Mission Possible (is up to you) – All In

God desires to have an all in relationship with every human, that was the original purpose. When sin entered the lives of man, His mission did not change, He still desires to have the same relationship. For awhile He arranged that it must be through obedience and rules. Some of these rules were such that … Read moreMission Possible (is up to you) – All In

Whatever you do, Reignite your Passion

Whatever you do, do well. Do you work at restaurant as a cashier? Do it well. Stocking shelves for a living? Do it well. Adding numbers? Do it well. Managing people? Do it well.  Working for a volunteer organization? Do it well. Whatever you do with your life, whatever aspect, your work, your family, volunteering, … Read moreWhatever you do, Reignite your Passion

Do You Know How To Love?

(Please see ‘About’ for the purpose of this blog and here’s how and why it started)     We’ve all heard of one of the more popular bible verse that goes, “Love is patient, love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4) It’s so easy to let it flow out of our lips and for some, to put into action. … Read moreDo You Know How To Love?

Passing on the Passion

There are some believers who have made a stand against the church and decided that they can go it alone. These are what could be called commando Christians. They feel the church is broken and can’t function properly because of the people there. What they are forgetting is that the church is designed for broken … Read morePassing on the Passion

Prayer and Passion Connected? Pt 4

When our prayers move away from me to we, and we focus on the mission of reaching he lost, then we will see passion reignited in our hearts and our churches. Church families can be caught up with ensuring they are getting fed they forget that the church is a soup kitchen where we are … Read morePrayer and Passion Connected? Pt 4