Keys to Passion IV ‘Fear’

Fear can hold back many people. How many are afraid of public speaking, addressing a crowd can be petrifying to some. The medical world has created a whole chapter on this issue of fear and even created words that the classify as phobias. Some have created the terms Evangephobia or Gospelphobia as one who is … Read moreKeys to Passion IV ‘Fear’

Fortitude and the pull of the other…

Ah the things I feel like I have ruined along the way. Grief and despair have this unfortunate ability to rise and grow without much feeding. A few minutes with regret and boom! They seem to tower over the whole day. I work to listen to music, read, write, and find positives to bolster the … Read moreFortitude and the pull of the other…

In the Heat of Darkness

It was dark. My vision impaired by those irritating strobe lights. All I could make out were grey body-like objects bobbing and weaving. My feet wobbled as I tried to make my way out of this grey mess. All I was getting from my mind was move but, all was not in a hurry. My … Read moreIn the Heat of Darkness


When my grandmother died I’d decided that life is too short to wait. I know, sounds cliché. But her death has reminded me of how much I loathe my routine, how much I despise this comfort zone I’ve gotten myself into. See, I thought if I waited, life would come find me. But I was … Read moreLOST WITHIN MY MIND