Getting Over the Fear of Retirement

Retirement is something we have ambiguous feelings about: it’s what we look forward to because it will mean we no longer have to go to work, but also we dread it because it’s an undeniable sign that we’re old. Even though retirement has a lot of wonderful things in store for us, the way we … Read more

Into the light of recovery

This is what recovery from an eating disorder feels like to me. I’m living in a swamp – full of mud and quicksand, snakes and leeches, dripping with potentially lethal pitfalls, occasionally sparsely populated with beautiful flowers, bouncing bunnies and exotic ferns. I’m led to an impossibly wide river of fetid black waters and on … Read more

Married for the Second Time at Twenty-Five

Marrying Young. I’ve always heard people say “Don’t marry young. As you grow up you change and go separate ways.” I believe this now, although I don’t remember thinking it when I married after turning 18. I had a rough family life and when it went from bad to worse I clung onto this guy … Read more