Let Me Be

Just because I’m not an oracle of calmness doesn’t mean that I’m irrational. Just because I’m angry at you and your friends and your family doesn’t mean that I’m an unkind person. Honestly, I don’t express such anger unless provoked. Having all the people around you stand and judge me, say I’m unsuitable, say I’m … Read moreLet Me Be

The Way to Let Go

I found a way to let go… Been wondering if I should make this post spiritual or plain hardcore. The thoughts are like a war; into your head then out, getting stuck in the bed with a frown. I’m tired of walking cause walking makes me think, tired of thinking cause that makes me speak. … Read moreThe Way to Let Go

The un-friendship Zone

What are fake noodles called? Imposter! Do you know what the un-friendship zone is? Its that moment when you get the who is this response message after saying hello to a so-called-friend. Then you get the which Judy or which Nick is this afterwards. I didn’t want to come across as being salty because of … Read moreThe un-friendship Zone

The Testimony Of A Repented, Apologetic Me

God created us so wonderfully and beautifully and not only did He do that but also gave us dominion over everything he made; both on land, in the air and under the sea. However, many of us have decided to recreate ourselves due to some earthly factors that are swiftly beginning to lead us astray, … Read moreThe Testimony Of A Repented, Apologetic Me

Through My Life’s Love Journey

We all have had our fair share of the heartaches and heartbreaks and as funny as it may sound, but I’m actually glad they happened as these times have thought me  a lot about myself, people, love and life in general. No doubt love is great and as a matter of fact, it’s a wonderful … Read moreThrough My Life’s Love Journey

5 Reasons Why You’re The Reason For Your Hurt

If you ask the questions, Why do I keep getting hurt?” or “Why do I continue to get the bad eggs?” I have your answers. Apply them to your romantic relationships, your friendships, and your relations with your family. They aren’t particularly geared towards women either, men can learn a thing or two from this list. I hope you enjoy, and most importantly, I … Read more5 Reasons Why You’re The Reason For Your Hurt

Poem Of The Week- “This Is Not The End”

Hello wonderful world of BayArt, it’s Queertastic here with our very first poem of the week, by the student voyager, who, I must say is incredibly talented. This poem really speaks for itself. Do you want to get your poetry featured? Well, all poets are welcome to try 🙂 Learn more here. For now, enjoy … Read morePoem Of The Week- “This Is Not The End”