Deep Calls To Deep

I just read an article online about this verse: Psalm 42:7 Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. In the article, which I won’t link to here because I’m about to disagree (LOL), states that this could be David lamenting about his troubles. … Read moreDeep Calls To Deep

Poem of The Week – “Yin & Yang”

Hello again, wonderful world of BayArt! It’s me, Queertastic again, and it’s my favorite time of the week, poetry time! This week, we have a poem from the super talented Varun (find his blog here) and it’s actually his second time being featured on here. If you’re interested in getting your poetry featured, you can … Read morePoem of The Week – “Yin & Yang”

Poem Of The Week – “Dying to Live”

Hello there, wonderful world of BayArt, it’s Queertastic here with our poem of the week 🙂 How has your Thursday (or Wednesday, or Friday, depending on your timezone) been treating you? Well, whether or not you’ve been having a good day, this poem by the talented Mikes Nexus will fill you with determination and goodwill. … Read morePoem Of The Week – “Dying to Live”