Finishing Up Some Risky Business

We all make mistakes and take risks, I made one this week. It’s one to do with my ex-boyfriend who I’m not over and probably won’t be for a long time. It’s one that could have cost me all of the progress that I have made since the start of the year when I fell … Read moreFinishing Up Some Risky Business

Shine on you crazy diamond: On remaining confident in a digital world

Hi, my name is Rebecca Shain and I am a workaholic. I am a full time student who is triple majoring, when I am not doing my university work I am most likely binge watching series, or catching up on sleep. I will occasionally do the odd yoga session, go to the gym or go … Read moreShine on you crazy diamond: On remaining confident in a digital world

Finding yourself

Well, I spend a lot of time in what I usually call my world, it’s just like I have another reality. Well it’s not “just like” I really have. But sometimes I think about the reality for another people, and about what they think, their ideas, their options… and I realize that they were quite … Read moreFinding yourself

Great Spirit – I want you to never fear again

Never fear again

Great Spirit, I want you to never fear again, you have passed trough hell and returned. You faced all the demons and you have won. You have slayed shadows with light, you have conquered darkness with love and you shall never be afraid again. Now you can see that you are not your body, you … Read moreGreat Spirit – I want you to never fear again

Access Infinite Intelligence

Each and every single person on earth have immediate access to an infinite intelligence that transcends everything in this world and that there is available to us 24/7.
This is not a thought based neither a linear logic type of intelligence, we are talking about something far greater then all of the best human thinkers minds combined.
We are talking about Infinity