Preface – Week One

Hey all! So just to fill you all in, this is the first post of a mini weekly series that I’m creating documenting my accomplishments and shortcomings of training for my first half marathon. Yes, a half marathon. 13.1 miles of crazy, but considering it’s only a half marathon, I would like to think that … Read more Preface – Week One

Being an Intuitive Extrovert

After another night of erratic sleep I’ve decided to look at my personality type a bit more this morning. A while ago I got called an introvert by someone who’s known me for a very long time though not that well as they are one of my best friend’s boyfriends. If I’m honest I was … Read more Being an Intuitive Extrovert

The Unbeatable Self-Doubt (And Why It’s Not Always Bad)

Every time I would come up with an idea, I would eagerly start, write them down so meticulously and would be so inspired to get started without even having the slightest hint that it could be a crappy idea. At that moment, I thought it was a great idea. I thought it was novel. Heck, … Read more The Unbeatable Self-Doubt (And Why It’s Not Always Bad)

Video Nasties?

Yesterday I posted a video of me singing and playing the guitar on Instagram. Not particularly out of the ordinary, right? I posted it and I felt okay about my performance in it, wasn’t my best but I wanted to show that I was still trying to make progress. Then I got a notification of … Read more Video Nasties?

When Lost, Find Roots

No one is immune to the mountains and valleys of life. At times, we find ourselves kicking ass at work and coming home to loved ones who fill our lives with joy. Other times, our co-workers “forgot” to invite us to Happy Hour so we go home alone because we were just broken up with … Read more When Lost, Find Roots

Why Our Artistic Roots Matter

You’ve probably noticed how the artistic community has taken up arms over┬áthis most recent┬áscandal in a Wells Fargo ad campaign. The implied message that being a dancer, actor, musician, or artist is all fine and good for the extra curricular section of your college application, but an unworthy profession has struck a very negative chord … Read more Why Our Artistic Roots Matter