You Can’t Have One Without the Others

There are some who write off the Holy Spirit as something Jesus promised the early church and now he is just around but doesn’t do much. The gifts of the Spirit promised in the New Testament in their eyes does not apply. But I, like many others disagree and believe that the Holy Spirit, who … Read more You Can’t Have One Without the Others

Words for Thanksgiving

You got it right. This is a cliche post about what I’m thankful for. So, it’s your choice. You can leave…and settle for me completely wasting your time…or you can read on about how I’m thankful I am….for everything. Gratitude. I think it’s the biggest determination of our attitude and what makes us “happy”. It’s … Read more Words for Thanksgiving

Passion in your Relationship with God

For the last 48 days we have been working to increase our passion in our faith. We have looked at many aspects such as prayer, church, relationships and our own personal relationships. When we boil it all down passion for Jesus needs to flow from our relation ship with God himself. How we see Him … Read more Passion in your Relationship with God

Reactions of a troll…

I had an interesting experience yesterday… I had commented positively on a gentleman’s post on Medium. It was a well written discourse between the author and ‘God’. In my view, it was not disparaging of God or of any religion. It was, if anything, a frustration over misinterpretations and using the name of God or … Read more Reactions of a troll…

Do You Know How To Love?

(Please see ‘About’ for the purpose of this blog and here’s how and why it started)     We’ve all heard of one of the more popular bible verse that goes, “Love is patient, love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4) It’s so easy to let it flow out of our lips and for some, to put into action. … Read more Do You Know How To Love?

Love + Mission = Passion

The command to love one another is one that many today don’t quite understand. We have watered down the word love to the point where to tell someone you love them can sometimes put people on the defensive. How can we love the person who commits murder or the one who has done unspeakable things … Read more Love + Mission = Passion

‘Whatev’, A Roadblock to Passion

Apathy, malaise and laziness are all symptoms of something much deeper. When you come to realize one of these or any combination have started to creep into your life it becomes time to react to the it. Now we may have bouts of laziness because we are just so busy in life and just need … Read more ‘Whatev’, A Roadblock to Passion

Prayers and Practicality

Lately in times of disaster we often see people rushing to their social media accounts and posting prayers for _______. I guess the question we really need to ask is what else are you doing about it? Prayers are important, but what are you practically doing about the situation? If you are willing to take … Read more Prayers and Practicality