Shopping kills dark clouds.

So.. Bad week for me the last 7 or 8 days. Kids acting up, I’m sooo sleepy, depressed and just overall miserable. My dark cloud was definitely moving in and setting up house but then yesterday I got one of my online orders delivered to my desk and it instantly perked me up!! I can’t … Read moreShopping kills dark clouds.

Breaking the Silence Against Mental Health

I have learned a lot on my journey of self-awareness. It’s taken many days of battling with depression, grief, and shame with small breaks of crying, deep therapy, and breakthroughs. It’s been a difficult journey to get where I am right now, but I still have a lot of work to do. One of the … Read moreBreaking the Silence Against Mental Health

Death of a Gentle Giant…

There was an old hemlock in the backyard of my present home. It leaned rather precariously and most of its lower branches were dead. The tip blight had been hard at work on this towering giant and like many Eastern Hemlock here in the eastern US, the tiniest organism infected the giant, slowly strangling its … Read moreDeath of a Gentle Giant…

The Mental Health Game of Tag, You’re It!

I have been so lucky…the depression has been swept aside again (mostly). It’s a constant tug-a-war battle with the depression. There are good days, bad days, and mixed days. Heck, sometimes there are just days where I throw my hands up in the air and impatiently wait for a redo button to appear to try … Read moreThe Mental Health Game of Tag, You’re It!

We Might Yearn a Child’s Eye

While we ran the backyards, the slow walk through the dandelions pollened by summer’s bees, we did think alone, the same way we, the same notions, we may have today, the same wonderment of the psychological nature, compels our being, causes our heart to swoon, allows for the time to stand still, we can all … Read moreWe Might Yearn a Child’s Eye

Grieving a Lost Parent: My Journey of Grief after my Mother’s Death

I was browsing on Twitter last night, and I came across someone who just lost their mother in June. She was searching for a support group to help her cope with her loss. I offered her my support, but it really got me thinking about what it was like to grieve for the loss of … Read moreGrieving a Lost Parent: My Journey of Grief after my Mother’s Death

Life or Death – Words are powerful.

No more then ever we are coming to realize that words have more harmful effect then some generations told us. The old saying “sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us”, was the mantra of my generation as a kid. We now come to see mental illness and other problems … Read moreLife or Death – Words are powerful.

Our Violent Humanity

It would seem we haven’t had enough, Watching our neighbors fall to the sword, The world around us eschewing the evil Of a nation lost in a swirl of self-pity. – No one to blame but ourselves, Yet that never comes into play, We are soon to discover some outlet, Easy to say we may … Read moreOur Violent Humanity

Poem: Too Young to Die

Fire in the sky,Too young to die,Barely hanging on,Drag him along. Stuck in the dark,Needles are too sharp,Barely scraping by,Hang him out to dry. Lost in the sea,Broken and bloody dreams,Barely standing up,Someone hold him up. He’s falling.Someone keep him up. He fell.Someone pick him up. Too Young to die,Someone keep him alive. -Dee Clark … Read morePoem: Too Young to Die