The Best of Me

This week I’ve realised and recognised some important things about myself. I have spent the week alone in our flat as my partner is on holiday visiting friends and family. At first when I left him at the bus station I felt sad and really anxious for a few different reasons. I worried about feeling … Read moreThe Best of Me

Labels and their meanings…

Have you ever wondered, I mean really wondered about humans’ need to label? We label everything. I don’t mean just name, I mean label. Every name even has connotations for us in some form or another. ‘Pillow’ usually means comfort, but sometimes lazy. Certain foods often taste good or bad because of our experiences around … Read moreLabels and their meanings…

Divine Sisterhood   #yayadivinesisterhood

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first – Carrie Bradshaw Sisterhood is another form of family . i always say that family does not have to be your blood because  sometimes your blood family  are not meant to be apart of your lives. Family sometimes are there for life test/lessons that we have … Read moreDivine Sisterhood   #yayadivinesisterhood

Hurts Worse Than A Heart Attack

Today, I’ve gone through a few emotions starting with anger, sadness, to disappointment. Its come me my attention that a person who have walked me through some tough situations over the past two years, has a bias against their black people. This bias is a result of having had an education paid for by their … Read moreHurts Worse Than A Heart Attack