Goals? Go get ’em

Sitting here in my bed listening to punk and indie rock, I feel like I need something to stoke my fires again. Something which will interest me and bring me real satisfaction. I know I’m capable of doing so many things it’s just where exactly to channel my needs. I want a new challenge and … Read moreGoals? Go get ’em

Making Goals: First Steps

Making Goals 2018 will be a year of change, progression, and continuous transformation. In order to make goals, it’s essential to want something for yourself. Wanting something means to work by building or tearing down, change it or maintain it.  Not only is it essential to want it, however, you also have to vision it … Read moreMaking Goals: First Steps

Believe in YOURSELF. 

Have you ever wonder and asked yourself the question,”Why should I do this?” or “What will I get out of this?” In life, we as a human being are offered many opportunities to experience. Our lives are never perfect. NEVER. We are born into this world where the society itself has so many problems.  I … Read moreBelieve in YOURSELF. 

Be Bold. Be Grateful. Be Happy.

What is the fastest way to be happy right now? Be bold and focus on something you can be grateful for. Why is gratefulness bold? Because it’s disruptive. Most times, our goals are based on acquiring or achieving that which we don’t have. Makes complete sense. Why would we put so much effort into what … Read moreBe Bold. Be Grateful. Be Happy.

Selective Is The New Smart

There is an enlightening post on Linkedin titled Busy Is The New Stupid by Ed Baldwin, a Human Resources strategist and consultant. It caught my eye. While reading it, I laughed aloud recognizing some of my own foolish attitudes outlined in the article. Who hasn’t heard themselves comment to friends and colleagues about how busy … Read moreSelective Is The New Smart

Peace for the world – ways to contribute

  There has been a lot of talk on the blogosphere about goals – and world peace – recently. I guess that’s to be expected given that it’s not long since we leapt into the New Year. People are posing questions: What is your goal/s for 2017? What do you want to achieve with your … Read morePeace for the world – ways to contribute

5 Reasons Why Your Life is Stuck

A new year has started or maybe a new day, and your life is the same place it was when you did your last ever so frequent retrospection. Nothing has changed, you are still in that damned 9-5, still struggling to pay bills, still hustling for your big break. Going day by day hoping for … Read more5 Reasons Why Your Life is Stuck

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