your space and yourself. Here’s some suggestions – Light a pink candle Pick a rose or two – white, pink or red are good colours to choose Play … Read more A Christmas Meditation

The King and The Beggar’s Gift

I hope you enjoy this short story. I thought it was fitting to share it now as we celebrate Christmas in our home.  Whatever your celebrations may be at this time of the year, I wish you peace, joy and love. My father was an accomplished stonemason. I often watched him building walls. Frequently, he … Read more The King and The Beggar’s Gift