When Sleep is the Enemy

When sleep is the enemy you get to thinking. You start thinking about your life, how it was, how it is and how you want it to be. I’m feeling worried about my future, I’m worried that because of a career choice soon I won’t be earning enough money to keep living in my flat … Read moreWhen Sleep is the Enemy

Ignoring the Plan, a Roadblock to Passion

I had a boss once who explained my experience as a military man like this. At the floor level we only see about 25% of the picture, we experience what is happening immediately around us but don’t have an understanding completely of why, yet we must complete the job. At the supervisor level we learn … Read moreIgnoring the Plan, a Roadblock to Passion

Fearing Failure

Lately I have been struggling with something, something deep. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I just knew I was fearful. Fearful of what? I didn’t know. I could not put my finger on the issue. As I was crying out to God I came to the realization that I was afraid of failing. fail·ure noun … Read moreFearing Failure


“So, what are you gonna do when you graduate? Do you have a plan? Did you apply for a job? Where do you want to work? Are you looking for something? You should just get out there and network?” -people, family, friends, etc. that care about you. … Ever feel overwhelmed about “finding your purpose”? … Read moreFuture?

Ode to 2016

“Stop the world I want to get off” A tag line I have used for myself several times throughout the year. On the surface, it has been pretty miserable. Due to work responsibilities, I had to leave my home city and move to a tiny town (Where the electricity goes off even in the presence … Read moreOde to 2016