A War Against The Mirror

My worth as a woman is measured in my body and, by society’s standards, it’s not up to scratch.

Grief and The Process of Moving Through It

May 9th I had to end the life of my littlest big love, Mamas, my 13 year old Min Pin, because it was time her suffering from kidney failure ended. That was ultimately the hardest decision I had to make. She held such an importance in my life and I honestly feel as though she … Read more

What to do when you’re very, very right, and very, very wrong at the same time

This is going to be somewhat personal, and contain an apology to someone I love very much. I am making it a post in the hope that someone who needs it, will be prevented from making the same mistakes as me. And because any apology done in public or semi-public (hi, Internet!) is somehow more … Read more