Happiness is…

What is happiness? I keep fluctuating between feeling content and happy with the way my life is going and feeling worried, frustrated and anxious with things that are about basic comfort. In some ways I’m so happy with my life now, my independence living in my own flat, my new part time job in the … Read moreHappiness is…

Life’s Been a Struggle being Ill, but It gets Better!

Shortly after I graduated high school (1992) and found a short term job until I went to college. I worked at a local hotel as a houseman. About a couple of weeks later after I started my job there, I begin to have issues with my stomach. Before I knew it, was in the washroom … Read moreLife’s Been a Struggle being Ill, but It gets Better!

Poem: Too Young to Die

Fire in the sky,Too young to die,Barely hanging on,Drag him along. Stuck in the dark,Needles are too sharp,Barely scraping by,Hang him out to dry. Lost in the sea,Broken and bloody dreams,Barely standing up,Someone hold him up. He’s falling.Someone keep him up. He fell.Someone pick him up. Too Young to die,Someone keep him alive. -Dee Clark … Read morePoem: Too Young to Die


Did you know climbing some of the biggest mountains can leave climbers with symptoms that are very similar to heart failure? Death zones are places at the top of a mountain where low oxygen and poor weather conditions make even breathing a pain-filled struggle. A documentary on K2 detailed the descent of a group of … Read moreSummit

House Full of Hope

Background I was abused for 19 years by my father and others. Physically and emotionally. Then my dad died in ’92. For 6 more years, I would be physically and emotionally abused by my sister. At 25, I moved out, got married and I was free! From almost-daily emotional abuse. But. That day? That I … Read moreHouse Full of Hope

Sneaking Food

I am 13. The house is dark and still, except for the hypnotic hum of the freezer. I am Secret Food Ninja oozing through the family room towards said kitchen appliance. Pause, listen, both parents are snoring just a few yards away in the master bedroom. Can I free the chips from their icy prison? … Read moreSneaking Food

Bird in Flight

Wings wide. Feathers flying. Riding high. Going hard. Beating the air with all my strength. I took this picture recently on our family vacation to Siesta Key in March. This is Turtle Beach near Sarasota, Florida. Bright, breezy morning with the dawn on my shoulders, sand between my toes, and big, blue ocean in my … Read moreBird in Flight

The hidden injury.

PsychPerspectives posting on behalf of Yasminmay to raise awareness of brain injury. Author: yasminmay I awake with a startle. I can’t speak, I want to speak, but the sounds come out like a gurgle. There are lots of people around me, but they are people I don’t know. They are looking at my eyes and talking in hushed tones. … Read moreThe hidden injury.